I Tried To Make The Most Difficult Omelet

– Okay. So here we are. I’m going to attempt to make a
Japanese dish called omurice. Omurice? Omurice. A particular guy in Kyoto
called Chef Motokichi Yukimura. And he does his the best that
probably any body does it. He’s doing lots of chef tricks. He makes this really
perfect omelet that’s like a total cylinder that’s
really gooey in the middle. And he lays it on top, and
he cuts it with a knife, and it unfolds like an alien’s stomach. Then he pours gravy on top
and it looks really awesome. My coworker Adam asked if I
would just try to recreate it. I think it’s a pretty good challenge. I do not claim to be good
at cooking in any way. Disclaimer, I was challenged to do this. Do not edit that out. Cool, now it’s time to take this thing. The chef in the video
has an oval shaped mold. I don’t know where you get those. We’re just gonna go with a round one. We have a bunch of this
sticky fried rice action. I’m gonna do something like this. And you know, I think I’m
just gonna leave it like that. Until it’s time. Burner. I’ve got this pan. Is it the right pan? We’re gonna find out. I think I’m gonna go with
about three eggs to start. Yeah, I’m specifically hiding
the egg cracking action. Oh shit, we got a double yolk! I just had a double yolk. Good luck, right? Slightly too much egg here. Terrible. This is a disaster. Alright, definitely too many
eggs for this size of pan. I mean, what you have here
is a bunch of overcooked eggs with a bunch of undercooked
eggs on top of them. Here’s what I’m gonna do. Someone’s always hungry. I’m just going to offer scrambled eggs to one of my coworkers. Wonder how many years that
guy practiced his craft. Be right back. Hey do you want these eggs? Do you want these eggs? – Sure. – Okay. Attempt two. And we’re back. We’re gonna try my
preferred silicone spatula. You know what else? Just in case I do it perfectly this time, I should make sure that this rice mold. Oh yeah. Okay. (clicks tongue) Lower the heat. Are there enough eggs here? I didn’t really make the curds evenly. If that was on top of a pile of rice and it was made perfectly, then yeah. That would look like what
we’re trying to achieve. Great. We’re getting somewhere. Mentally. Overdone. I stirred it one round
too many times I think. I think I’m gonna go back
to using the chopsticks because when I’m using the spatula and I’m pushing the eggs
around I’m making curds as large as the leading
edge of this spatula. Whereas if I do it with this, it’s like I’ve got two pool cues that I’m making my curds with. That should make it better to roll. I think. Maybe. How does he? How does he? It’s like in Mario when
you make a really hard jump and you’re like oh, the rest
of this level just gets harder. I’m using a different pan. Because that was obviously the problem. This one is maybe a
little bit more slippery. And it has kind of a more
generous curve to it. Oh yeah. We’re cooking with eggs now. Okay, I definitely already
cooked it too much. It kind of smells like dog hair. Okay, let’s get right back into it. I don’t know where we are
in video run time land. We’ve been here for like three hours now. I’m running out of people
to feed eggs to, also. I got, it’s slipping off the pan. Want me to cut this? Well, it’s on there. A little craggy, but the
overall shape is feeling good. Nice enough so that it can go like that. I cut a little bit too deep. Sort of. So, we’re down to the last three eggs. I’m gonna have Rie watch my last attempt, whether it’s good or bad. The last one was pretty good. It made it on the rice. (upbeat music) Here we go. Now, hopefully, it’s not
too done in the center. And when I go like this. (orchestral music) (clapping) Not really well, but I
know how hard it is now. – You got the texture right. – Yeah. – I don’t think I did. I think it could be creamier. Really!? – What! – I go, oh! That’s it. I mean look, I didn’t expect to perfect a master’s dish in one afternoon. Now that video is just that much better. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “I Tried To Make The Most Difficult Omelet

  1. Little did Andrew know this entire video shoot was a plot formed by Buzzfeed so the cafeteria workers wouldnt have to cook breakfast that day

  2. มึงรู้จักภาษาไทยป่าวควย

  3. Andrew: Hey want some eggs?
    other guy: Sure…
    Merchant: Can sell any kind of item to any kind of merchant

  4. Maybe it's a egg filling… Work one set of eggs as scrambled almost 0 heat on and off like custard continuously stiring. Take it off just slightly under cooked or stop the cooking with some cream. There after make a standard omelette and fill the scrambles eggs in and take it off the heat fast and cut it..

  5. I think the problem is that he used only Egg to make the omelette when there's more ingredients that go into it (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

  6. Andrew is soooo amazing ew I like him so much. But in all seriousness he did his best and I admire his perseverance bc I know this wasn’t easy! Way to go Andrew!!!!

  7. Heat is on too high. Warm the pan, put them in and keep them oving as you put it over the heat. Yes this dish is annoying to make.

  8. Andrew: 2 yokes that’s good luck!
    A few months later: learning from the master
    If that’s not good luck than ur a liar 👌🤥


  10. Andrew that was great bro…..i looooove u❤go buzzfeed⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️love u soooooo much…u hv a gud personality and i like the way u all do the show…upload more 😚😚😚😚😚😚

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