How to replace a cooking plate on an electric hob

Hi, I’m Liam from eSpares, Now, if one of the cooking plates on your
electric hob isn’t heating up properly, or not working at all, but the others are;
it’s likely to be an issue with the element inside the cooking plate itself. So in this
video I’m going to show you how to replace a cooking plate, like this one, on an electric
hob. Now I’m going to be working on this Indesit
freestanding electric cooker with four plate hob, but the process should be similar for
most makes and models. Now don’t worry if you’ve got a built-in appliance, this video
should still be helpful, but the process of removing the hob, or gaining access to the
cooker plates will be different. So before you start, remember, safety first;
always make sure you unplug your appliance from the mains before you carry out any repair
work, and to get started I need to remove the hob from the cooker, so to start off I
need to remove two screws at the back. OK, so on this model the screws at the back
are Torx-head screws, so you’re gonna need a torx-head bit, or some torx-head keys, and
both of those are available on the eSpares website. OK, so the other two screws holding the hob
in place are located behind this fascia. So we’re going to need to remove this fascia,
and the lip, in order to gain access to them. Now, these are all held in place by Phillips-head
screws, so it should be quite straightforward. OK, so now that the screws are undone, the
hob lifts up quite easily. But you can see that the hob is still wired to the cooker.
Don’t be put off by how complicated it looks, most makes and models come with these wiring
connection blocks. They’re very easy to undo and they can only be put back the ‘right’
way. So we unplug the first one, unplug the second
one, and then we can take our hob over to the table. OK, so I’ve removed the hob from the cooker
and turned it upside down so I can gain access to the cooker plates. You can see on this
particular model there are two sizes of cooker plates; the larger 180mm and the smaller 145mm.
And it’s the smaller one, the 145mm, that we are going to replace. Now, in order to do that we’re going to
need to remove this bracket, fixed to both of the cooker plates. It’s held in place
by a nut, so we’ve got a 10mm socket wrench, to undo the first nut. OK so the next step is to remove the wires
or wiring, from the cooker plate. Now, everything on here is colour coded, but we recommend
that you take a photograph with your camera phone, of how the wires fit into the cooker
plate. So that when it comes to replacing it, you can put the wires back exactly as
you found them. And then all you need to do is take your screwdriver, just a normal flat-head,
and undo the wires. OK, so with the wires out of the way and removed,
we can now take off the fixing cover, like so. Now, this is also available as a spare
part, on its own, should you require one. And then just lift up the corner of the hob
and slide out the old cooking plate, and you can easily slide in the new one. And just
line it up roughly in the same position, there we go. And then take the fixing cover, and
put it back on top of the back of the plate. And then all we need to do is rewire and put
everything back together again. And don’t forget to put the earth wire back on the fixing
bracket, like so. So there you go, that’s how easy it is to
replace a cooker plate on an electric hob. Now, remember cooker plates for all makes
and models of electric hob are available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

15 thoughts on “How to replace a cooking plate on an electric hob

  1. actually all electric cookers are hard wired in plus i have that exact cooker in white and its hard wired in also 1 cooking plate on that is 2000 watts so 2000 watts plus 6000 watts equals 8000 watts plus a 13 amp fuse rating is only 3000 watts which is 3 kilowatts.

  2. good day, what could be wrong if 2 of my 4 plates are not going on, both the plates are on the right. I turn my knobs and no light goes on. for both plates(Note they share one light). So in short the one half is off and not working.

  3. can you show how to connect 3 phase 440 volts rotary switch to low, medium, and high position electrical burner , using three electrical elements[ three elements 3 starting and 3 end terminal of elements] THANKS

  4. Hello
    Spilt water after cooking all over plates
    Cooker turns off at main electric box how do i get rid of water. My cooker is badly fitted into the wall and I don’t have access for the rear can I send you

  5. very nice but i just want to know why does a plate stop working what goes wrong ? it just stop working? no reason?

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