How To Make Processed Foods Healthier

Hey y’all! It’s your girl Haley. I’m the
girl behind Brewing Happiness which is a health and happiness website dedicated
to recipes for all definitions of health And today I’m here to talk to you a
little bit about how to take processed foods and make them healthier for you.
Processed foods, or frozen foods, or foods that are already prepared, that we just
use in our everyday lives to make our lives quicker and easier are great for
those reasons. They make your life quicker and easier. But they also come
with a lot of sodium, or tons of sugar, a lot of preservatives. I think that
there’s a way to do this in moderation and a way to make these foods a little
bit better for you so that when you do eat them makes your life easier and
you’re still getting some good nutrients in your body.n My first main tip is to
just add vegetables to really anything. If there’s ramen, maybe add some bok choy or some roasted carrots or something like that. Go ahead and batch cook some
vegetables at the beginning of the week and then whenever you were heating up
your ramen or whatever else you’re eating, you can just throw those
vegetables in there and it makes it really quick and easy but you still get
those added nutrients. So say you’re making a frozen pizza. Buy a plain one
and maybe add some good fresh vegetable toppings to it like bell peppers or
spinach or mushrooms and then bake it that way so that then you’re getting
some real, actual vegetables in with your pizza and it’s quick and easy. But
overall, you just really want to think about adding fresh vegetables as many as
you can to the processed foods that you’re eating so that you’re at least
getting some health benefits to it. And you also have the ease. Second tip is to
make a huge salad at the beginning of the week or have some salad greens on
hand so that when you are eating something like ramen for dinner you can
have a salad beforehand you can even throw some of those roasted vegetables
on top of it that you’re gonna include in your ramen. And then you’re getting
like a nice base of plants and greens and things that are good for your body.
The third tip is really to just either skip processed desserts altogether or
really try to them fruit-based. Processed desserts have a ton of sugar in them. So if you can try to tone that down with a lot of natural
sugar and make the ratio a lot more natural sugar than processed sugar your
body will thank you. So either just eat fruit as a dessert or
say you have a chocolate bar that you really love, maybe eat some strawberries with it so that you’re actually getting some plants in you. Not just straight sugar.
Reducing the amount of sugar that you’re in taking, especially with processed
foods because there’s already sugar probably hidden and whatever frozen or
processed meal you ate for dinner, so if you can cut back on the amount of sugar
in desserts your body will thank you. So that’s really it. It’s a very simple
process. Add some vegetables, add some fruit, it doesn’t mean you have to give
up all of your processed foods to be healthy. Less of them is better, but when
you’re in a pinch, I get it. I get that it’s quick and it’s easy and it can help
feed your family or yourself and it’s cheap. So think about just adding some
nice fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables to whatever you’re eating.
You’ll feel better and healthier. That’s it for this video. I have some links to
recipes and more recipe ideas in the article below, so you can check that out.
I will see you next time for some more food budget and healthy lifestyle tips
and tricks. Bye!

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