I INVENTED A NEW FOOD *cooking with Cameron*

Haha, so I did something I Just admit to something so freaking good and with genius I am the smartest intellectual on this planet My cooking skills are so on point right now. Like I’m so honestly proud of myself. I am so powerful Hi, I just invented a new food you might think it’s disgusting and you might wanna gag from it But I just had to share it with you. My mind is a wonderland. My imagination is just so big I just made something so good I made a new food that is so long so bomb and I was just like, you know I have to share it with y’all. I want to thank Jesus for giving me this idea of you It’s a breakthrough in human history. This food is just so good I want to use the word epic but I don’t wanna get made fun of so I’m not gonna use that word First of all, I’m not a good cook My cooking skills are so on point right now Like last time I cook that’s pub like eight years old and I was cooking like scrambled eggs. I am making uh, okay I don’t even want to say because this is gonna sound so gross but trust me But your trust in me so I can deliver it to you It’s a fried peanut butter and banana sandwich Yes, yes, I know that sounds disgusting you don’t even want to eat it You’re like, okay, I’m gonna click off now because that sounds disgusting don’t cuz it actually will turn out really good I think you won’t taste amazing and it’s gonna be worth watching. Um, Yeah, Gordon Ramsay Paula Deen. You’re gonna want to take some tips from me. Okay? Let’s do it. Okay. So first thing you need is a banana, okay? Okay. I Don’t are you so usable or doesn’t mean they’re good You know, we’re gonna use it We’re gonna use it because I don’t know, um what else to cook it’s what’s on the inside that matters, you know She’s cute on the inside. So, you know, stop being so mean don’t don’t judge Okay, so the second thing you need is peanut butter. Should I use the kroger brand? Wheel of savings or do you want the almond butter? I’m just gonna use this one cuz it looks cooler And the next thing you need is Brad Course, um, it’s a sandwich so we kind of need that. So the first thing you’re going to need is bread and Okay, you’re gonna put peanut butter on the bread Okay. So first you’re basically just gonna make a peanut butter banana sandwich Okay, this this peanut butter is a lot thicker with three C’s Yeah, this peanut butters the wall thicker like I mean not to seize not three C’s I mean four C’s like thick she thick So can we not get this on my hoodie? Thank you. Okay. So after you spread it we’re gonna Where did my banana go? So, what should we talk about what I’m doing this, um, Life update. I was supposed to get my license in September. It’s now November and this just shows much English this just shows how much of a procrastinator I am and it’s kind of sad, but am I gonna fix it? Probably not. Am I going to try and better myself and get my license and a job now? Probably not. Um, I’m just gonna procrastinate even more like I literally can’t take it anymore And I need to like, do you know what I mean? it’s kind of like when you have a homework assignment and you just like don’t want to do it and then like It’s two days later after this time. I was doing you’re like oh crap. I should probably get it in now That’s a lot sweeter than I thought it was gonna be now. This is the part where you probably like okay time to gag It’s none of the butter on it. Okay. I know this seems so girls. I’m so sorry for this I promise you just to stick it out to the end. It’s gonna be so good. It’s gonna be so bad We’re gonna be so happy. This will complete your life. Now. You’re gonna put it on the sandwich So then now you need a pan, I like using pans Because I like using them up we get the butter and we just Okay now put it on like six and now we wait so Thanksgiving is coming up Like a few days Thanksgiving is coming up, but I’m kind of in the mood for Christmas already like usually I get in the mood for Christmas the day before but this year I’m like You know why? I’m actually for once in the mood for Christmas early before Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. We’ve never heard of that That’s some kind of sauce. It’s all about Christmas now, and now I’m just listening to Christmas music and I never do that Alexa play Christmas music Okay, Alexa stop that’s enough of that that’s melting really fast. We’re gonna go ahead and we put the sandwich on there. I Want it to be a chef, but then almost like you know what I just I feel like that ruined the food for me I love food so much whenever I’m stressed I eat Whenever I have anxiety I eat whenever I have obsession depression I eat Okay, it’s smoking. Um, oh My gosh, oh my gosh, are you kidding me? What is this I Had it on like five Okay, we’ll never mind being the chef now My dreams are ruined It’s burnt so bad like literally this matches it this is the same color, okay I’m so excited to eat this it’s gonna taste like a brick. I had one job and you managed to Try throw it away or eat it I’m gonna eat it one because I’m hungry too because I’m not wasteful you wanted me to throw it away Well, I’m not okay because it’s still my work my hard work Maybe like a six out of ten. This is why I don’t cook I just don’t think this turn out how I wanted to whatsoever. So that’s good. I love that for me It’s still good it still manages to be good. I’m so proud of myself. This is Bom Hmm Who is opening my garage door, is it an intruder if it is honestly, oh No, whoa Whoa, you’re stressed just eat. I think you told I have a twin brother Oh Real reactions Am I in the shot yeah, are you sure? Mm-hmm? Okay, okay you can extinguish now okay sis If you liked this video give it a thumbs up, please subscribe But make sure you comment some better ideas to cook because this just wasn’t it and thanks for watching. Bye guys

55 thoughts on “I INVENTED A NEW FOOD *cooking with Cameron*

  1. o. m. g. My taste buds are legit dancing. It taste so good. My big brother tried it and he said it was gross. But, he used to eat dog food. What does he know? Ur my favorite YouTuber. You may not be popular with millions of subs, (eat fresh, haha. Subway joke. )

  2. 5:54 WHY DID I LAUGH SO HARD LMAO 😂 Cameron why the heck do you not have millions of subscribers yet?? You are hilarious.

  3. I love anything with peanut butter on it(even Oreo and Peanut butter) so I guess it's gonna be awesome!!! For me atleast!
    And congrats on your new invention!!!!

  4. my family is from the south and we’ve been eating fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches as long as i’ve been alive haha

  5. The burnt bread(me when I cook) 😂
    My mom: how do your brownies look like rocks and are hard as fuck
    Me; idk I followed the recipe fully (used double the amounts and cooked it an hour more)

  6. I found ur channel from scrolling through the comments of Gabbie Hana’s song Honestly, and I’m honestly LIVING for your content🙌🙌👏

  7. This boi needs to be famous, he has the most amazing personality, and I think that he is gonna come up someday and have a huuuuge YouTube channel. Hey dude, keep trying👍🏻😁 everybody at this video or has read this comment, subscribe to him. He is so funny and deserves it👍🏻❤️

  8. This entire video literally made me crack up, and I am VERY hard to break.

    Edit: thx for the heart 😊 means a lot!

  9. When u talked about how much u eat I felt like I could relate on a personal level as I was currently eating chocolate chips out of the bag👌🏻

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