How to Replace the Door Seal on a Rangemaster Cooker

Hi I’m Mat from eSpares. In this video I’ll show you how to replace
a door seal on a Rangemaster cooker. If your oven door is not sealing, or your
door seal is split you’ll need to replace it. Now safety first, always disconnect an
appliance before carrying out any work. Next thing I need to do is to just unhook
the oven door rack and put it to one side. And here we can see the bottom of the
door seal is coming away from the oven door. So the heat will be escaping
during the cooking process. So I’m just going to simply unhook the door seal
from the door as its held in place by these little hooks. Now all I need to do, is to hook in our new door seal
just make sure the hooks go firmly into the holes. I’m going to start at the top and then
work round to the sides and the bottom. With the door seal properly fitted, I can
now replace the oven door rack like so. And there we have it, one new oven door
seal fitted to this Rangemaster cooker. Remember spares and accessories for
all the appliances around your home can be found on the eSpares website Thanks for watching

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