How to start a food truck business

This is Brett Lindenberg founder of and today I’m going to be sharing with you the five steps it takes to start your own mobile food business. So step number 1: You want to determine your menu and food concept – because each one of those different menu concepts is going to require different equipment to install in the vehicle and require a different amount of space. Step number 2: You’re going to want to start creating a business plan. Now, this plan is really important, because it is actually going to help you understand what the operations of your business are going to be like. You’re going to be able within that document to map out the different costs you’re having when you’re getting started. Everything from actually buying a food truck to purchasing napkins, spoons and plastic forks. Step 3: What are the licencing requirements? And unfortunately, different countries, different cities: everyone has different rules and unfortunately you just got to need to do the leg work yourself and figure out what that specific legal regulations are within your area. Finally, we got to figure out how to get the capital to actually build our business. So some of the typical ways, that other food truck owners have gotten their start, is going through banks to get traditional bank loans, tapping into their savings, but there are also some creative ways to secure funding that you can get by starting a crowd funding account. If you have a really strong social media presence already that can be a great way to raise cash really quickly for your vehicle. Step 5: You’re going to have your opening and you really want to start focusing on the marketing of your business at this point. So that means setting up that facebook account, instagram, twitter and then also starting to reach out to all the different events that you want to start vending at and voilà: You have a food truck business. Hope that helps you to get started with launching your own food truck or mobile business and good luck!

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