How to replace the oven door on a Zanussi cooker

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares, and in this video
I’m going to show you how to replace the outer door and the door handle in this Zanussi
built in oven. As you can see, the glass in this outer door
is smashed; it’s quite a common thing to happen – you could put your foot through it
or you could drop a pan or a tray on it. It is quite an easy thing to do. But the good
news is that it’s easy to replace too. You won’t need to remove the cooker from
its built in cavity, but what you will need to do is switch the cooker off at the wall.
There should be a switch in the general vicinity, or maybe above or below in one of the units.
But yeah, make it’s switched off before you get to work.
Now the first thing I need to is remove the door from the oven.
Like on most cookers, there’s latches on both hinges, which, when opened fully will
allow the door to be removed from the oven body.
Now I’ve got a bit of room to work with, I need to separate out the two parts of the
door. To do this I’ll need to remove these two screws. I’ll need a Torx head screwdriver
to do this; you can buy a Torx set on the eSpares website. I’m just going to use a
Torx bit on the end of a driver. Now I’m going to attach my new outer door
to my existing inner door. There’s two spaces for screws at the bottom which fix the two
together. And at the top it’s held in place by a crossbar which sits between the two parts
of the door, and also holds the handle on to the door as well. Now obviously, I have
a new handle and a new outer door, but I don’t have a new crossbar, so I’m going to use
the crossbar from the old handle. So obviously I’ll just need to remove these two screws
to take the old handle off then also give it a bit of a clean, get rid of this broken
glass. Ok, now I’m just going to sandwich the outer
door between the new handle and the old crossbar, not forgetting of course to make sure that
you’ve got the washers in place. To attach the two parts of the door, I need
to feed this lip, on the inner door, between the crossbar and the outer door.
There we go, now I just need to screw in the bottom and we’re all good to go.
I can now take the protective film off and put the door back on the oven.
When fitting the door back on just make sure that the gap in the hinge sits on to the notch
on the main body of the oven. Don’t forget to put the latches back in
place of course. There you go. New outer door and door handle
fitted to this Zanussi cooker. It’s not ship shape yet though. A few of these control
knob parts need to be replaced; you can see me do that in another video.
Door handles, inner and outer doors and all door parts for all makes and models of cooker
are available on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.

25 thoughts on “How to replace the oven door on a Zanussi cooker

  1. Please let me know where to buy the door seal as my one needs to be replaced soon, its the same one in this video, I can,t read the model in my zanussi multi function oven as its burned.thanks

  2. Hello! This is a really useful video, however, I have a problem with the hinges – I took the door off to clean it and the hinges sprang back to door closed position so now I can't put the door back on the oven. The only information I can find tells me to use brute force to open the hinge but I think there must be a better way to open them when not connected to the oven. Any help would be so gladly received! Thank you.

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