100 thoughts on “I Tried To Re-Create This Orange Made Of Meat • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  1. Pink Salt and Himalayan Pink salt are very different.
    The first is for making sausage, it's colored pink so people know what it is. It has nitrates and nitrites to kill things like botulism.
    Himalayan Pink salt isn't that.

  2. I love how Andrew covered the food with a freaking laptop (?) And Aria just slammed the bread into the table 🤣🤣

  3. Title: meat fruit
    My dumbass still: is it a dessert ?
    Idjfjf like does it not look like some kind of cheesecake (?)

  4. He made it so wrong he should remove the vain n put liver in milk so it will remove the smell n toxic because liver is where all the toxins is clean out from the body then wash them with water later

  5. Actually u should put butter in melted form in livers also u should have strained the mixture….definately ur pate would be awesome

  6. im just waiting for andrew's reaction when he realized that he didnt clean the livers at first attempt.and it was all worth the time,to see his shocked face

  7. Andrew: "What're you tasting my jelly?"

    Shane: "Yeah we are, we're tasting your jelly. Frankly I'd put this on toast."

    Set Guy: "Oh I'm not mad at that at all."

    Andrew: "Have you guys heard of JELLY?"

  8. Why does Andrew sound like Agent Smith from the matrix ? Somebody needs to ask him to say “Mr. Anderson” lol

  9. The leaves were stuck into the orange the wrong side up!!!

    How could anyone have made that mistake and no one corrected it???…

  10. So it's cat food that looks like a orange. The meat doesn't just look like the crap I feed my cats and is also called Pate. Ground up goose live is tasty? I think I'll just stick to bacon, and leave the ground goose liver for my pets.

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