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– [Josh] You broke it! – I did not break it. Y’all witnessed me just
following directions. – [Josh] Nicole, you broke it. – You spoke up and we listened that’s why I’m making nut butter
in the Instant Pot blender for the second time. ‘Cause apparently, my
first time was a fail. I might have broken it. (blender buzzes) I don’t know what’s happening. It is so stuck in there. Definitely feels like it’s getting hot and I don’t think that’s a good thing. I give it a no. You know, when I do these reviews
and unboxings of products, I don’t sit there and
waste time on camera. Reading through the manual. I just go on a whim. I’m going on a whim again. I still have not taken time to read this. But I did take time to pull the recipe from the Instant Pot website on how to make mixed nut butter. Before I start, let me share with you some of the not so nice
comments I received when I tried to make nut
butter without any instructions in this guy before. “Try a little research
before you try it in a video. “That way you give it a fair try “and don’t look clueless in the process.” I mean, sometimes I’m just
clueless, that’s okay. I mean, I don’t think everyone’s an expert at making nut butter in a blender. “Read your manual. “You still have to the
read the vitamix manual. “Delete your video, it’s awful.” I think we did take
down the original video where I look like a complete moron. I don’t know if the Instant Pot blender is the best nut maker. Nut butter maker. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m doing. “This is the worst review
of any product on YouTube. “Good Lord.” Some of my reviews are pretty good. And then this other comment
that is just really long, but I’ll read it anyway. “The problem I see here
is that you don’t know “how to use this machine, nor
know how to do peanut butter. “People that look at this video
shouldn’t judge this machine “because of your poor skills. “It’s completely unfair. “To have an honest review,
you should erase this one “and learn how to do peanut
butter and do another “or don’t do it at all if you
don’t want or need to learn. “Peanut butter is very easy,
and more for this machine “that is strong enough to make it. “And it comes with a nut button! “It makes very smooth peanut butter. “I hope you will do the right thing soon “unless you’re being
paid by another company “to make this machine look bad.” I don’t ever try to
make anything look bad, Josh, you are too close. – [Josh] I was doing something funny. (Nicole chuckles) – So, I’m gonna be accurate. I really hope that this
machine is successful and I apologize for doing
it wrong the first time. Lord, I didn’t know people
would be so judgmental and I’m gonna do two cups of peanuts and then I’m gonna do another cup, that has cashews and blanched and slivered almonds, because healthy. Peanut oil three tablespoons going in, and one teaspoon of kosher or sea salt. Add the ingredients to
the blender pitcher, and secure the lid, done,
blend on medium manual setting for five seconds, stop
and scrape the pitcher with a rubber scraper and
then we’re gonna repeat that five to seven times, until
it turns into a paste. I probably did acknowledge that that’s a lot of stopping and scraping. Listen, I think it will
work after about an hour, and a lot of patience. Okay, manual, I guess
it’s this, five seconds. (blender buzzes) So I did five seconds,
and it stopped on its own, ’cause we’re gonna repeat
that five or seven times, here goes one. (blender buzzes) See, it keeps doing this,
and I think that means error, like it’s too clogged up. So you can’t even do it for five seconds, that wasn’t five seconds, but
I’ll follow the directions. Okay, so that was at
least six or seven times. It says do it until it’s a
paste, and here’s what I’ve got. “Blend on medium manual
setting for 40 seconds “and then high until the
desired texture is reached “from one to three minutes.” I’ll be surprised if this
can get to 40 seconds. The recipe on the side does not say to use the nut setting, people. So I’m gonna just do
again the medium blend and hopefully I can get 40 seconds. (blender buzzes) It’s like someone tested this before. Actually, it doesn’t say
to stop and scrape it now, it just says do 40 seconds and then we’re gonna get to
high, for on to three minutes. It’s still a little grainy
for what my kids would like. So I’m gonna attempt to
get a smooth nut butter. So now I’m going high. (blender buzzes) One minute, I think it’s looking perfect. Oh yeah, it’s nice and smooth. It’s almost too smooth. I mean you can’t spread that on toast. Okay, so I love that it gets this smooth. That is something I have
not been able to achieve when making nut butter in something else, and yes, I have made nut butter before. First time, I’m gonna show you
how much this actually made. Because now cost in my head
is starting to play a factor. These are the type
containers that I would see like at Whole Foods. Y’all, peanut butter
shouldn’t be this pourable. I guess that makes roughly 16 ounces, if I thoroughly scraped, it
might fill this container. Okay, so I’m going to
let this cool completely and stick it in the fridge
and see if it thickens to the point where you could spread it on to a peanut butter sandwich. Then I’m gonna make another
batch, the same exact way, and if it’s this consistency, I’m just gonna add some more nuts. Let’s see what happens. All right, I cleaned up my blender, I’m gonna go in exactly the same way: three cups of nuts,
three tablespoons of oil and this is and I could
maybe just reduce the oil but too late. Medium five seconds. (blender buzzes) This should be able to go for 40 seconds, and then when I’m gonna crank
it up to high for a minute. It is just counting! But it is not blending! – [Josh] You broke it! – I did not break it. Y’all witnessed me just
following directions. – [Josh] Nicole, you broke it. (Instant Pot beeps) – I broke it. I don’t know what it’s doing. It’s like it’s mad at me. Now sometimes you’d be just blowing it like you used to do in a VCR. It’ll work. (blender buzzes violently) Jesus! – [Josh] What was that? – All right I don’t
know, I guess I broke it. I don’t know what to say. Should I call my friend Josh
at the call center again? Last time when I made the
soup for the first time and I used this for the
first time, I had a question and I called, got a human on
the phone, answered my question in under a minute. – [Robot] Hello and
welcome to Instant Brands, please stay on the line,
and I will connect you with a customer (mumbles) shortly. (peaceful music) – [Customer Support] Thank you
for calling Instant Brands, this is Katrina speaking,
how can I help you, today? – Hi Serena, I am in the middle of making the mixed nut butter in the Ace blender. So I push blend and it counts down and then it starts counting up as if the blender is moving but it’s not. Like when it goes beep,
beep, beep, before it starts and the blender supposed to start going, the blender doesn’t start going, but the counter, the
timer starts moving up, as if it is going. – [Customer Support] Just
gonna open up a ticket for you, send you, which means, I’m
gonna send you an email, just requesting some
information from you blender. – Okay, great. – [Customer Support]
Thanks for calling in. – Okay, bye-bye. I still love the customer service at the Instant Pot company. I just love getting a real person, not a bunch of buttons you have to push to get to that real person. I’m just gonna try it one more time. (blender buzzes) ♪ Hallelujah! ♪ It’s going again. This one has definitely taking more time. I don’t know what that’s about. Guess no two nuts are the same. (taps) (chuckles) 40 seconds on medium, a minute on high. And it looks just like the
other one, very poorable. So, I’m gonna do my plan, which is to add some more
nuts to it to thicken it up. Yes, I’m aware that if we
didn’t want it so smooth, it probably would be sicker. But I want thick and smooth, ’cause I’m adding about another cup. (blender buzzes) So it’s still pretty thin. I think I have to add a whole lot. I’m really not even
sure if that would work. So, I’m gonna need to find out how to make thicker smooth peanut butter. Gonna see if my refrigerated batch has thickened up a little bit. So, here is the batch made
according to the recipe and chilled for a half hour. It’s smooth and very tasty, but I don’t know this
would be good for my house. And this is the batch made
according to the directions but with an extra cup of
nuts in added in at the end. This one is still warm, if
you want a thick nut butter, you’re gonna have to be okay with it being a little bit chunky as well. At the end of the day, the Instant Pot blender
can make nut butter, and it’s delicious. I’m sure you will let me
know, if I did anything wrong. Comment or complain below about how I did. For more great reviews like this one, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and follow “Well Done Food” on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. (upbeat music)

8 thoughts on “How to Make Nut Butter in the Instant Pot Blender Take 2 + I Respond to Your Angry Comments | Ace 60

  1. I love when people are so in love with a maschine that they will do things like this and even be nasty humans on youtube. But I have things to do, kids to drive around, a dog to walk and a book to read. This is madness, all that work and all that added oil. Vitamix 2 minutes done.

  2. Nicole don't worry about these people that want to bash you about this blender thier just haters You did the best you could.

  3. Hey girl!! Love watching your videos! To be honest I find you very entertaining and informative. If I’m serious about purchasing a kitchen gadget, I’m gonna do real research I’m not going to depend entirely on YT. Thanks for alerting me that there is an instant pot blender, did not know about it. Keep on keepin on sis❤️

  4. Also you could add coco powder to the nut Butter to thicken it up and I also sometimes add some sugar free melted chocolate to make it into a chocolate Nut butter

  5. Nicole there's always someone out there with something rotten to say no matter what. Always enjoy watching your videos!😊

  6. Love your videos…… you crack me up !! 😂Ignore the nastiness from rude people they’re just not worth fretting about. Looking forward to your next video ❣️😊

  7. Too funny! I loved this review and people who are real (I didn’t see the first one. That’s exactly what true reviews are about…not just editing out all the bad and keeping all the good. Don’t let the trolls get to you with their negativity. Great job!

  8. Hi-ho all.
    I have made peanut butter many many times, and have NEVER added anything but peanuts. Yup; never added ANY sort of oil… just the peanuts. I end-up with smooth (or chunky if less grinding) every time, and the result is smooth enough to easily spread.

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