20 thoughts on “How to make Kofta Curry | Koftay ka Salan (meatballs) recipe

  1. Hi, We have a great cooking app with 1000+ delicious Indian Recipes. We are very interested in your recipes. Can we include your videos in our app??

  2. salam asifa,It is necessary to boil meat balls separate, can I put meatballs directly in gravy I mean without boil.waiting for your reply.

  3. 786. Salams Asifa Apa. I really like your videos and made great Matar Qeema and Chicken Handi. I would love to learn more vegetable recipes. Would you be able to show us how to make Vegetable Qorma or maybe Gobi (aloo gobi) or bhaingan and any prawn recipe. Many thanks and salams. Fazal

  4. Salam Asifa. I have taken up cooking in my Old age(67)😀 I have tried your receipt for koftay and it did come out nice, but kaftay are bid hard. What can I do to keep them soft. I do enjoy your recipes👍

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