How to Make Victoria Sandwiches – The Victorian Way

Lord and Lady Braybrooke have guests for afternoon
tea, and so I am in the garden looking for flowers to help with the decoration. I’m going to make Victoria Sandwiches, everybody
loves Victoria Sandwiches. For these you will need: The first step is to whisk the eggs. You will
need to whisk them for a long time to make them nice and frothy and this will help with
the rise of the cake. I’m using a copper bowl. But you might need
to add a few drops of lemon juice to help. Now that they’re nice and fluffy, we’re going
to add sugar and mix them well together. Now you add the flour, make sure that you
sift it, especially if you are unsure of the quality of your flour. And it will also help
keep your cake mix nice and light. You can, if you like, add almonds. I would
recommend it. Add a little raising agent to help with the
rise. And to add a little flavour, I’m going to add some orange flower water. I suppose
you could add vanilla or almond flavouring, it depends on who you’re cooking for. And now you need to make sure that you mix
all of it thoroughly together. As we are making Victoria Sandwiches the sponge
cake needs to be baked in a rectangular tin. The first thing you need to do is to line
it. So I am going to cover the whole thing with butter. Over every single bit of the
tin. Now that you have lined your tin, to get a
nice edge to your cake just sprinkle some sugar all the way over it. And now pour in your mix. We want the cake to have a flat top. So give
it a couple of taps and then to insulate it whilst it is in the oven, so it can cook more
smoothly all the way over, I’m going to wrap some wet cheesecloth or bands, and pin it
around the outside. Obviously all ovens are different, so you’ll
want to keep an eye on it and maybe turn it while it’s in there. And it wants to cook in a moderate oven. Now that it’s out of the oven and cool, you
can cut it into manageable pieces. Then halve these. And spread it with jam. Now we need to present it. So cut it into
bite sized pieces and put it on a presentation dish. And there we are, the last sandwich. With
some of Lady Braybrooke’s favourite flowers from the gardens here at Audley End. Victoria Sandwiches, perfect for a summer

100 thoughts on “How to Make Victoria Sandwiches – The Victorian Way

  1. My great grandmother taught me turn the top layer of a Victoria sponge or Victoria sandwich over to get a flat neat top and use icing sugar to dust the top. The cakes in this looked delicious, but very untidy 🤔😉

  2. These videos are so wholesome and soothing. I like to imagine that I could learn to cook like this…

  3. I need more of Ms. Crocombe…I've already watched all of her videos!!! Now I'm sad. She needs her own channel. I saw her interview she could easily have enough content to cover Victorian era cooking. She is best ASMR to watch.

  4. Does Mrs. Crocombe have a timer to tell her when her cakes are done or does she just have to have a really good sense of timing so as not to burn the food? Does her oven have a temperature gauge or any way to determine the "speed" of the oven, or is that good guesswork too?

  5. So basically almonds,sugar and flour were basic ingredients for every recipe,savory or sweet 😩🙄😂

  6. Can anyone tell me the name of the music track used? I've been trying to find it for my collection and no luck

  7. Is it sacrilege to want to add whipped cream on top? Or leave the sandwiches open like a long, soft scone with cream? (I feel slightly dirty for even thinking about a change)

  8. I was looking for a good Englisch accent or something and I found this my English teacher says wow cool 😂 (im from Germany)

  9. Don’t think I’ll ever make this again, the recipe didn’t prepare me for what the texture was supposed to be like. After 25 minutes in the oven I thought it was still raw, I kept putting it back in now it’s overcooked. The cake crumbles when I try to make the sandwich, and the cake tastes way too sugary. And I like sweets but it’s so sugary I almost don’t even want to eat it.

  10. Thank you for making video clip. It's make me more confident to make video clip about my country's cuisine. Thanks a lot.

  11. I know I'm 2 years too late, but every time I make this recipe, I can't quite get the baking temperature right. Could someone help me?

  12. These videos are so peaceful to watch….IDK but these video make me calm down physically n mentally….

  13. Am i the only one finding the british accent absolutely beautifull ? Classy? So peacefull Can hear her talk all day.

  14. THAT is a BITE-Sized Piece?? To a fancy lady??//// I DO Wish you would give the ingredients in English—-The English spoken in America::: I Never have a CLue just what Measurements I am Supposed to Use (like listing them in the Comments Below?))….

  15. I always want to reach through the screen and hand her a silicone spatula from the future when she pours batter in a pan.

  16. I guess sandwitches should be spicy and juicy not sweet it s like a cake again with a jam …I don't know who will like Victorian sandwitches…..yeah people may get interested in your ancient crockeries

  17. Did they really know to wrap something around the outside of a cake pan to keep it from having a raised center? How is it that this knowledge disappeared until just the last few years?

  18. There was no way those eggs and sugar were beaten enough. You need to beat them until ribbon stage, that takes about 8-10 minutes with an electric mixer, and 20-30 minutes by hand! What she sliced, was not what we saw being mixed and put into the oven.

  19. Fourth night watching her at 2-4 am because my boyfriend ISNT texting back and not cheating. Just obsessing over a Victorian cook.

  20. Victorian era is one of the darkest periods for Indians who were systematically looted and left to die in famines, while brits had their sandwichs😢

  21. No one, Literally no one;

    Mrs. Crocombe; Sifts flour to make it less grainy, but doesn't sift powdered almonds.

  22. And there you have it… Victoria Sandwiches….hours of painstaking labor….that will be gone in five minutes…!

  23. All that sugar….. good luck with your newly found diabetes.. hopefully more than one person is eating that. X.x

  24. The video is very well done and all, but I don't think I'd have bothered to watch if I knew that "Victoria Sandwiches" are nothing more than jelly sandwiches made with spongecake instead of bread. Nevertheless, thanks for the throwback to Julie Walters and Helen Mirren with the Victoria Sponge in Calendar Girls.

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