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– Everyone loves buffalo wings, right? You don’t have to go to a bar to have amazing buffalo wings. I’m gonna show you how to
make super-easy ones at home, and they’re so delicious. Here, I have two pounds of chicken wings. You can figure about one
pound of wings per person, you have to remember,
there’s bones in the chicken, so that accounts for a lot of the weight. So that’s your drumstick,
and that is flat. Some companies will leave the tip on. Ours, as you can see,
the tip’s been removed. If you get your wings, and
they come with the wingtip, you can just chop it off and
use the wingtip for stock. This morning, I put these
wings out on the baking sheet and popped them in the fridge uncovered so they would have a chance to dry out. If you think really far in advance, you can do this the night
before, and that’s ideal, ’cause that will give you the driest skin, AKA, the crispiest skin. As insurance, I’m also gonna
dab them with a paper towel, so we’re sure that they’re extra dry. At this point, see, there’s not even that much moisture left. Now we’re ready to season our wings, so I’m gonna put these all in a big bowl, and we are going to add two
tablespoons of vegetable oil, some garlic powder, totally optional, also, if you like your
wings a little spicy, you can do some cayenne or
paprika, salt, obviously, pepper, and another crispy skin secret, a little bit of baking powder. We know that baking
powder helps with browning when it comes to baked goods and it’s true with chicken wings, too. All we have left is to mix. Just make sure they’re all evenly coated, and also, I would be a
little bit gentle with them. We don’t wanna tear the skin. I’ve prepped a baking sheet, fitted with another cooling rack, and I put a layer of aluminum
foil under the cooling rack. That’s just to catch any fat that’s gonna render out of the
wings while they’re baking. It makes it easier to clean up, and we are gonna lay
out our wings like so. The good thing about the cooling
rack is it allows the air, the hot air to circulate under the wings, as well as from above,
giving them a more even cook. I like the drums because I
feel like there’s more meat. You wanna make sure they don’t touch so they have a good amount of
room to brown on all sides. We’ve got an oven
preheated to 400 degrees. I’m gonna pop these guys in. They’ll take 50 minutes to
an hour to bake completely, but I’m gonna set a timer for 20 minutes, so I can flip them halfway through. It wouldn’t be buffalo wings if we didn’t have a buffalo sauce. There’s usually just two
ingredients in buffalo sauce, hot sauce and butter, but our
recipe has a little secret and that’s honey. It adds a third element to
the sauce that makes it just ridiculously addictive. It’s a great balance
because the butter gives you some fattiness, the hot sauce,
a lot of acidity and heat, and the honey is the perfect
thing to balance it out. So we’re gonna start by combining our honey and our hot sauce. We’ve got a small saucepan
here and I’m just gonna put medium heat on and we’re
gonna add our hot sauce, and our honey. When it comes to hot sauce, you can really choose your favorite. There’s Frank’s, Cholula, Texas Pete, they’re all delicious. We’re gonna wait to add
the butter until these two are thoroughly combined,
because we want the hot sauce and the honey to really combine. We’re even gonna bring
them up to a simmer. And it is time to add our butter. Now we’re just gonna stir it
in until it’s fully melted. Something about the hot sauce
and the butter combining, it’s just, makes you crave wings. Once this is completely
melted, I’m gonna bring it back up to a simmer, and
we’re just gonna let it thicken a little bit. Another great thing about adding the honey is when we pop the wings back in to broil, the honey gets kind of caramelized, and makes them so good. So we’ll set this aside
until our wings are ready. It’s been 20 minutes, and
it’s time to flip our wings. So I’m gonna pull ’em, looking good, getting some color, but
not quite ready yet. Just gonna grab some tongs,
back in the oven they go for about 30 more minutes,
or until they’re golden on the outside, and cooked on the inside. (beeping)
(upbeat music) It’s been an hour and our wings are ready. Look at that crispy skin. So stoked. I am now going to change
our over from 400 degrees to a low setting of broil, and I’m gonna toss these
wings in the sauce. So I’m just gonna transfer
them to a big bowl, careful not to rip the skin. We are gonna pour all of our sauce on top of the wings now, and
just get them fully coated. I think I’m just gonna
give it a gentle toss. Again, I don’t want to break that skin, but we just wanna make sure
our wings are fully coated. You could totally serve these as-is. They would be delicious,
but we’re gonna pop them back in the oven, and give them a broil, so they get a little caramelized, a little sticky, so good. All right, looks good. So we’re gonna bring back
our baking (beeping). Blegh, we’re gonna bring
back our baking (beeping). We’re gonna bring back our
baking sheet that we used before and put them back on, in a single layer. Because there’s a little
sauce left at the bottom of the bowl, I’m just
gonna take a silicone brush and give all of them a little bit extra. I don’t know about you guys,
but I love super saucy wings, so the more times you can
brush them, the better. Dang, these look good. Our wings are super sauced, and it’s time for them
to go under the broiler. I’m gonna put them on the top rack, and we’re gonna let them
go for maybe two minutes. The broiler can be kind of
a testy thing and every oven has a different broiler, so
I’m just gonna stand here and stare at them. (laughing) So really keep your eye on them. Make sure they’re not burning. They’re ready. I’ve been watching carefully, and they’re just about perfect. They took on just a tiny bit
of color, and they look great. (upbeat music) It’s time, I can finally eat one. I’m not huge on ranch on my wings, I know. You can tear me apart in
the comments, I’m sorry, but I’m gonna eat mine straight up. That skin, so crispy. I would take these over bar wings any day. Get in on this. Whoo! (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “How To Make The Crispiest Baked Buffalo Chicken Wings | Delish Insanely Easy

  1. ok, I cooked the wings today! yummy…….I added a little pepper and a tsp full of apple cider vinegar.  I could not get them in the oven, for that second cook.  My grandson loved them. Now I don't have to buy them, I can make them at home  Thank  you

  2. here in 2019, i am literally in shock that someone would promote and use "vegetable oil". if its not completely obvious that its heinous shit, maybe im bringing more awareness.

  3. Don't usually comment on here very often but I did this recipe using Frank's hot sauce and let me tell you these are well better than the eateries in Scotland can come up with. Well tasty!!

  4. After all the beautiful work you have done don’t you dare dipping them in the garbage ranch dressing, great job!

  5. No Ranch or blue cheese. Always straight up. Make them even more yummy with a marinade the day before (soy sauce, Worcestershire,, hot sauce) or use and injector.

  6. Nicely done. I make super hot wings all the time, but I'm going to try your baking powder and honey additions. I've been reducing the sauce (after being tossed) down in a pot on low heat, but I might try the post-toss broil too. Also, will you marry me?

  7. Straight up is the only way to go… all that “ranch” and “bleu cheese” do nothing more than detract from the actual taste of the wings…

  8. Used thongs to mix, but has raw chicken all over that black pepper grinder. Be mindful of raw chicken hands in the chicken people. Don't get your guests sick.

  9. I prefer the flats, I find the drumsticks too tough to enjoy. We usually flour and deep fry the wings and then coat them in hot sauce and butter. I'll suggest hubby add honey next time that does sound good.

  10. UH….. 🤔 where is the season salt, garlic and onion power, and black pepper? You DO NOT NEED REGULAR SALT (too over powering), OIL, OR BAKING POWDER to make them crispy! These chicken wings went into the oven unflavored and colorless!! See, videos like this makes me want to start uploading cooking videos! 😂 I NEED to show y’all how it’s done 😣😖🤣

  11. Get a breville oven with the air fry feature. Blows away conventional ovens for so many tasks, especially wings. And uses much less energy and warms up in 1/4 the time.

  12. Hello,
    Sweet presentation.
    Too much work. Too much time and resources.
    Call BWW. Take out.
    The cost of gas is much less than the time lost.

  13. The only people who put ranch or bluecheese on wings are the ones who cant handle the heat. They need something to cool off their mouths… Sissies…

  14. I always deep fry my wings (with no seasoning) until they're crispy. Then I toss them in diluted, buffalo wing sauce and place them in the oven until the wing sauce dries up and settles.

  15. Looks good but seems like a helluva lot of work/steps for a regular night's meal. Ok for a special occasion/Super Bowl maybe?

  16. Thank you for this guide, i just made hot wings for the first time in my life and they turned out amazing thanks to this video.

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