Welcome to Pressure Cooker Centre. I’m going to demonstrate for you the latest model from Silampos, which is a Portuguese brand and this is the Easy Pressure Cooker First, I’m going to show you what are the different features on the lid. You have the lid handle with a button that you push and pull to open and lock the pressure cooker And here is a pressure regulator that you turn to choose the low pressure, the high pressure, or to depressurise Now, I’m going to do a test for you with just some water And you can do the same at home if you want before you cook for the first time with your Silampos Easy Pressure Cooker So, to close the lid there is a mark on the lid and a mark on the handle Put the tube on line, and just slide the two handles together and lock You always must start your cooking in a pressure cooker with your stove on high So you need to generate heat inside the pot very quickly so it comes to pressure quickly and you avoid overcooking the food So high temperature underneath when you start. Now the first thing you’re going to notice is the little pressure indicator here, which is the red button This little pressure indicator is going to pop up When it pops up, that’s telling you there’s pressure in your pressure cooker but it’s not telling you that you had reached pressure your only have reached the pressure that you have chosen here Low pressure or high pressure when steam will escape from the nozzle here So we just wait a couple of minutes to have a look at this pressure indicator. Now you can see that the pressure indicator has started to move And in a few seconds, it will just pop up in a position. As you can see, the steam is now escaping You can here it through the nozzle So it’s time now to turn down the heat as low as you can And time your cooking. This is perfect moment that you time your cooking Let’s see. The cooking time has expired. Your little timer has beeped You turn off the gas And now you have three options before you open you pressure cooker The first option is If you’re not too hungry and too much in a hurry you just wait until this little red button goes down again And that means no more pressure, and you can open your pressure cooker You can also, if you wish depressurise manually. So all you have to do is turn this button to pressure-release steam And that will depressurise But if you’re in a hurry And you don’t have any steam in your kitchen you take your pressure cooker to the sink And now to depressurise your pressure cooker with some cold water. So just run little cold water on the lid just for a few seconds and when your little button red button is down you know that means no more pressure So you stop the water Take out your Silampos Easy Pressure Cooker, push the button and open and voila

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