How to replace basket strainer, kitchen sink drain. Easy! Home Mender.

Hello this is Dustin with Home Mender
and today we’re going to show you how to change a basket strainer in a kitchen
sink. Not that hard and no reason to pay a plumber 100 bucks to do it when you
can do it for 8 bucks. Let’s get to it. Now sometimes these guys leak, sometimes
they’re corroded, sometimes they just get nasty. Either way we’re going to pull
this one out and change it. The first thing we’re going to do is take the trap
off and empty it. There’s no need to valve off the water since we’re working
on a drain line only. Now under your kitchen sink may look a little different
and you may not have to remove the trap but for this demonstration we will and
have a bowl ready to drain it. Careful not to spill the water. It’s pretty gross and obviously don’t dump it back in the sink. You just disconnected the drain.
Empty the trap in your bowl. Now we’re gonna need to loosen the basket strainer.
Let’s disconnect the flange tail piece from the basket strainer. Loosen the ring
up above. The basket strainer may spin on you so
you may have to hold it. Let’s take that nut off . You can see my paper washer
getting all flared out. Remove it from sink. Make sure you clean off the bottom of your sink so we make a nice tight seal.
next we’re gonna clean out all the gunk from around the sink hole. Be sure to use
something plastic. If you use something metal you may scratch your finish. You
can just be careful. Now we’re ready for a new basket strainer. Take your strainer.
Take the ring off and you should have a paper washer and a rubber washer.
Plumber’s putty. We’re simply going to take the plumber’s putty and wrap around
the area that makes contact with the sink and I don’t have enough here so I’m
gonna get some more. I like to leave it about 1/8 of an inch
thick and go ahead and mash it flat because it’s gonna give us less
resistance later when we’re trying to tighten it down. Now that’s ready to go
in the sink. All the other washers and gaskets go
underneath. Fit your new strainer in the hole and push down the basket strainer
to mushroom and flare out the plumbers putty. You can pull off the excess. Make
sure you’re positioned right in the center of the hole. Let’s go back under
the sink. we’re gonna take our rubber gasket put that on first then the paper
washer and then the nut. The paper washer keeps the rubber washer from binding up
when you’re tightening it. You can pull off the extra plumber’s putty that
flared out. Rubber gasket, paper washer, metal nut. Now while holding the new basket strainer, we tighten the nut. Now pull off any excess plumber’s putty
that flared out . Before you get good and tight, you may want to make sure that you’re still lined up in the center of the hole with your new strainer. Take your slip joint nut off making sure to keep your little plastic gasket. New
washer goes into your old tailpiece and fit the nut on. Give it a snug. Nut goes on the tailpiece, then a washer and we hook our trap back up. Hand tighten. Now let’s give it a test run.
Now you see we’ve got a lot of mushroomed plumber’s putty. Let’s go ahead
and just pull that off and you can kind of smear the putty into the cracks of
the strainer. Take a new strainer fit it in and plug up the drain. Turn on the
water. After it fills up over your basket strainer, you can get down below and
check the leaks. Not leaking. Now let’s pull out the stopper. We’re good to go. So that’s it! We just replaced the basket strainer, super easy and you saved those
high dollar plumbing prices. So for Home Mender Inc this is Dustin. I hope you
learned something today and if you did don’t forget to click subscribe. Thanks for watching!

56 thoughts on “How to replace basket strainer, kitchen sink drain. Easy! Home Mender.

  1. thanks for the help… I ended up having to buy the special wrench to remove the basket nut thing, it was on too tight and I really don't have a lot of tools but we managed to loosen it and follow your instructions. TYVM

  2. I’m gonna try, I’m old and not sure if I can sit on floor and reach but I’m gonna try. I have many more pipes than that, and what about the blue stuff you use to paint on the pvc threads? Course, that was back in the day. Thanks for the video, wish me luck, going to get the stuff👍

  3. 0:58 My first instinct would TOTALLY have been to dump it in the sink without even thinking. D'oh! Good thing I'm not living out in the wild, because apparently my instincts are crap. LOL

  4. I appreciate your step by step instructions. I got down to tighten the kitchen sink fixture and discovered the leak this morning. I went to home depot and for $15 and this video, I was able to fix the issue. I'm as green as they come so this is a major compliment to your video. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much…..I fixed mine yesterday and it worked. I'm a single mom who is on a budget so this helped tremendously. It only cost me about $14. So once again thank you.

  6. Thank you for this. I noticed my sink had a leak. I will try this and I hope it works!! Thank you for this. Very easy to follow!!

  7. This was so helpful, because I bought all the other small parts! I thought I had to buy a whole new sink, my question is my cabinet is destroyed with mold, how do I remove just the cabinet without taking counter top off?

  8. Some quick math will get you the right length of plumbers putty the first time. Circumference is Pi times diameter. Measure the diameter of the circle you want to put the putty on and multiply times Pi, 3.14. So if the circle you want has diameter of 4", the you want about 12 1/2 inches of putty. 13" to give it a little overlap.

  9. I use an oil drain pan that I got from Walmart to catch the water in the trap. It is the most basic one without a lid. It fits under the trap easily and catches the spills! They were under $3 when I bought mine.

  10. Thank you so much Dustin! You made this so easy for a single woman who just built this brand new home but was taken advantage of by a snake in the grass contractor.

  11. Home mender you are a life saver brother I've watched your video about 20 times before I got hyped up to do my own sink ..seriously you save me $120

  12. Hiiii, I did my kitchen turned out beautiful,but…I cleaned my tools n bucket in the sink and now my kitchen sink it blocked with tile grout😣😒 is there anything to disolve it.🙏..

  13. One piece of advice I would like to give
    Do not buy the basket strainer with a plastic nut or one that is completely made of plastic
    A lot of times before they get tight they will strip or pop a thread
    It's definitely worth spending a couple extra dollars

  14. Awesome thank you so much! Perfect on point & super easy and perfect to follow along! !! I'm a blonde and I even did this lol! So if I can do it trust me anyone can do it!!

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