Hur norra köksträdgården utvecklas under 2019 – The northern kitchen garden 2019

Planning in the snow A sack full of sawdust is much heavier
than you might think The sawdust comes from the renovation of the guest house It was used as insulation in the walls We rake out the sawdust directly on the lawn
and hope it will kill the grass Martin sprinkles some homemade biochar Then we added a layer of horse manure that we
received from a riding school nearby It’s starting to get dark, but we keep on working Last but not least we put a thick layer of silage on top Two new garden beds ready! Then it was time to make another garden bed This time we make it with newspapper and silage We’re lucky to have received lots of old silage bales It makes it easy to build new garden beds The newspapers have been in a barrel of water It makes it easier to work when it as windy as it is today Our lawn grows poorly on our extremely sandy soil
so we only put one layer of newspaper It takes lots of trips with the wheelbarrows to cover a garden bed of this size Lots of wheelbarrows… Now the garden bed is ready for planting! The cabbage is planted directly in the silage We make a hole in the silage down to the newspaper Then we put in some soil and thereafter place the cabbage in the hole and add some more soil There is always a shortage of garden beds On June 6, we fight lupins
(this species is invasive in Sweden) The material is perfect for filling the pallet collars You just need to top with some soil and then plant! Slowly but surely the garden is filled with vegetables Salad och Swish chard The cabbage grows unexpectedly well in the silage Rhubarb grow from seed A peach trees, artichokes and … really beautiful dwarf sunflowers The Marigold didn’t keep the pest away from the cabbage Russian vines, sunflowers and leeks A peach! In August it is really lush and green Tumbling Tom Yellow – our favorite tomato! There is so much to harvest Like broccolo for example The autumn is creeping near The garden first turns brown and then the snow comes and the year 2019 comes to an end

4 thoughts on “Hur norra köksträdgården utvecklas under 2019 – The northern kitchen garden 2019

  1. Men herreguuud så fint ni gjort!!! Vilket arbete och så vackert! Wow! Det ger massor med goa inputs…Allt gott till er för det nya året! /Gina

  2. Otroligt häftigt att se. Blir inspirerad att bygga en damm? Fördelar/nackdelar? (fördel, gissningsvis: vattning)

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