How to Overcome Stomach Ulcers | Dr. Josh Axe

Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, doctor of functional
medicine and founder of In this video I’m going to share with you the three
steps to overcome stomach ulcers really fast as well as common stomach ulcer symptoms so
you know if that’s actually what you’re experiencing. I’m going to talk about the diets for ulcers,
the supplements and the things that you must avoid for quick healing. First off, stomach ulcers happen within the
stomach. The pain you’re experiencing tends to be caused by stomach acid affecting that
ulcer or something that you’ve eaten. It’s rubbing that ulcer in the wrong way. Sort
of imagine you’ve got a burn and you’re rubbing up against it or putting something acid on
it and you’re feeling that pain. Some of the biggest symptoms and warning signs
that you have a stomach ulcer include pain anywhere from the navel up to sort of the
chest bone area here. Typically right in this midsection you’ll feel pain, sometimes burning
and cramping going on. That’s a big warning sign. You can actually experience stomach
ulcers on an empty stomach. If two hours after a meal you start having that pain and burning
sensation, that’s a warning sign you have a stomach ulcer. You can feel it in the middle
of the night in many cases as well. Listen to this. Seventy percent of stomach
ulcers are caused by a bacteria called H. Pylori bacteria. If we’re going to correct
the actual cause of stomach ulcers, it’s so critical that we increase the good bacteria
in your body and we get rid of the bad bacteria and reduce that H. Pylori that’s within your
system. Let’s jump into the three steps you can follow right now to heal a stomach ulcer
fast. The number one thing is remove the triggers.
Overeating is one of the biggest things that can cause issues. If you’re eating large meals,
you’ve got to stop that. Eat smaller meals frequently throughout the day. The other thing
that’ll bother is spicy foods, whether it’s cayenne pepper, anything like that, black
pepper. Those can really fire it up and cause some of the pain. Also, doing certain products that are inflammatory
in nature. Processed food products can cause more issues than others. And, sugar. Remember,
H. Pylori bacteria, that bad bacteria, can increase within the stomach which can cause
that stomach ulcer. Again, staying away from processed sugar altogether is really important
when it comes to healing stomach ulcers. Also, caffeine and alcohol can make stomach ulcers
worse. Eating nuts and seeds in large amounts. Acidic foods such as tomato products can sometimes
cause more pain with a stomach ulcer. Number one, remove those triggers. Step number two, change your diet. Here are
the top healing foods for stomach ulcers. Number one is bone broth. Bone broth actually
is at a certain pH that can soothe the pain with a stomach ulcer. Also, bone broth contains
proline and glutamine, two amino acids that can help heal the stomach lining. I recommend
8 to 12 ounces of a cup of bone broth or bone broth soup 2 to 3 times daily. Remember, bone
broth is the number one healing food for any type of stomach ulcer. The number two food is aloe vera juice. Drinking
aloe vera juice throughout the day. It has a certain pH and certain nutrients called
polysaccharides that can also help and repair that stomach ulcer. Again, bone broth number
one, aloe vera juice number two. Number three food that’s going to help heal
that stomach lining is going to be vegetables, specifically steamed vegetables or vegetables
in the Crock Pot. Carrots are fantastic. Asparagus is good. The best food of all, actually another liquid
here, is cabbage juice. That’s number three. Cabbage juice contains a type of sulfur which
helps heal the gut lining. You can see with the stomach if you have stomach ulcers doing
soups and juices are going to be the best. Again, bone broth, cooked vegetables, aloe
vera juice, cabbage juice, these are the most healing foods when it comes to healing stomach
ulcers. That’s the sort of diet you’re going to want to focus on is doing bone broth and
then drinking things like aloe vera juice throughout the day. A bone broth soup with
a little bit of chicken and cabbage is ideal for healing stomach ulcers. The next step here, take the right supplements.
The number one supplement you should be taking with a stomach ulcer is licorice root extract,
typically 500 milligrams a day, DGL licorice root extract. Licorice root actually helps
coat and heal and sooth stomach ulcer pain. Also, number two would be soil based probiotics.
Again, not just any probiotic supplement but a probiotic supplement that has what are called
SBOs. That’s soil based organisms or soil based probiotics. Those probiotics are going
to help eliminate that H. Pylori and that bad bacteria. The third supplement which could also be done
as a tea is chamomile. You can take a chamomile supplement or chamomile tea which is very
effective. Chamomile I’d recommend about two glasses of chamomile tea a day. The fourth
thing you can do is take L-glutamine powder. L-glutamine is an amino acid that imagine
is a Band-Aid to sort of cover up and protect that ulcerated area. Last but not least, consume
bone broth protein powder or collagen protein powder. Both bone broth protein you can do
a scoop in a smoothie or collagen protein a scoop in a smoothie. They’re full of amino
acids that help heal the gut lining. Remember, if you follow these three steps
of, number one, get rid of those food triggers from caffeine to sugar to spicy foods to alcohol
and overeating or eating too much. Stay away from those things. Number two, get some of
those healing foods such as bone broth, cooked vegetables, cabbage juice, aloe vera juice.
Number five, take the supplements I just talked about. If you follow those steps, you’re going
to see your stomach ulcer symptoms are going to go away really fast. In fact, you can probably
see results and see this totally healed within 24 hours following these recommendations. By the way, if you want to learn more about
the top steps to overcome stomach ulcers, visit my website If you want to
learn more natural remedies, make sure you subscribe here to the YouTube channel. We’ve
got some more great natural remedies coming your way.

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  1. i felt pain in my stomach few weeks now and it's a burning sensation and then when i poop once, there was a blood on my stool,i was like worry too much because it was my first time seeing it.does anyone of you experienced it too? im gonna try these home remedies and see what kinda worry of course,don't want to end up worse.

  2. thank youDr. Josh. I started your recommended diet and within 24 hours the pain subsided – which I had for 10 weeks. I feel so much healthier …

  3. Drank bone broth and aloe and my pain went away in 24 hours. I was having stomach pain, went to a normal doctor and they told me to book an appointment with a GI doctor to get a scope. Gi had no open appointments for weeks

  4. Can this really work I have been having stormach pain for weeks now I can't sleep well at night I hope this work for me

  5. Hpylorai, decrease caffeine, sugar, small meals, to w aloe Vera juice , bone broth, cooked veggies, carrot juice, carrots, cabbage juice, liquor ice root extract, take sbo probiotics, camomile tea, elglutamine powder, colleges protein powder …, if follow steps can see healing within 24hrs …,

  6. Question, can the ulcers heal without the bone broth if I do everything else? I'm vegetarian that's why I ask.

  7. Can stomach ulcer cause severe back pain? I have been in pain for more then a year now n am losing weight each an everyday

  8. Use Mylanta instead!

    I got Gastritis from using aspirin. Aloe Vera made me evacuate for 24 hours. I was exhausted and dehydrated. I went to my doctor and got Mylanta and Zantac. Instant relief. Better in a week.

  9. I was given some medication for stomach acid back when the ulcer wasnโ€™t as bad. The doctor told me to avoid foods that irritate my stomach, but I didnโ€™t listen because my mom makes me eat whatever the hell she makes. Now, a few days ago, I began getting small cramps and getting that feeling of being hungry. Tonight was my first big dose of a burning stomach cramp. It was the worst thing Iโ€™ve ever felt in my life, I thought I was dying, I was close to crying. I really hope these work, Iโ€™m being super careful now and only eating white bread and eggs for now.

  10. I had a catscan to confirm my ulcer. It looked like I had a their breast lol it was so swollen. I wonder if u can do these things while pregnant? I have a scheduled c- section & they can't give me anything other then Tylenol legally. That would suck

  11. i had all the triggers lol then lamed my girl fokr an std came to be wrong i had a stomach ulcer after i ate 7 steaks and also drank 5 sodas then ate two whole pizzas lol imk crazy and before we has sex my stomach was crazy burning and had stomach ulcer pain in the day and night then 2 weeks later i had 2 boxes of pizza then also next day what did it was all that red meat caffeine overeating

  12. I have ulcers/gastritis and histamine intolerance. Bone broth makes
    Me feel worse, spikes my blood pressure, possibly from the histamine intolerance.

  13. Most of my relatives says I have ulcer but I don't experience stomach pain, but I do experience chest pain and I constantly burp after I ate.

  14. I had a bleeding ulcer causing black stool and I came across this video. I didn't do everything mentioned, but I began drinking Aloe Vera juice and made bone broth soup with carrots and cabbage, and in just 3 days the ulcer seems healed and stool color has returned to near normal. I also cut out all acidic triggers and all sweets. (I also lost about 8lbs!)
    I have struggled with acid reflux and heartburn for years and this last week was the first time in as long as I can remember that I haven't had ANY heartburn or reflux. So thankful that you made the info available. I am continuing on the things suggested in your videos including taking probiotics daily, and looking forward to a healthier future.

  15. My doctor did not tell me ANY of this information. All he does is continue to prescribe poisoned medicine. Dr. Axe is a very caring person. Most doctors will not give information on how to heal yourself naturally.

  16. Most aloevera juice have citric acid added to it which made my symptoms worse. I started getting fresh aloevera leaf.

  17. Thank u Doc. I struggle so much with stomach ulcers but I see where I might have gone wrong as well. Will definitely be following these tips more so that they coming straight from the Doctor!!!

  18. I wonder why my doctor did not recommend cabbage and carrot as my natural remedy. I have a stomach pain for almost 2 months and said that it was bad for acid reflux and ulcer.

  19. Hi Doctor, Can you please make a video on Helico bacter Pylori and milk and water Kefir benefits to it ( because many patients with this infection Is inherent to dairy products) and what are the causes for this infection , is it self produced by the body or from any contamination. Thank you.

  20. Thank u sir. U need to put together a package and put it on line I sure will buy one. Thanks again dr.

  21. thank you so MUCH!!!๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿป๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  22. I have used this protocol because of some unusual summit activity. I've used it for one to two days at a time and it works every time. But after a month or two it comes back. So now I'm on day one of a full week of this gut healing protocol to eliminate for good this mystery issue. I think it's an ulcer but I'm not 100% sure. Regardless the protocol works. Thanks Dr. Axe

  23. I have a hard time swallowing solid foods how can I fix that and the doctor said I had stomach ulcers but mines were very small

  24. a whole week and weekend of hot spicy chips and mango habanero hot wings brought me here, hopefully this helps…

  25. Bone broth lmao! You also sell this product who would have thought? Bone broth is packed with that healthy lead we are all craving so much.

  26. I have been facing this problem of vomiting after having meal and sometimes my stomach become uneasy and vomit like yellow sour taste liqiud from stomach ….is that i am suffering from severe gastric or what sir
    Plz answer to me because i am so worried about my health

  27. Thank you DR. Axe i was just about to spend hundreds of dollars i dont have to see ANOTHER doctor. And every single one tries to put me on medication that does not work, ill experience pain 3 days after not taking medication. Thank you i will try the bone broth,aloe, and licorice root๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

  28. New subscriber. Mobile, Alabama. I am having more frequent stomach pain and feel that I might have an early stage stomach ulcer. I I don't eat regularly and often have an empty stomach for several days at a time. I have begun to remove the spicy foods I love from my diet and am as caffeine-free as possible. Thank you for your helpful info in this video. Tomorrow I will plan my diet to be more healthy, including the foods and supplements you outlined If my symptoms continue for the next two weeks, I will ask my physician to schedule an upper GI series. Thanks.

  29. ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผAH-๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผMAZ๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผING! Thank you so so much for this VIDEO! Omg my chest has been hurting so bad from my ulcer. Iโ€™ve been taking collagen for 4 months now and I had NO IDEA that it was good for ulcers! I KNEW itโ€™s been helping! Please keep making videos like this because itโ€™s so annoying to see videos of stuffy doctors ๐Ÿฅผ in lab coats say โ€œhereโ€™s your symptoms and hereโ€™s everything I know about them, but Iโ€™m not gonna tell you how to heal them. Youโ€™re gonna actually have to see a doctor.โ€๐Ÿ˜‘ SO๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผTHANK๐Ÿ‘๐ŸผYOU๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ!

  30. Does someone have duodenal ulcers and GERD? Are you nauseous 24/24 and have a globus feeling in the throat?

    Edit: someone pls? How did you cure it.
    Edit: I have 6 little and 2 big ulcers in my duodenal.

  31. This was the most helpful advice I've had in four months. Doctors have just been messing me around and taking my money. The amount of pills ive had to take has probably done more damage to my system than anything else when all I wanted was natural wholesome solutions. Thank you!

  32. Iโ€™ve been suffering from an ulcer for a year & the doctors gave me tablets that made me have other side effects so I started using cabbage juice & it really worked fast

  33. Cabbage juice really helped me , boil it for 30 mins then either blend it or strain it then after itโ€™s cooled down bottle it & after 3 days it turns in to good bacteria & drink 4 glasses a day mixed with aloe Vera or any liquid you like , make more before your batch runs out so it has 3 days to react

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