100 thoughts on “I Tried To Roast A Turkey With Zero Trash

  1. Normally I find vegans and vegetarians real annoying but auri is really chill about it she will cook meat and not be snobby about it

  2. Honestly the only way to create “no trash” with your turkey is to go out and kill it yourself and process the bird yourself. But that would be too scarwy for everyone uwu

  3. $180 for an organic turkey?? We got our 20 lb organic turkey for 80 bucks… and that was the most I saw! Damn, must be L.A. prices

  4. Why turkey tho? Why not just cook two normal sized chickens? If you don't have a lot of people to feed, then just cook enough. You'll save money and the environment.

  5. I call bull on the average price of a turkey being over 100 dollars. Whole Foods will deliver your turkey to your house for around the same price annnnd its organic. Organic Turkeys are around 3-4 dollars a pound.

  6. I don't know about anyone else, but i try not to use trash in anything I cook. I don't even try; I just never considered using trash in my cooking.

    Ya'll need to change the word trash to waste.

  7. If you want to cut food waste and save money, ask a breakfast diner place what they do with the ends of bread. Many places toss them out. They may be willing to save them for you to make stuffing/dressing to go with the turkey.
    After you boil the bones for a soup, dry the bones in a toaster oven, break the smaller pieces and bury them in the center of your compost pile and it will eventually compost down. The drying out and burying will help keep the odors to a minimum. The bones will eventually add calcium, phosphorus and other trace minerals back to the soil.

  8. You two need your own channel seriously!!! You guys energy is SOOOOO refreshing and I wish y'all were my friends IRL lol I love you guys!!!! 😍😍😍

  9. Seriously I think this is a major contradiction of their values. They want to reduce their waste but then go out and buy meat. If anyone reading this didn’t know, ANIMAL AGRICULTURE IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF DEFORESTATION. You going vegan is the single best way to reduce ur carbon footprint. Just don’t think it’s right.

  10. OMG I love you guys! You’re awesome!!! I’ve enjoyed so much your videos!! Could you please tell us what you did with the trash after your finished?

  11. You should do a how to compost video , because I want to start but I’m also not sure about useing worms 😱 help ? Is there a way to not use words ?

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