How to promote healthy food and drinks at junior sports club canteens

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stuff video this is one of a series of videos to help sports canteens create and
promote simple healthy food and drink to encourage kids
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to promote a healthy canteen menu promotion is about communicating to your customers and encouraging them to buy healthier foods. You’ve already got your first step done in video 3 which is placement of these foods in your canteen. Next, think about you actual menu board. Where is it? Can it be seen? Are your healthier items listed first? Do the choices sound interesting and
appealing? Listing healthy items and meal deals first draws attention to it, gets them interested and ultimately leads to a purchase. And a lot of the time simple language works best. Tie in your menu items to the club it
serves such as the Striker’s Pack for soccer. Another great way to promote items is to have a meal deal on game days. Meal combinations are usually the most cost effective and easiest for customers to choose, and you’ll be achieving a few objectives if you can bundle up healthy food items together. For example, a great meal deal is a bonza burger, a bottle of water and a barbeque corn, watch them run out the door! Consider cutting down on your list of confectionery and offering more healthy snack options
Ensure you are promoting them ahead of unhealthy items. Source a few cheap colorful stickers to highlight the healthy items on the menu and to help customers create healthy
choices. Similarly using funky labels on healthy food items makes them stand out for example “new monster munchies” or “best seller” labels for the most popular healthy food items. Another great way to introduce new menu items is to trial them first giving away small free samples allows
customers to taste without any obligation to buy which is always a winning tactic in terms of outside your canteen
announce new products over the PA system in your club newsletter on a flyer on notice boards and on web sites and social media if these platforms are available some clubs if they are open more frequently and have a strong customer base introduce reward cards. You can use these to encourage repeat customers to keep purchasing healthy options. Here’s some tips rewrite your menu with healthy items in bold bright colours and think about you can advertise more. Making gradual change helps to increase the promotion of your healthy canteen you can find today’s recipes and further information on promoting a healthier menu on the finish with the right stuff
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