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– Anybody that tells you
one container of frosting for one cake, they’re totally full of it. There’s no way that’s the right ratio. I’m a food stylist. Consider me, a makeup artist for food. I take boring everyday average food and make it look amazing. I’m gonna show you how I
style a classic birthday cake and get that perfect slice out. (tongue clicking) (upbeat music) Deserts, especially cakes, are one of the most
recognized foods to style. They’re elegant and beautiful,
they make a statement and everybody loves cake. The first thing when making
a beautiful photo ready cake is to have perfectly even layers. So I have a bread knife and my cake layer and I’m just gonna start trimming also these cake layers
were baked off yesterday and once they were completely cooled, after baking, they were stored in the
refrigerator overnight. That really helps with trimming your cake and also, when it’s time to ice it, if your cake layers are cool. Looks good! We’re making a three layer cake today, so I’m gonna trim my next two layers and we’ll move onto the next step. I have two pedestals. This is my prop pedestal that’s
gonna go on our photo set and then this is a rotating pedestal that will help me ice the cake. So I’m just gonna double stack this guy. (Rishon imitates siren wailing) It’s no secret that food stylists use prepackaged food sometimes. And in this instance, today I’m going to use a ready
made, store bought frosting. It is a temperature controlled
shelf stable product so I don’t have to worry about it melting or getting too cold. I’m gonna put just a
small bit of the frosting onto the cake pedestal. This is going to hold
my cake in place for me. I’m just going to make
sure it’s off center so that way, when I go to
take my slice out of the cake, you won’t see that chocolate
frosting on the cake pedestal. For the bottom layer, I’m gonna put my baked side on the bottom. I have an ice cream scoop
which is going to help me make sure that each layer that I fill has an equal amount of frosting. I’m just gonna plurp
that right down there. See how awesome it is
that I’m doing this cake on this spinning pedestal? I can just really hold
my spatula in one place and then spin my pedestal. This one I’m going to
put the trimmed side down on top of the cake. I have to say that a yellow
cake with chocolate buttercream is my all time favorite cake. Comment below and let me know
what you’re favorite cake is or what your birthday cake of choice is. Holy tall cake Batman! I’m gonna add a little, one
scoop of frosting to the top. And then we’re gonna
work on our crumb coat which is gonna just be a
light coat of the frosting on the outside of the cake. Putting a crumb coat on a
cake really allows you to have that barrier between
your raw cake layers that can flake off any
moment into your frosting. It also allows me to make sure that my cake layers are evenly stacked. If they’re not you will
definitely be able to tell with the placement of your frosting. We’re gonna let this cake
chill in the refrigerator for about 15 or 20 minutes. Just so this crumb coat sets. So we’re just gonna take this away. While our cake is chilling
in the refrigerator, we are gonna take a brief
moment to talk about sprinkles. When I think birthday
cake, I definitely think, good old fashioned, party mix sprinkles, multicolor, fun, woot, woot woo! But there’s nothing wrong
with getting super creative and making your own sprinkle mix which is what I would like
to do for this birthday cake. So I’m gonna take these little pearls that are all these beautiful multicolors. We’re gonna do a heavy base of those because these are kinda my favorite. So it’s got these sanding
sugars in there too which gives it a little bit of a sparkle. This sprinkle is called a jimmy, J-I-M-M, is it ie, i? I don’t know, jimmy, look him up. And then the little flake,
that’s called confetti. Who knew that sprinkles
had different names? Well, now you do. You can just add as much as you want or as little as you want. I’m gonna add all the
pink, boop, boom, done. Okay, we have our beautiful
homemade sprinkle mix. Magic explosion, that’s the name. Done, Rishon’s magical
explosion sprinkle mix. All right, our cake has
chilled, the crumb coat is set. I just wanna quickly talk to you about a couple of tools that I have. Which I’m probably not gonna use today but they’re really fun and super easy to use
when decorating a cake. So I have some plastic spatulas. This one in particular,
if you hold it like this, it creates that straight side. If you want to smooth
your edges of your cake so you would basically turn it and hold it and you would smooth your cake that way. This plastic spatula creates
striations on your cake so you have a finer side over here and then a thicker side over here. This spatula has four different sides, you have a straight side here. It has this ridged side here, this and then another one here. I think today we’re gonna do a little bit of a natural homemade look to this cake. I’m gonna add parchment paper
sheets around the outside of the cake on the pedestal. This is just gonna help in
case I make a wicked mess. Now I’m taking the frosting and I’m going to the base of the cake. While I’m turning the cake pedestal, I’m also bringing the spatula
in a semicircle motion back towards me. Which just helps get that
frosting really even. This is like, either
a, super boring for you or b, super relaxing for you. Comment and let us know which you prefer. She’s not perfect, she’s not
a wedding cake by any means. But I think it looks really nice. It reminds me of a homemade birthday cake. And that’s exactly what we’re going for. I’m gonna show you one
more cool little trick to do with your frosting. Right now, it’s definitely
glossy but it is not super shiny. So I have a torch here
that I use all the time in my food styling. And basically what we’re gonna do is heat up one of my offset spatulas and take it around the side of the cake like I’ve done before, and it makes a pretty
awesome transformation. Every time you go to do this, you wanna make sure that
your spatula is clean because every time you
heat it up, obviously, it will cook the frosting
onto your spatula which is not very fun. I’m gonna go ahead and
remove my parchment paper and also just go back
over with my paintbrush. I’m gonna add sprinkles on top. I’m trying not to make a
total mess but you know what, sometimes that’s just life. We’ve got our sprinkles, so now I’m gonna show you guys how I get my perfect slice of cake. The first thing is you
just wanna make sure that you have a really sharp knife and obviously it needs to be long enough to cut through the entire cake. And secondly, you wanna have on hand, either a cloth or a paper towel to clean your knife off with. And it probably won’t hurt to
have something damp around too just in case you can’t get
the knife completely clean. All right, moment of truth people, just gonna wiggle it, wiggle
wiggle, wiggle wiggle. All right I’m going over to the plates. (plates clunk) Sprinkle madness! Woo, look how pretty, it’s so even, those layers are gorgeous. Okay, I’m gonna show you guys
how I clean up a cake slice which is exactly the way
that we’re gonna clean up the inside of the cake too. So we’re going back over and
we’re picking up that chocolate that was dragged through
the cake layer by the knife. That’s sort of an inevitable
thing that happens. It’s inevitable and if you have any crumbs that got into your icing layer, you can pick those up too. It’s not completely perfect, you can definitely still see a little bit, but it definitely looks a lot better than when I first sliced it. Obviously, we can kinda
do a before and after with my second slice. And if you have any marks that look weird you can just go back
over with your paintbrush to smooth that out. If you can see, here and here, there’s these pull marks from the knife so you can just take your paintbrush and just sort of smooth that out. If either on the inside
cake or on a cake slice happens to have a hole, I just stuffed that hole with
a piece of the yellow cake. I’m gonna spend just a little more time getting super perfectionist
on these cake slices and this cake and then I’m gonna show you a really fun birthday party
setup that we’ve got going on. All right you guys, this setup looks great we have a total party
scene going on back here. Birthday party, not the
other kind of party, but it looks really fun and festive. I’m gonna let our photographer
get a couple of beauty shots of this after I light those candles. And then we’re gonna
let the rest of our crew eat this delicious chocolate cake because I know they’ve
been waiting on it all day. Oh my gosh you guys! The flames are colored! Stop it, I’m not even, I can’t deal. This has been great,
happy unbirthday to me, make sure you go on YouTube and follow Well Done, like, comment, subscribe and tell me what you want to
see me food style next time. A very happy unbirthday to me! To you? A very happy unbirthday to me. To you!

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  2. I wish I had this video when I made my dad a birthday cake this year! Same cake- yellow and chocolate frosting. It did not look like this. But it was better than the year before when we presented him with a pile of crumbs stuck together with icing.

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