HUUUGE Indian Street Food ADVENTURE in Jaipur, India | BEST VEGETARIAN Street Food in India -SPICY!

– All right, check it out, guys, it’s Trevor James, hanging out with my
good buddy Anubhav Sapra from Delhi Food Walks today. And today we are in Jaipur, Rajasthan. And I’m so pumped, ’cause today we’re gonna go for a ton of Rajasthani street food. – Yeah, we’re gonna try so many different kinds of street food in Jaipur. – Awesome. This is Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan, India. Just a four hour drive south from Delhi. And today, with our good buddy, Anubhav, we’re trying out 10
different street foods, all pure vegetarian, and all right on the street. And first up, we found
a friendly local selling some super fresh and sour
buttermilk right in an alleyway. Let’s try. So, we’re gonna get a buttermilk Lassi. Here, buttermilk. This guy’s so nice. – [Anubhav] Not great
english, but a funny man. – Nice. Just drink? Just drink? Okay. Buttermilk. Oh.
– Good? – It’s sour. Pure. No sweetener in there. – It’s some good digestive. – Really? – Very good for healthy summer snack. – Wow, and he just sells it like that? And does he offer mint
or anything with it? Pudina. – [Seller] Pudina. Pudina. – Also, he’s selling
buttermilk and Pudina separate. Shukriya. Wow, so nice. Really. – I feel like in India you
can meet anyone, anywhere. They’re so happy to serve you food. They love feeding. – Cool. Let’s keep exploring. Next up, Anubhav is bringing us to try another famous street food in Jaipur. The street pizza omelet, one of the most satisfying street foods you can find in all of India. – We are in Bapu Nagar, Jaipur. And we’re going to Sanjay Omelet. This place is, he was one of the participants
of MasterChef India. – [Trevor] Really? – [Anubhav] There’s almost
100 different varieties of omelets here. – [Trevor] MasterChef omelet. – [Anubhav] MasterChef India omelet. – [Trevor] Okay, so we’re
making omelets here. – [Anubhav] Yeah, we’re gonna
try plain egg pizza omelet. And we’ll try the masala omelet. It’s a very local traditional omelet, the masala omelet. – [Trevor] And they’ve got one just like an omelet sandwich there. – [Anubhav] Yeah, that’s
an omelet sandwich. Some butter. Loads of butter. – [Trevor] Oh, eggs. So, there’s eggs. Green pepper. Onion. Oh, beautiful. Oh, and in it goes. So, which one is this? – [Anubhav] This is the masala omelet. – [Trevor] Masala omelet. Whoa, beautiful. So, we got the classic peppers and onions. Oh, yeah. And is this in a sandwich? – [Anubhav] It’s a sandwich. And the specialty is the chutney. They make a chutney of
garlic and red chiles. Those are specialty. They will add it. Put some butter. – [Trevor] Tons of butter. Oh, and then tomatoes. – [Anubhav] That’s the chutney. Chutney of red chiles and garlic. – [Trevor] Red chili garlic chutney. That’s the secret. Oh, that just smells amazing. That’s just incredible. – [Anubhav] 100 different
varieties of omelet. – [Trevor] Masala omelet. Oh, it looks heavy. – [Anubhav] Now he’s
adding the bread slices. – [Trevor] So it’s like
an omelet sandwich? – [Anubhav] Masala omelet sandwich. – [Trevor] Masala omelet sandwich. That looks so heavy. Wow. Oh, yeah. And now we’re getting the Afghan omelet. – [Anubhav] This is Afghani pizza omelet. – [Trevor] Oh, beautiful. – [Anubhav] He’s adding butter. – Lots of butter. Two eggs. Chili, onion. – [Anubhav] Salt. – This is just amazing, watching the omelet action. Oh, and in it goes. It looks quite similar. – [Anubhav] It’s similar, but it’s added over a base of pizza. – Oh, pizza? – Pizza base. And they will add lots of cheese in it. So, you can see, it’s a pizza base. It’s a pizza omelet. You’ll see. There’s the pizza base, again, with loads of butter. – [Trevor] You’ve got tons of butter. – That’s a pizza omelet. So, you’re gonna see. – [Trevor] It’s like a greasy
omelet patty on a pizza base. – [Anubhav] Then some tomatoes. – [Trevor] And coriander. Wow. – [Anubhav] And then there’s cabbage. – [Trevor] Cabbage. – [Anubhav] More tomatoes. And then they will add cheese over it. There’s some more butter. – [Trevor] More butter. That looks incredibly heavy. Whoa, pizza omelet. – [Anubhav] That’s the cheese. – [Trevor] Oh, that’s mayo. – [Anubhav] Cheese. Cheese. – Oh, cheese. Incredible. The pizza omelet. Wow! You can just have a slice
of that pizza omelet. And then this is the classic
masala omelet sandwich. Cheers, buddy. – Cheers. – Mm. It’s like ultra creamy. It’s like a cheesy, mayoey, slightly crispy, and saturated, fluffy omelet. It’s very heavy. The pizza base, it’s like a deep fried pizza crust. And then we’ve got this beautiful fluffy masala omelet sandwich. Let’s try this out. – This is very special of this place, because of chutney. – The masala chutney. It’s all about that chutney. Chili garlic. It’s spicy, garlicky. The bread is saturated with butter, so it lends a lot of flavor. And, wow, this is like
heavy omelet delight. And after enjoying that
beautiful masala omelet sandwich, we made our way to our next
street food: masala chai. And within just a few minutes, we’re in the old city of Jaipur, known as Pink City, hunting for chai. – We are in Pink City in Jaipur. And right now we are in old city. – The old city. And it’s all pink. – It’s all pink. – Beautiful. – We are going to Sahu Tea stall. And it’s an almost 70 years
old tea stall in Jaipur. – 70 year old tea joint right here. – [Anubhav] It’s just so busy. – Classic chai.
– Classic chai. – Indian street chai. – And cooked over charcoal. – Wow, it’s busy here. Oh, street chai. – It’s the most diverse
tea stall in Jaipur. – Whoa, right over the coals. – [Anubhav] Slow boil. Slow cooked. – [Trevor] Oh, and then in goes the tea. That’s just pure black tea, right? Beautiful. – [Anubhav] Now it’s at slow boil. – [Trevor] Slow boil. – [Anubhav] Slow boil. Slow cooked. – [Trevor] With that thick– – [Anubhav] That’s the masala. – Oh, masala.
– That is masala. You can smell it also, the masala. – [Trevor] Yeah, cardamom, and masala. Beautiful. – You can smell the spices. – Oh, yeah. Cardamom in there. That is just the heart and soul of India. – [Anubhav] And there’s no water in there. – [Trevor] No water. – [Anubhav] He’s not adding water. Only milk. – [Trevor] Pure, buffalo milk. – That’s why it’s thick. – So thick. To me, tea is just one of
the most beautiful things in India, because everyone loves it. It’s on the street. You can hang out and chat with people. And the shop owners take
pride in their work. When it’s good tea, everyone comes. – Tea is like something which unites us. That’s the one thing that
unites India, it’s tea. – Is the chai. – Go anywhere, from north to south, east to west, you can chai anywhere. – [Trevor] It’s all about the chai. – [Anubhav] All about chai. – Oh, sugar. One, two. Three. – [Anubhav] That’s too much. – [Trevor] Four. – [Anubhav] Four scoops. – Five.
– Five. Oh, yeah, that’s not too bad. – [Anubhav] I still like
it in this quantity. – [Trevor] Oh, it’s almost done. Oh, right in the cloth. Right in the cloth there. Strain it out. Beautiful. – [Anubhav] This is a
very traditional style of straining it out. – [Trevor] For me, every
time I leave India, this is one of the things I miss the most. And I’m sure that the locals, when they leave and come back, it’s probably the same. – [Anubhav] That’s true. – They miss the chai. Shukriya. Whoa, look at that beautiful chai. It’s the soul of India, right here. – Chai is like our national drink. – Really? – It’s our national drink. Officially, it’s a national drink. – Amazing. Cheers, buddy. – Cheers. – Mm. What a strong cardamom flavor. Milky. Creamy. Sweet. Ultra sweet. – That’s quite thick. It’s all the buffalo milk they use. – Buffalo milk?
– Yeah. – And next up, Anubhav is bringing us for some ultra flavorful,
marinated and grilled paneer: the paneer tikka. Right in the back lanes of Jaipur. And right when you walk up, and you see all that bright red paneer, grilling right over the flame, and you smell the tandoori
spices in the air, you know it’s gonna be good. It is so good to be exploring
Jaipur for street food. And right up here we’re gonna
have grilled paneer, right? – Yeah, paneer tikka and soya chaap. – Oh, paneer tikka. Grill paneer, which is grilled cottage cheese, right? – [Anubhav] Yup. – Awesome. Look at this. Ooh, look at the color. Look at the color. Hi.
– Hi. – [Trevor] Paneer tikka. – Paneer tikka. – [Trevor] Magical, bright
orange paneer on here. – [Anubhav] It’s made in tandoori spices. A bit of garlic, ginger, and then they are grilling it. And then the soya chaap, the green one, is marinated in coriander and mint. – [Trevor] And just look
at the color on there: bright orange. – [Anubhav] Those are the tandoori spices. – [Trevor] Tandoori spices. And you can smell the smokiness
right from those coals. This is what India is about. You’ve got amazing meat, but you’ve also go delicious veg. You can have the best of both worlds. – [Anubhav] You never feel
like missing meat here. We have some much variety and option here. – [Trevor] So, there’s the green one, which is with mint– – [Cook] With mint and coriander. – [Trevor] Mint and coriander? And then the Afghani? – [Cook] Afghani, basically
made by creamy flavor. – [Trevor] Creamy. Oh, and you can see they’re marinating some over there as well. – [Anubhav] That’s not paneer, but chaap. Hariyali chaap. – [Trevor] Like soya? – [Anubhav] Yeah, soya. Soya chaap. It’s mint and coriander. – [Trevor] Mint and coriander. – [Anubhav] That’s why
it’s green in color. – [Trevor] So they’ve got the soya chaap, which is basically, kind
of like tofu, right? – [Anubhav] Yeah. – And they’re marinating it in the same masala spices. Oh, wow. And they also have the paneer. It is just so colorful and beautiful. – The color different. Flag of India. – Oh, the flag of India. – Yeah, the green, then you have white, all the different colors. – Oh, yeah, here they are. So, what are they putting on there. – [Anubhav] They’re adding
some different kind of spices. Butter and lemon over it. – [Trevor] Butter, lemon, and masala. – [Anubhav] Masala over it. – Oh, amazing. Oh, look at that. Beautiful. Wow. We got beautiful paneer and soya. – [Anubhav] Soya chaap. – Mm. It’s very citrusy. – It’s all the lemon they added over it. That’s why. And the charred masala also. – Yeah, citrusy and spicy, and tangy. Mm, pure cottage cheese. That is amazing. Then we can go in for this beautiful mint and coriander soya. – [Anubhav] Soya chaap. – Soya chaap. That’s like a firm tofu. And also has that citrus kick. Smokey. I feel like coming here, your mouth just comes alive
with all these new flavors. Everywhere, on every street corner there’s so much to try. Just like this. You’ve got the paneer, you’ve got the soya. Different spices. Different flavors. Just perfect. Next up, and before going
for the ultimate street bread and curry, and then a huge Rajasthani thali feast, Anubhav is bringing us
for some amazing pickles, right on the street. So we’re going for pickles next. – And it’s like 180 years old pickle shop. – [Trevor] 180 year old pickle joint. Awesome. Right up here. Oh, right here. – [Anubhav] There’s so
many different varieties of pickles to have. – [Trevor] So many pickles. – [Anubhav] This is mango. – [Trevor] Oh, mango pickle. – [Anubhav] They use mustard
oil for making the pickles. – [Trevor] Oh, so it’s spicy and mustardy. And tons of pickles up here too. So, what sort of pickles do we have? – We’re going to try three of them. We’ll try the garlic one. And then we’ll try the raw mango one. – So garlic and mango. – [Anubhav] We’ll try turmeric as well. – [Trevor] Oh, turmeric pickle? – [Anubhav] Yeah, turmeric
pickle is very good for health. – [Trevor] Lemon,
ginger, garlic, turmeric. It’s all here. So, they do it in a mustard oil? – [Anubhav] Mustard oil. It acts as a preservative. It acts as a preservative,
the mustard oil. – [Trevor] Mustard oil. – [Anubhav] Indian food is
incomplete without pickles. – [Trevor] It’s an essential part? – [Anubhav] Essential part of our food. So, every season we make different varieties
of pickles at home. And that’s how they
traditionally is to make. – [Trevor] In these big clay pots. – [Anubhav] That’s the garlic. – [Trevor] Garlic. Nice. He’s making us a pickle thali. Nice. So, what do we have? – [Anubhav] This is turmeric. – [Trevor] Turmeric. – [Anubhav] Garlic. And raw mango. – Oh, awesome. Turmeric. Oh, yeah. So, what’s in there? – [Anubhav] Just fennel seeds, black mustard seeds. – Wow, that is potent. – And turmeric is very good for health. And this is like fresh turmeric. It’s not dry turmeric. – No chemicals, all natural. – All natural.
– No chemical. No color. All natural. – Wow, that is strong. That is so strong. Spicy and mustardy. You gotta a real mustard kick in there. If you like strong, pungent flavors, you’re gonna love these pickles. Especially the tangy and
sweet mango pickle at the end. And next up, we’re going for
some street bread and curry, that you just can’t stop eating. – So, we’re gonna try here
Bajra roti with Aloo Sabzi. It’s like a very traditional
meal of Rajasthan. – Right on the street. – Right on the street. And we can see how they are cooked. – [Trevor] So it’s like
a whole wheat bread. – [Anubhav] It’s a whole wheat bread. They add different kinds of flour. They add black bengal gram. – [Trevor] Bengal gram. – [Anubhav] Then they add jau. Then they also add ghee with it. – And then they roll them out right here. And these are all the curries? – These are all the curries. Paneer. That’s the onion. And onion, they add the whole onion. The small sized onion. – [Trevor] Oh, shallot? – [Anubhav] Yeah. – [Trevor] Wow, look at
that potato, onion, paneer. – [Anubhav] That’s paneer. – [Trevor] And it smells sweet. And what else do they have? – [Anubhav] This is called Gatta. It’s made of chickpea flour. – [Trevor] Oh, chickpea flour curry. So, we’ve got one with
tomato, onion, and paneer. We’ve got one with chickpea flour. And then– – [Anubhav] This is green
chili with potatoes. Mixed with ghee. – [Trevor] Nice. Let’s break this. – [Anubhav] This is a very wholesome food. – [Trevor] It looks wholesome, yeah. You can feel the grains in your hand. Oh, wow, chickpea curry. Look at that. – [Anubhav] Chickpea flour curry. – Chickpea flour. That is like the most wholesome
bread you will ever eat. – Very healthy. Very healthy.
– Feels so healthy. And then with the ghee, it gives a little bit of flavor too. – Yeah, this is like our multigrain bread. – [Trevor] And that curry. It’s just light. A little tangy. And maybe a little sweet. – [Anubhav] It’s all the
tomatoes they add in it. – Tomatoes. We can go for the aloo pyaz. – [Anubhav] Aloo pyaz. – [Trevor] So, this is what
the locals in Rajasthan eat. – [Anubhav] It’s the
(mumbles) food of Rajasthan. – Mm. That is so nice. I love how it’s just smooth and light. But the tomato and the onion, when they’re combined in there, they’re sweet. Thank you. To finish off the day,
Anubhav is bringing us to try the iconic Rajasthani meal, the Thali: a huge feast full of tons of
vegetarian curries and sauces, all on a massive plate
with unlimited refills. So, next we are going to have the traditional Rajasthani meal. (speaking foreign language) Rajasthani food. – Rajasthani thali. – Rajasthani thali. You’ll see how they will greet us. Traditional style. – [Trevor] Nice. Hi. – They put the mark on your… – Shukriya. So, what’s this called? – This is like when you have
a new guest at your place, you greet them like this. This is the traditional
way of welcoming the guest to your family.
– Great. And we’re going into thali heaven. – You can see how beautiful this place is. – A Rajasthani hat. It looks good. – We look Rajasthani. – We’re handsome. And before we knew it, we were being served an unlimited amount of delicious curries, all eaten by hand. There’s nothing better. Wow, what an amazing
selection we’ve got here. Pure Rajasthani. All veg. – [Anubhav] All veg. All vegetarian. – [Trevor] All veg. So much here. I’m overwhelmed. What do we have here today? – [Anubhav] We’ll start from here. This is cucumber and cabbage salad. Here we have rice, basmati rice. Then here we have spinach kofta. – [Trevor] Oh, so it’s like
tomato, onion, spinach curry? – [Anubhav] Yeah. Then here we have Gatta curry. It’s a very traditional dish of Rajasthan. It’s called Gatta.
– Gatta. – [Anubhav] Gatte Ki Sabzi, or Gatta, you can call it. Made up of chickpea flour, ground flour. That’s what they make it. – [Trevor] And it’s
creamy. It looks creamy. – [Anubhav] Yeah, that’s creamy. Velvet tomatoes they add in it. – [Trevor] Tons of spices. – [Anubhav] And here we
have aloo pyaz curry. – [Trevor] Aloo pyaz. – [Anubhav] That’s potato and onion. Then, again, this is a very
traditional dish of Rajasthan. It’s called kadhi. – [Trevor] Curry? – [Anubhav] It’s not curry, Kadhi. K-A-D-I, Kadi. – [Trevor] Oh, Kadhi. – [Anubhav] This is dal lentils. – [Trevor] Dal lentils. Oh, and then there’s a
huge leafy plate here. – [Anubhav] And here we have papadum. – [Trevor] Papadum. – [Anubhav] We have two
different kinds of bread. One is the normal wheat flour, then we have corn flour, then we have chickpea flour. Then we have chutney. Coriander chutney. Two small bowls of butter, which you put over the bread. Then here we have (mumbles). It’s, again, a specialty of Rajasthan. – [Trevor] Like a Rajasthani plant? – [Anubhav] Rajasthani
plant. Rajasthani herb. And then we have, again, a
traditional chutney of Rajasthan. It’s garlic and chili. Then we have kachori made up of butter. – [Trevor] Kachori? – [Anubhav] Yeah, Kachori. It’s like a porridge. – So, it’s like a millet
porridge with sugar? – Yeah. This is churma. Churma is made up, again, made up of wheat flour. It’s with sugar. – [Trevor] Sweet wheat flour? – [Anubhav] Yeah, sugary wheat flour. And then we have our
Indian classic dessert, pan-Indian dessert called jalebi. – [Trevor] Jalebi. So, a deep fried dough
circle covered in syrup. – This is, again, a
traditional dish of Rajasthan. It’s called baati. – So, it’s like a dumping
stuffed with lentil. I think this one looks so nice. The gatte sabzi. So, there’s like chickpea
flour balls in there? – [Anubhav] Yeah. – [Trevor] It’s creamy, and full of seeds, like fennel. Oh, to me, this is what life is about, eating delicious.
– It’s like a taco. – It’s like an Indian taco. A little mustardy. You can taste the mustard in there. A little spicy. And healthy. This is all pure veg. The variety of flavors here and the wholesomeness of this meal is worth coming to Rajasthan alone for. You can taste bite after
bite of new flavors. It’s all here waiting
for you in Rajasthan. – Thank you so much, Anubhav. That was an amazing day. I’m gonna leave a link to Delhi Food Walks in the description below. So much delicious food here in Rajasthan. And we couldn’t have done it without you. – Thank you so much for coming. Hope to see you back on
the streets of India. – I had ton of fun. Thanks, buddy.

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