How to make vegetarian recipes Veggie Sandwich

How to make vegetarian recipes Veggie Sandwich0 mom always said eat your veggies well down a way to put babies are drug
writers gonna knock you out in fact it’s so good that even
carnivores I gotta dig it all rights on our pain
here we have a little olive oil we asthma ideas that were gonna break
down in the long caramelized I like that though the eggplant in person medula like that on damn I like that soak in a little bit and I’m gonna level it’s a little bit now mad the bikini hit with a picture solved all right now I had some mushrooms them those mushies in there that’s gonna
break down a little bit now we’re going to give it a little
flame don’t be afraid to this tell you that think I got my chest paramount which
dress this sandwich you gonna get the garlic and onion now we got our garlic roasted tomatoes
these are beautiful you be a nice little acidity a little
punch you can corner to corner them once again is artichokes RAM and then we
have some fresh mozzarella now that’s a little bit different to
what usual Newsom home have the best double their grilled
to perfection do and then you put that in the event as
well pulled out of the right time which means
that there’s a little bit crazy on the top team then you have a a sandwich thats back at
about out. Veggie Sandwich anybody even though it’s all that he’s
in trust me its gonna fill you up to satisfy you its gonna win people over alright my friends the jury Dino Mancha these

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