How are you doing today mom? So-so So-so The same as always. How many videos have you appeared in? 5-6 times? I think so. Thank you everybody for always watching mother cook. My mother loves cooking for all of you. You’ll be going back to Hawaii in a few weeks. Until then my mother will cook up a storm for all of you guys. First we need chicken. Chicken thigh We’re using half a chicken thigh today. Next lotus roots. One piece of lotus root. And then… Snow peas. About 8 snow peas. And bamboo shoots. 1/2 of one bamboo shoot. We are using cooked bamboo shoots. And a carrot. Use 1/2 a medium carrot. But this carrot is small so one small carrot. You also need Konnyaku. One block of konnyaku. We need about 3 dried shiitake mushrooms. The seasonings consist of 3 tbsp soy sauce 2 tablespoons of mirin 2 tablespoons of sugar You also need dashi. We’re using instant dashi today. 1/4 tsp of instant dashi This is the water we’ll use to rehydrate the shiitake. 1/2 cup of water. First, let’s reconstitute the shiitake mushrooms. So put them in the water like this. This usually takes a long time so today we’re doing it the quick way. So to this, we’ll add 1 tbsp of sugar. It doesn’t have to be exact. Push them in like this so they soak up the water. Cover with wrap. Microwave for 3 minutes. So here are the reconstituted shiitake. It’s been exactly 3 minutes in the microwave. Let’s prepare the snow peas. We don’t want the tough piece that runs along the side. Just snap the end off like this. The end where the vine is attached. Snap that off and pull the tough side out. Just snap and pull. Easy. Dear, can you get a small saucepan? Put a little water in it please. With a shake of salt. Just a little salt. We’ll quickly boil these. The water’s starting to boil so I’ll add the salt. There we go. Add the snow peas in. How long do we boil it for? Just for a short time. If you cook it too long, they’ll become too soft. See how nice and bright the color becomes? It’s beautiful. So what’s next? Lotus root First we will peel the lotus root. Lotus roots become discolored quickly too. We’ll cut it like this. Cut it in half first. It’s too big. This is a big one. Slice it thinly like this. Make sure to set them aside in water. This will prevent discoloration. Next… Cut any which way? It’s better if we can see the shape of the bamboo shoot. That’s true. So slice it thinly. Next the carrot. Are we peeling the carrot? Yes we shall. Cutting it diagonally like this. Into bite-sized pieces. We have the shiitake to cut. Cut off the stem. And then cut it in half. Are dried shiitake available in Hawaii? Yes we do. Next is the konnyaku. We should tear the konnyaku with our hands. But why? I think slicing it like this is nicer. Ah right. You’re cutting it like Nishime. Oops, we are making Nishime today. lol Yes we are dear. So we’ll make a slit in the center and make a knot. Exactly. I do that for New Year’s Day. You make a slit in the center with a knife. You grab one side and push it through the slit. Pull it through like this. Then you’ll get this nice little knot. I’ll do it again. Grab one end and push it through the slit. Pull gently and you get this. This makes it aesthetically pleasing. Cut the chicken into bite-sized pieces. Does it have to be a certain shape? Nope. Just cut it. Chicken is best. Chicken is best? You can use it for so many dishes. Now let’s drain the lotus roots. Ok, let’s do that. We’re draining the lotus root slices. Let’s put some oil in a saucepan. First let’s cook the chicken. The chicken will add lots of flavor if you cook it first. Yes that’s right. How long do we cook the chicken for? Just until it’s no longer pink on the outside. We’ll be cooking it more later. Let’s put in the lotus roots. Here we go. Put in the konnyaku. Are we just putting everything in? Why not. Carrots, shiitake… Bamboo shoots. Everything except the snow peas goes into the pot. We’re going to add the liquid from the shiitake. The leftover liquid from reconstituting the shiitake. I’m surprised not much liquid gets added. Water comes out from the vegetables during the cooking process so we don’t need much. If you add too much liquid, the nishime will become too watery in the end. Mother knows best. Ohhh it’s starting to smell good. Time to season! First put in the dashi. Yes sprinkle a little on like this. Then the sugar goes in. Mirin. Soy sauce Water is naturally coming out from the vegetables. We’re using a sheet of aluminum foil in place of Otoshibuta ( wooden drop lid) Place it on top like this. Place the lid on. Turn the heat on medium-high. We’ll cook it for about 20 minutes. I think it should be done by now. It’s looking good. Make sure to mix it around halfway through. To help incorporate the flavors throughout. Mix the ingredients halfway. Got it. I see how you’re intentionally choosing the ingredients for the most aesthetically pleasing effect. Hmm…..not really. In that case, you’re a natural with plating skills! Oh Nooooooo I’m not. Please. It looks so professional. I’m making it beautiful for all our viewers! If it’s just myself, I just dump everything in! Finally garnish with the snow peas. This really adds a beautiful color to the dish. Really important for Japanese food. Looks more appetizing as well. Thank you again for another wonderful dish. It’s my pleasure! It looks so good! The colors are beautiful. Here you go mother. Why don’t you have the first taste? Satoshi you go first please. I insist. Thank you. I will. I’ll start with my favorite. Chicken! Excuse me as I eat some chicken. How is it? I’m happy you like it. The taste is perfect! Here, have some chicken dear. Not salty nor too sweet. The flavors are very balanced. The dashi adds the right touch of umami. Mom, I think this is the best Nimono you’ve ever made. Really? Not kidding mom. Like pro level mom! I’m so pleased! Better than a pro! You liar! Mom, when did you become a pro? Stop dear. Stop. No, seriously this is good. Isn’t it good? Really good! The flavors have penetrated the chicken. Oh, it IS good! The bamboo shoots are soft. Perfect! It’s good because the flavors are in each ingredient. Don’t you agree mom? I agree! 🙂 Very very tasty! No kidding! Mom I think your cooking skills have improved over the years! What happened? Stop flattering me. You’ll get nothing out of me dear. Mom, does nishime usually include chicken? You don’t usually see other meats in this dish right? But you can omit it if you’re vegetarian right? Yes of course. The natural flavors come out of the vegetables anyway. I see. Some people like to add gobo (burdock) I think. You can use konbu instead of bonito stock for vegetarians I think. I see I see. You can add anything you like really. Konbu, potatoes… Oh right. Potatoes sounds good too. Mom, you’re leaving soon back to Hawaii. So please make whatever you want for our friends who are watching today. What you want to make especially for our friends. Those videos will come out after you are in Hawaii. So we look forward to more. Thank you! Thank you. Thank you very much! Thank you very much! 🙂

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