How to make Pepperoni Pizza – Easy Cooking!

Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here and today
we’re making pepperoni pizza but what’s cool about this pepperoni pizza is the crust is
do fat to make. Very fast, very easy, so you can make pizza any day of the week. Alright,
let’s do what we do and head into the kitchen and make it happen. Ok guys, we have our stuff ready as per usual.
You to preheat your oven to 450 degrees. We’re pouring water into this bowl and the next
thing we’re going to do is add the yeast. Now make sure that water is warm. Now we’re
going to add some honey. You can also use sugar if that’s your thing.
So now we’re going to stir that up a bit. We have some regular cornmeal here and we’re
just going to dust our 12 inch pizza pan with the cornmeal and set it aside. Now we’re going to add some flour to our bowl
not hat our yeast has bloomed. We are tossing in some olive oil, some salt. Some Italian
seasoning and some garlic powder. Now we’re going to give this a good stir just until
it comes together. Here you can knead it, use your food processor. I’m using my kitchen
aid with the dough hook to knead it for five minutes. Toss a little flour on the board and shape
the dough. Slide it on to our pizza pan. We’re going to drop down our sauce. If you need
a terrific pizza sauce recipe look in the ABOUT SECTION BELOW. Spread the sauce on. Toss down some mozzarella
cheese, I’m also using a little parmesan cheese but you can stick with mozzarella cheese.
Dropping down those pepperoni boys, and make sure you use a good pepperoni. Some brands
suck. Bake this guy off for 15-20 minutes and that’s
all it is to it. Hey, I hope you guys liked that. The link
to the recipe is in the ABOUT section below. Chef out my last video right over there. And
look in the ABOUT SECTION for all kinds of good stuff like my PO Box information, a link
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