How to start a Food Truck Series : Where to get Food Truck Supplies

– [Damian] Hey guys, it’s Damian
from Marketing Food Online. I wanted to bring a really,
really useful resource to you guys from If you are in the food truck business or if you are beginning
a food truck business and you want to find out where you can get a ton of useful, obviously,
utensils, packaging and supplies to run your food truck, you have to check out this website. I’m actually gonna show you really quick how you can locate it on the website. They have 80 different categories
of products, it’s amazing. When you get onto the website
itself to check this out, you want to type in food trucks and then it’s going to pull
up a huge menu of items and let me just scroll down
and show you what I mean. Food truck supplies. They pull us up, here we go, alright. And, it even has on the
right hand side guys, if you are looking for
some additional resources and your kind of on the fence
about opening a food truck, you’re not very sure about what you would need to
know to get started, it actually has a lot of resources, even from How to Buy a Food Truck. If you’re looking to write a business plan specifically for food
trucks and so on and so on. It’s fantastic with the resources. Now, as you scroll down, there
is a few different sections. There is a Preparation Supplies, these are the larger pieces of equipment that you can have within the truck or you can use at a commercial
kitchen to prepare your food, to then go to the food truck and then present that to your customers. So let’s start at the top really quick. I just wanted to show you guys this here. Food truck Serving and Disposables. Of course as you know, all
the food that you dispense or that you sell through a food truck, of course, has to come as some
type of disposable container because people are eating it on the go. You know, they’re at a fair or festival, so they’re gonna have to have some type of disposable containers for all those different types of foods. And they have a huge
variety, and really quick, I won’t go through each one
of these specific categories but for instance, the
eco-friendly biodegradable. These are hugely popular with consumers, as well as food truck vendors because these are actually
items that are biodegradable. They’re just better for the environment and you can get them by case packs. And let me just show you,
just scroll down really quick, it goes on and on, so
this is a huge resource. If you’re looking to get
into the food truck business and you wanna get a bunch
of different supplies specifically in one place,
this website has a phenomenal, it’s very well-organized
by the way, as well. So let me scroll down just to show you the few other categories, so you have Food Truck All-Purpose Disposables, from the gloves that you might need to aluminum foil, food wraps, etc., hand sanitizers and cleaners
and such for your crew, if they’re working with you on the truck. Now this one here is what
I was mentioning before, the Food Truck Preparation Supplies. So everything from small things, if it happens to be
aprons or thermometers, to larger units of
equipment that you wanna do, utilize to produce large
batches of food products then put them on your truck and take them to your
event, you can find there. And then Food Truck Serving Supplies, this would be things that, of course, as you see, like salt and pepper shakers, maybe cheese shakers,
condiment containers, squeeze bottles, etc.,
that is here as well. And it just goes on and on and on. Your Countertop Cooking
Equipment, these are larger units, now these can be also put
into a commercial kitchen or you can build these into
your unit on your food truck, you know add them into the way you have it laid out and put together. Countertop Ovens and Steamers and then your Deep Fryers as well. And it goes all the
way down to the bottom. Now we’ll go necessarily into each and every single one of these categories but I wanted to bring a
quick video to you guys ’cause I had about five
or six emails recently from some subscribers who are interested in starting a food truck
but they didn’t know where they can get all the supplies, so I thought this would be a
great video to bring you guys, as always Marketing Food Online tries to bring you guys
a bunch of resources to help you put together
your food business. So just take a look at this,
it’s, I put a link down below the description. And I hope this gives you
a better understanding about where you can get
all the stuff in one place. And I look forward to seeing
you guys on the next video. And as always give me a big thumbs up if this helps you guys out. Thanks have a gr…

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