How to Make The Best Omelette || Henry’s Kitchen: Masterclass

(soft piano music) – You know, most of us think
we’re pretty good cooks, but if you were out in the woods and somebody put a gun to your head and said, “Make a Greek omelette,” a lot of us would be (beep). Well, I’m gonna show you how you can not only make
that guy a Greek omelette, but when he eats it he’s gonna say, “This is the best damn
Greek omelette I’ve ever had.” You’re gonna start by
putting some oil in a bowl. Grab just a pinch of this. A couple of broken up rosemary pricks. Make it nice and herbsy. Next we’re gonna cut our veggies. Got some broccoli florets. I remember when I was 15, my high school sweetheart
broke up with me, and I remember thinking that my whole life was gonna be (beep). And it was. OK, we’re just gonna put these
veggies in their own bowl. And now we’re gonna get
to work on our eggs. There we go. OK now we’re just gonna
add some feta cheese. Smell of feta cheese always
reminds me of my grandma. Now let’s just whisk it up. We’re gonna start with a very
wide sheet of our tin foil. And I’m gonna fold it over once. And I’m gonna make sort
of a rim around the sides. OK, now we’re just gonna
start taking our ingredients, our eggs, our oil and herb
mixture, as well as veggies. And now we’re just gonna
fold over very carefully. OK, so we’re gonna
leave this on our grill for about 20 minutes on each side, and when we’re done we’re gonna have a delicious Greek omelette. (soft piano music) ♪ Help me make it through the night ♪ ♪ Cause I am tired ♪ ♪ And alone ♪ ♪ Help me make it through the night ♪ ♪ Cause I don’t like myself anymore ♪ OK, so now we’re literally
just gonna unfold our tin foil. And this is gonna feed
certainly two people, maybe even four people. The kids are gonna love it. And that’s how you make
a tin foil Greek omelette. Mm.

96 thoughts on “How to Make The Best Omelette || Henry’s Kitchen: Masterclass

  1. Me:*camping
    Person:Hey! Get up and make me that greek sandwich that you promised to make when i was 15 and broke up with my girlfriend!
    *GUN SHOT!

  2. It's obvious that Henry will soon be recognized with a James Beard or Peabody. His techniques are innovative and his commentary is profound. Masterclass indeed. 👍

  3. This is great. I love getting Henry's Kitchen on a regular basis. Look at those awesome knives he has now. No more cutting tomatoes with a butter knife for this guy.

  4. It's a lot easier if you just pour the sh*t straight into a sandwich maker, and that has the bonus of keeping the whole thing warm as you eat it. You'll need to replace the sandwich maker after every use, but it's worth it for the looks on your childrens' faces.

  5. This is so good in so many ways. There are so many laugh out loud moments that are so perfectly timed/executed. I hope you keep on making these Thrillist – Henry deserves more exposure!

  6. (Here because of Franco) tell me this is some kind of FUCKING JOKE, he can't crack an egg, he can't keep and contain the egg in the foil , burns the egg and enough for TWO!?!?!? or even FOUR?!?!?! are you smoking CRACK?!!?!? – weirdo

  7. i can't even make an egg not stick in a perfect temperature all clad pan with a pad of butter. not entirely true, an egg, even 4 eggs in a 10 incher, no sticking, the second i mix them together i can't get them not to stick, be it scrambled eggs or an omelette. still, my scrambled eggs don't come out bad. but an omelette is impossible if anything sticks.

  8. how do i find henry's kitchen? you have no links to it, including the outro to the video that has a square that looks like it should be an annotated link. i looked at the description of the video too, no link to his channel. this is exactly what i hate about videos like this, you failed to make it easy for people to find the person you are featuring. yeah, i could just search for the person, but what part of the word easy do you not understand? is the the ease or the y? because the y doesn't add much. you have helped the dude out i bet by featuring him, but you sure know how to make someone jump through hoops to pursue an interest that they discovered on your own video.


  9. 1:39 Got a little bit of shell in there.

    The one thing I miss with this Masterclass series is the title cards for every step/ingredient.

  10. Because the Greeks are known for their use of tinfoil in their cuisine…..::facepalm:: Who is this idiot?
    Please tell me he is just very bad at satire and this wasn't serious.

    Poe's Law is strong in this one.

  11. This certainly woke me up, seems to be intentionally odd and satirical, lol … really take the impression of this channel in another direction. A little of this here and there couldn’t hurt, lol. Good job

  12. Looks real good. I dont think i would eat that because i hurt my arm in that war and now i cant eat anything cooked like that. Doctor said so..

  13. I really liked the video! My friend has also made her version of the best omelet ever. Please support her , much love thanks!

  14. I made this according to his exact directions. Very good, fed two plus a bit for the dog. With all the food blogs and photos, it's nice that someone is actually taking the time to help us learn to be better chefs.

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