How to make Orange Chicken Chef Kendra’s Easy Cooking!

Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra today were making
one of Americas Chinese food dishes. We’re making orange chicken. So let’s do what we do let’s head into
the kitchen and make it happen. OK were going to grab one of our juicers. This one is electric but I use this one when
I’m juicing a lot of things like I’m going to set up a little bar and I need a lot of
lime juice and lemon juice. We’re just going to use this one. We’ve got a big fat old orange here that
needs to go on a diet and we’re going to help it out. You want to wash your orange before you zest
it. Because it has a lot of waxy build up and
you really don’t want that. And what we’re going to do is use this microplane to zest
this. And what this is going to do is take off just
enough of the peel to retain all its oil, but not get the white part which is extremely
bitter. Chef Kendra learned you that. Alright now we’re just going to use our
fingers and get this into our bowl. So we’re just going to take this thing and
juice our orange, it’s very simple to do. There is a version of orange chicken in China,
I mean several versions. But this version is very American. It’s
one of those things you know, it comes over and get changed around. It gets Americanized for the American palette. And I got to say though that I have a special
place in my heart for orange chicken. The next thing we’re going to do is add
this corn starch to a little water. Kind of mix this into a smooth paste. We’re going to turn this pot on low. We’re
adding water. Sugar. That fresh orange juice. White vinegar. A little oil. That corn starch.
Ketchup. Chopped garlic and onion powder. Honey. The last thing we’re going to add to this
is the zest. That goes in. Now I’m going to whisk all this up a little bit. And what we’re going to do here is mix this
up well of course and then we’re going to slowly let it get a little thick. That corn starch will make it thick and it’s
going to be delicious. You might not. I don’t know. But there is
a chance, Cookaholics, that you will never go to Panda Express for this again. I mean there is a chance that could go down.
So you’ve been warned. We have some chicken thighs that we’ve cut
into one inch pieces. You can definitely use chicken breast. Orange
chicken is basically; well it’s traditionally made in this country with chicken breast and
it’s very good that way. It doesn’t really matter. I had thighs on
hand so that’s what I used. You can check out my orange chicken wings
recipe if you hit that link below. And if you need the recipe to this orange
chicken, Panda Express style recipe that will be at We’ve got a egg in this bowl and we’re
whisking it up. Now we’re going to add some flour. Corn starch. Baking powder. Salt. And
water. We’re going to whisk this up and this is
going to be our batter to cook our chicken in. And as always you’re looking for basically
a pancake consistency. What’s your favorite type of cuisine? I
mean I like all kinds of food. I think that every culture has delicious food. Every single one of them you can find something
that’s good. My favorites of course are American we’ll
start there. I like Vietnamese, I like Indian food, I like Mexican food and I like Chinese.
food. So that’s all we need to do here. Now I’m
going to put the chicken into the batter. I’m just going to mix the chicken into the
batter. Now we’re ready to fry this stuff up, Son. OK, we have a high sided pan here and we’re
going to add some oil to that. Not much maybe a tablespoon and one half or
two tablespoons, something like that. I’m just going to swish it around a little
bit. We’re going to get this hot I’m going to put this over medium heat. So we got them in here we’re just basically
going to stir fry them up a little bit. And we’re going to cook them until they
are crispy and done. I could have deep fried this but I decided
not to. If you want to deep fry these you can go ahead. I’m putting all the chicken
back in here. OK now we’ve added the sauce and we’re
just going to mix it all around and let the heat from the pan and from the last bit of
chicken we cooked heat up our sauce. That’s wassup guys. We’re going to plate
it then we’re going to eat it. OK guys if you want to check out my last video
you can do so right over there. Share my videos. Now let’s taste this stuff. It has that burst of freshness from orange
juice we used. We used that fresh orange juice which really makes big difference. This is delicious. Oh my gosh. I’m going
to go eat some more. But if you haven’t already subscribe. Chef Kendra is out. Peace.

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