I Ate Only Blue Foods For 72 Hours And This Happened … (FUNNY CHALLENGE)

For thousands of years mankind was unable
to recognize the color blue, due to it appearing so rarely in nature. On the grasslands of Savannah, the plains
of Europe, and the steppes of Asia, the color blue appears extremely infrequently amongst
natural fauna or wildlife, and because we evolved to identify edible plants and animals,
our brains ignored the color blue in the few places it did appear. For an untold amount of time, humans were
simply oblivious to the color blue, and ancient writers such as the Greek even referred to
the ocean as ‘wine-tinted purple’, rather than the beautiful blue of the Mediterranean
Sea. This inability to see blue still occurs in
a few isolated African tribes that live on the savannah, and when shown the color blue
on a color wheel they are completely unable to identify it since their brains don’t have
the ‘idea’ of blue wired in. Yet they are able to identify dozens of different
shades of yellow that we ourselves are blind to. It’s a crazy, mixed-up world of color out
there, and while seeing- or not seeing- blue is fine and dandy, what about eating it? Once more we turn to your favorite experimental
guinea pig, which after the dozens of comments we’re forced to publicly state is a term of
endearment- just don’t tell him that, if he feels more important to the show he’s going
to start demanding higher pay. Now, stay tuned as we challenge him to eat
only blue foods for 72 hours because our brainstormers were really bore- I mean, for scientific reasons! Day 1: Well, this should make for interesting
poop- was the very first thought that popped into my head upon reading my next assignment
from The Infographics Show. The very next thought was, where the hell
do I buy blue food? What blue foods even exist? I guess it’s a good thing they provided a
healthy shopping stipend for this episode. I did some research online and it turns out
that there are some naturally occurring blue food items, though definitely not very many. Blueberries immediately spring to mind, and
it’s a good thing I happen to like blueberries, because I’m going to be eating a lot of them. There’s also apparently a fish called the
lingcod that is naturally blue, though it can be hard to find. Shouldn’t be an issue for a city as big as
Los Angeles though to score one of these fish, although I am not looking forward to it, because
outside of survival challenges I really don’t like eating fish at all… it’s all, well,
fishy. I believe it was the great, and underrated,
comedian Jim Gaffigan who joked, “How can you tell when a fish has gone bad? It smells like fish!” I did find a ton of recipes to just turn your
food blue, but that sounds like cheating so I won’t be doing that. From my research though it does kind of look
like I’m going to be pretty restricted to what I can actually eat. There’s blue potatoes, which apparently have
an earthier taste than regular potatoes. I guess people don’t like their potatoes looking
kind of gross blue and so they’re not very popular, but they do exist. Then there’s also blue carrots, which by the
way is the color all carrots used to be until the dutch decided to grow only orange carrots
in support of William of Orange- and the new look kind of just stuck. Yes we did do an episode on this, why carrots
are orange, because we do episodes on everything, including apparently eating only blue foods. There is also blue corn, which was popular
with Native Americans until betraying and killing Native Americans became itself popular
with Europeans. You are still able to find blue corn though,
because mankind loves novelty enough to keep certain species from going extinct- sorry
rhinos, we love money more than you. There are also bilberries which I feel is
sort of cheating but is apparently a European cousin of the blueberry, luckily once more
I’m in a major city so finding them shouldn’t be a problem. Concord grapes are apparently considered blue,
although to me they look more purple- but you know what, if they’re going to increase
my food variety I’ll take it because right now it’s looking like fish and berries for
three days straight. And um, that’s honestly kind of it. At least foods that wouldn’t require being
flown in from the most remote parts of the world. These things are so niche, like a certain
kind of mushroom that grows in only a certain part of Japan, that they cost an arm and a
leg. If I presented an expense report for a crate
of these things to Infographics I’m pretty sure someone there would have an immediate
heart attack. Ok, well it’s time to go shopping. I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Day 2: Alright, so I said that I would stay
away from food dyes, but I never said that I wouldn’t eat foods that had been pre-dyed. After all I could simply buy some food dye
and marinate a big juicy t-bone steak in it. Also, sorry but it turns out there’s like
so few naturally blue foods that all I would end up eating really is fish and berries,
and I’m not a grizzly bear putting on fat for the winter. I need variety. So I went shopping yesterday, and I should
call it hunting more than shopping. I had to cover at least half of this city
to find blue potatoes, bilberries, blue carrots, and lingcod. Which by the way, I was unable to find filleted
and had to actually buy a whole fish. Try and imagine how well that went down with
the girlfriend when she came home and found a twenty pound three-foot long fish sitting
on the counter, oh and fish guts were everywhere because I’d been trying to filet the damn
thing for fifteen minutes before she got there. Also, apparently not all lingcod actually
have blue flesh, but I got lucky and mine had… well not truly blue flesh, but I guess
more blue-greenish. Their guts are about as red as any other fish’s
though, and the girlfriend made me swear to disinfect the entire kitchen when I was done. Also we’re temporarily not on speaking terms
because I chased her out of the house with a handful of fish guts. So fish has been on the menu, which I prepared
alongside some of the blue carrots. Honestly, the fish tastes like fish and other
than being a bit earthier and maybe tangier than normal carrots, the blue carrots tasted
exactly like normal carrots. What an earth-shattering discovery, glad Infographics
insisted on confusing my digestive system for three days with this silly challenge. I did have a helping of pudding that happened
to be colored blue. Listen, I know that milk, eggs, and… well
to be honest I don’t know what goes into making pudding, but I know those things aren’t naturally
blue- but like I said, it’s not my fault that nobody at the show specified I had to eat
naturally blue foods only. Also, fish is terrible, and pudding makes
me happy, which is a feeling I need after eating blue-green fish for two days. The color doesn’t help with the smell and
the idea that you can’t really tell when fish has gone bad, but when you cook the flesh
the color goes away and it’s just normal white. That’s kind of disappointing to be honest,
I thought it’d at least be fun to eat blue fish flesh. I guess I could make it into sashimi but literally
ever blog and website I found on the matter said do not risk this, the lingcod is apparently
not a great fish for sushi or sashimi because of parasites. Parasites which I realized were simply being
cooked to death, and then I would eat. Extra protein I guess, but yet another reason
to never eat fish if you can help it. Day 3: It is really, really hard to eat only
blue foods. I mean you can find plenty of artificially
colored blue junk foods in the supermarket, but if you don’t want to gain thirty pounds
overnight, which I don’t, then trying to eat even remotely normal, and eat only blue foods
is a hell of a task. I couldn’t stomach fish anymore so instead
I switched to potatoes, carrots, bilberries and blueberries. The blueberries and bilberries I made into
jam by smushing them, adding some sugar and corn syrup, and letting it sit overnight. In the morning it made for a pretty delicious
breakfast, and even the girlfriend enjoyed it- until I told her that I also put the blue
fish in it. She looked like she was going to vomit on
the spot until I told her I was only joking, but given the very weird nature of my challenges,
I’m not sure she believed me completely. She’s thus decreed that from now on whenever
I’m doing a, quote, “stupid challenge”, end quote, our food is going to be strictly
segregated. The bilberries taste more tart to me than
blueberries, and they are definitely not my favorite. Probably explains why they’re not as popular
as their blueberry cousins. Can’t say they were very noticeable on their
own when made into jam though, but if you eat them individually you can definitely taste
it. For lunch I made myself a giant heaping serving
of blue french fries. Now, if you’re a fan of our challenge series
then you know that I’m myself a huge fan of french fries, but to be honest blue french
fries are just… gross. They taste completely normal, but you just
can’t get it out of your head as you’re eating them how unnatural they seem. I guess we associate the color blue with colors
of rot and decay, it’s the color of a rotting corpse after all, and so it can be hard to
swallow blue foods that aren’t things like berries. Even the oven-baked blue carrots I had for
dinner, alongside more stupid blue fish, were hard to eat. It turns out that color really does affect
our appetite and our feelings about what we eat, which is why I guess we prefer brightly
colored food items. They just seem healthier to our brain because
they don’t have the same colors that rotting food does, and trying to swallow a bunch of
blue fries down without thinking about them being rotten and disgusting is pretty difficult. I honestly think that this is the only observation
I have from this whole three day experiment, along with the fact that I don’t think I want
to touch fish again for a few months, because out of all the food all across the earth,
fish really is just the worst. Unless it’s made into sushi. And that’s weird, right? I’d rather eat raw fish rather than cooked
fish, which I find disgusting. Welcome to my topsy-turvy life. So, should you eat only blue foods? Definitely not. The diet is pretty restrictive, and you’re
mostly going to be left with boring old fish, like two vegetables and two types of fruits. I guess if you went ahead and cheated with
blue-colored food that’s manmade you might be able to get away with it for a while, then
you can include all kinds of pudding, yogurt, and jello to the mix, along with various types
of cake- although fair warning, blue-colored cakes are typically gross. Not that the cake itself is gross, because
it’s just colored bread really, but for some reason blue colored cakes are always
topped with weird things like fruits or jelly beans. The biggest risk from eating blue only foods
though is the lack of nutritionary variety. If you’re a subscriber to our show- and
really, why wouldn’t you be?- then you probably saw our episode on the British kid who lost
his eyesight from eating nothing but junk food. Go check it out, it’s called Teen is Blinded
By Junk Food. Whether you saw it then or are going to watch
it now, you’ll know or about to find out that overly restrictive diets can seriously
harm you over a long course of time. Limiting yourself to only blue foods will
eventually starve your body of much-needed nutrients and minerals, and much like our
British kid in the junk food episode, you can suffer serious harm to include loss of
vision and even deafness. So I’m going to go back to my normal life
of eating a rainbow of regular foods, though I’ll have to work through the four twelve-packs
of blue pudding I bought because I desperately needed something other than fish and fruit. As you might have learned by now watching
these challenge episodes, impulse control is not my strong point. If you had to eat one color for three days
which color would you pick? Tell us in the comments, and then go watch
“Why Carrots Are Orange” and learn why carrots aren’t blue anymore! Also don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe
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  1. Honestly, too many arty things that are blue. I wish they could make sure that the extinct foods that are blue come to life

  2. Blueberries aren't blue because the skin makes it blue. If you cut it in half, you'll see a another colour from the inside.

  3. No wonder you americans wobble around; boiled berries with sugar and corn starch for breakfast!!?

    BTW! Blue corpses? What kind of corpses are you eating over there?


  5. This is by far the lamest, most uninteresting infographics episode I have ever see. Still gave it a thumbs up though. Even when they're boring they're still totally on point. Bravo 🙂

  6. I'd eat green. Which means lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes (I'll pick them before they're ripe. They don't taste much different), apples… The list goes on

  7. For thousands of year mankind was unable to recognise the color blue because it was rare to find in nature.

    The Sky "am I a joke to you?"

  8. one colour? Red, I can eat meat , apples, berries , beans lentils , peppers cherries,straw berries certain types of fish even chicken if you allow pink, red cabage

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