Indian Street Food FACTORY – Enter Street Food HEAVEN – Hyderabad, India – BEST Street Food in India

– Alright, check it out guys. This is Trevor James. We are in Hyderabad, India. This is a truly magical
place and it’s full of delicious South Indian
food and Indian halal food. It’s gonna be a true
street food adventure. Let’s check it out. This is Hyderabad, home to tons of delicious
South Indian cuisine and Indian halal food,
especially if you visit during Ramadan. And today we’re bringing you to try six amazing street
foods in Hyderabad, including one monster South Indian dosa served with tons of unique chutneys and we’re getting into the back kitchen to watch how the world famous
Hyderabadi biryani is made, as well as roaming the streets
at night during Ramadan, finding tons of delicious
Hyderabadi street food. So make sure to watch
all the way until the end to enjoy all of these
delicious street foods. Let’s eat. So we’re gonna start the day with a classic South Indian breakfast. Oh, monster dosa, tons
of chutney, and more. And tonight we’re gonna go for a huge Ramadan street food
tour and break the fast with all the local Muslims. But first, let’s feast. And we’re gonna get a look in the kitchen to how they make the
monster 70 millimeter dosa. Oh, thank you. We’re going in. Good morning. – How are you? – Good, how are you? – Well, fine. – Wow, very excited to see this big dosa. Right here. So we’re gonna make a monster
70 millimeter dosa right? Oh, here we go. Okay guys, we’re gonna
make a monster dosa here. Wow, look at that. Tons of, this is basically
rice and lentil batter. That is so beautiful. And we’re gonna spread it out. Oh that is massive. A little oil, ghee? Ghee. Ghee, a little ghee on there. So now we’re gonna flip it right? Roll it up. Okay. And then it’s served with
different chutneys right? Can’t wait to try that. Wow look at that huge dosa of your dreams. That is just magical. Okay, and then we roll
it up, monster dosa. Oh it’s huge. It’s just massive. And then it’s going right here
onto the nice banana leaves. Oh, it’s gigantic. Look at that. Whoa. It can barely fit in the door. Thank you. And this is just a beautiful scene. This is sambar, which is a lentil stew and we have a ton of
different chutneys here to go with this monster, massive dosa. Food like this is worth
coming to Hyderabad for. With beautiful chutneys
like dhal lentil chutney, peanut chutney with
lentils and curry leaves, mint chutney, tomato and corn chutney, and ginger and jaggery chutney. Look at the size of this. I can just take it and dip
it in any of these chutneys. I think we’re gonna go right in for this ginger and jaggery. Mmm, this jaggery and ginger,
it’s sweet, spicy, and sour. When you load it up on that
beautiful rice and lentil dosa. Oh, it’s building and it’s so satisfying. This is one of the most
flavorful foods you’ll ever try and all pure veg cooked from the heart. From sweet coconut to tangy
and sweet jaggery and ginger, you’ll bask in the joy
of the variety of flavors on your plate with each bite. And after enjoying all of the flavors we went out to go experience the cooking of a famous Hyderabadi dish, biryani, and got invited upstairs into the hall of one of the most famous
biryani joints in the whole city, Shan Ghouse Biryani. Awesome guys. Next up, we are going
for Hyderabadi Biryani. We’re in an auto now and
going to Shan Ghouse Biryani. Biryani is famous all across India but here in Hyderabad, it’s
full of goat and spices and saffron and yogurt and
it’s gonna be really good. So we’re just gonna sit
down, enjoy the ride, and get some delicious biryani. We are now gonna have biryani heaven. And right here is famous biryani. And we’re gonna see how
it’s made and try it out. I’ve heard so much about this
famous Hyderabadi biryani. Oh and we’re right in here and I think they make it upstairs. We got permission to go take a look. Oh yeah, look at this. You can see the biryani
being scooped over there. They make it upstairs. Here we go guys. We’re going up to biryani heaven. Look at this. Look at all the meat. So much meat and this is all
gonna go into the biryani and we are gonna watch how they make it and have a big bowl. Here we are guys. So many pots of biryani here. We’re gonna start making the biryani now. So we’re adding in all the spices to the bottom of the bowls. So we’ve got salt and
we’re adding in some cloves and ginger, garlic. And you can see the
biryani is all coming out. And now we’re just adding
tons of garam masala. And now we’re adding in chili. Oh, beautiful. The land of spices. And then we’ve got a ginger garlic paste we’re gonna be putting in right here. Look at this. The soul of Hyderabad here,
ginger, garlic, caraway, masala, chili, salt, beautiful. Look at this. So each pot of biryani here is just packed with spices. Tons of green chili going in here. And now we’re adding in
the pyaz, pyaz, onion, tons of fried scallions. Oh, the cilantro, so fresh. Ah the ghee, cilantro, and the onion. It’s all going in. This is the base of the biryani. Cilantro and onion on the top is giving it a real
powerful kick of fragrance but there’s also cloves
and garlic and chili, green and red, salt, mmm, and caraway. It’s all here and we’ve just finished putting all the ingredients down. We’re gonna separate them
and put all the meat in. We got goat and chicken and
then that huge cauldron there is gonna cook big long grain biryani rice. What an incredible scene. We are filling up the biryani. Mutton biryani. And this is just a production line. We’ve got all the
biryani cooking over here and they are filling
it up and they’re gonna let that marinate and fill
it up with basmati rice. This is the meat pit in the back. Wow. Look at that, looks so good. – Number one. – Number one. – Number one, world number one. – World number one? Shan Ghouse Biryani. – For Ramzan – Ramzan – Ramzan special, Shan Ghouse Biryani. And it smells so delicious. You can get chicken and mutton. – Mutton. – Mutton, all mutton here. – Mutton, chicken. – Mutton and chicken. And now we’re just adding in some chicken. And they’re mixing it up
so we’re going to have chicken biryani and goat biryani. Amazing, truly amazing. That is a good way to get it mixed up. Wow. We’re just gonna add all
that curd in, so much. So many pots of biryani. Creamy delight. Wow. We’re just gonna mix it
all up, all that curd, all throughout the biryani. There we go. And that is the base. So we’re gonna be adding
lots of basmati rice, triple layered, with
caraway and saffron oil. Getting it all nice and mixed up. We can smell that cilantro too, wow. Oh yes, this is biryani of your dreams. Only in Hyderabad guys,
you’ll get real delicious, special haleem and biryani. And you can see we’re
just going to seal it up, put the lids on, and cook it. Triple layer biryani here, loading up all of that
long grain basmati rice, spices in between each layer. Caraway, saffron. This is the saffron oil. Look at this right here,
saffron oil and ghee. And then we’re gonna seal them
up one by one and cook them. After placing the biryani on the stove and cooking for about 20 minutes, they are ready to be sent
down the elevator and eaten. The biryani all goes
down in a huge elevator. Wow, and it goes down in the
elevator three at a time. Look at that, and then it
gets sent to hungry people Amazing, we’re gonna go have some biryani. Thank you so much for showing us. – Thank you. – Thank you. Wow, let’s take a look at this biryani. And this is the mutton biryani. So there’s mutton and
basmati rice, so many spices. And this is what we just washed. We’re gonna go get a big plate of that and some of their other specialties. Thank you so much. Oh and we’ve got naan, roti. And we’re gonna make a
roti with it as well. Magic. And we’re gonna have that
with some curry dishes and the amazing biryani
that we just witnessed. So we got two different chicken curries, one spicier and one tangier. And we’ve got it with butter naan and we’re waiting on
the beautiful biryani. Oh and here’s the mutton biryani. Wow, look at that, all
those fried shallots on top and beautiful chunks of
mutton on the bottom. Oh and I love the color of the rice. Oh yes. Big chunks of mutton in there. You can smell the cloves. Guys, this is so famous. We flew here for this biryani. Goat biryani, Hyderbadi done biryani, and oh it’s so tender
and beautiful looking and you can just take a bit of that rice with that saffron, that ghee,
all those spices that we saw, all those flavors. Mmm, oh wwow, that is so tasty. You can really taste the cloves. It’s like a clove caraway seed spicy ghee and saffron biryani. And I really wanna try this butter naan with the chicken (foreign language). Oh it’s hot. And look you can see
green chilies in there. Mmm, wow, oh yeah. Oh the chicken is so juicy. And it’s spicy. You can taste those fresh green chilies. Very garlicky and the butter naan gives it this amazing buttery,
oily, heavy satisfaction. Do you love spice? If you love real flavor, come to Hyderabad. Come to India, because food like this just sets you into a new dimension. It just leaves you breathless. And after finishing up one
of the best meals of my life we went downtown Hyderabad to explore for more street food and
feast with the locals as they break the fast. We are now early evening and right up ahead there
is a famous paya joint, which is goat leg stew. Oh yes, we are making paya. – Paya. – Paya. – Hyderabadi. – Hyderabadi paya, wow. Look at this beautiful
massive cauldron of paya. It’s full of garlic and
onions, cloves, bay leaves, chili powder, turmeric,
ghee, oil, coriander leaves, coriander seeds. It’s all in there. These are the paya. Right in there. Lots of spices in there,
bay leaves, looks at that. He just put a ton of spices, bay leaves. Actually it looks like there’s some lichen from a tree almost. And we just keep putting more in. This is the stock, and it’s
full of goat legs, tongue, all those bay leaves,
and spices and herbs. Mmm. – [Cook] That’s paya. – That’s paya, so they’re goat feet. Oh, okay. Oh the zaban, the tongue. Oh the tongue. Oh there’s the tongue,
the goat feet, thank you. Oh yes, cover it in that. Oh, and there’s the ghee. Look at that. So it’s got ghee and mint,
coriander, onion beautiful. We’ve got the beautiful paya, goat feet in the hearty stew. So thick and rich and we’ve
also got the goat tongue here. And then also beautiful
(foreign language) naan. It’s very gelatin like. You can really taste, it’s
actually quite herbal, just a little spicy. You can taste the mint and the bay leaves and the skin is so gelatin like. And oh, here is the tongue. Look at that massive tongue. Now this looks fantastic. Tongue is one of the best
pieces of meat you’ll ever eat. Oh and it’s so hot. Mmm, that is what it’s
all about right there. It really is all about this
beautiful naan and the tongue. There’s so much soft meat on there. It really is just the perfect consistency. The tongue is such a delicious meat. Thank you so much, so tasty. Bye bye. Next up, before going to meat
heaven cooked on the rocks, we went to the world
famous Charminar mosque, downtown Hyderabad, to enjoy
some of the world famous Irani chai and some of
the best baked goods you’ll ever taste. This is it, the famous
Charminar, built 400 years ago and right around the corner there’s a classic Irani chai joint. This is where it’s great to
hang out, enjoy the scenery, and have a cup of tea. Look at this guys. We’re in Hyderabad. This is what I dream
of, coming here to eat. There’s nothing better. And we’re going in to
have a beautiful tea. Nice to see you again. – Thank you very much. – Thank you, and we’re
going to take a look in the back kitchen, how
they make the Irani chai. So this is all black tea
and this is all milk. Wow. So individual cups. So it’s 50% milk, 50% tea. And right in there, and you
have it with the mung biscuits. Magical. After taking a quick look at
the massive wood fired oven full of delicious buns and pastries, the owner invited me to try a couple of their specialties starting with one of
their plain baked buns. And honestly, this is the
best bun you’ll ever taste. So you make them all in
this big oven back here? – It’s fire wood over that. – Fire wood? – Yes. – Mmm, oh wow. It’s very fluffy. Mmm, no joke, this here is
the best bun you’ll ever eat, the most fluffy bun you will ever eat. It is so soft like a
pillow and slightly sweet. And you can see all the bread is just put right into
this oven here, fire oven. But that was just the beginning. Next he invited us to
try their famous bread stuffed with coconut and fruit, a truly unforgettable pastry. Oh wow, look on the inside there. Oh that is beautiful. So it’s full of dates and. – [Shop Owner] That’s
coconut powder, tutti fruity. – [Trevor] Oh, dates,
nuts, coconut powder. Oh really, okay? Thank you. Look at that, right out of the oven. So dates, nuts, coconut. Looks like there’s some raisins. Oh, mmm, it’s so sweet and hot and fresh. Amazing. It is so sweet and the
coconut, coconut flakes gives it a nice texture. And the bread is so soft. All of the bread here and biscuits are just perfectly made, sweet. You can taste the raisins,
a little bit of cranberry. It’s ultra sweet. Oh and there’s more. And after those amazing buns, next came the incredible Irani chai. Thank you. Awesome guys. We got Irani chai. And then we also got
beautiful mung biscuits and osmania biscuits. So this is cardamom butter biscuits. But right here, this
is what it’s all about. This is the defining cup of
Hyderabadi tea right here, the most rich, frothy, beautiful tea. And we’re right in front of Charminar. It doesn’t get any better than that. Let’s try it out. Oh, that right there is Hyderabad. It’s buttery and you can just, you can just wash it all down with a beautiful mung biscuit. I’ve had chai all over
India, all over China, and right here, this, if I could just come transport myself to have
any tea in the world I would come right here,
the Nimrah Cafe & Bakery, have a mung biscuit, have an Irani chai, and sip myself right into heaven. Thank you so much. That was just amazing. The tea, the biscuits,
the bread, fantastic. For our final street food we went out late night to try some famous mutton cooked on the rocks. It’s getting late now guys. We’re exploring the back lanes and right up ahead
there’s (foreign language) which is mutton cooked over the rocks. Let’s go try it out. Mutton grilled over the
rocks, over the coals here. Pure beauty. Absolute beauty and there’s so much here. Oh yeah, there’s so much. Look at this. And after looking at all
the different curries and stews like chicken
masala, creamy chicken, tomato chicken, chicken
65, and majestic chicken, I went for the majestic chicken and some of the famous
mutton on the rocks. Oh yeah, majestic chicken,
full of turmeric and spice. Oh yeah, let’s try it out. Very nice. That is just full of flavor. It’s a little bit creamy
but it’s mainly the turmeric and the chili that shines. And you can see it’s just
getting really crazy now. Huge line up. The locals are loving it. And we’re gonna go try
the mutton on the rocks. And we’re gonna get a plate of this. Wow. Thank you so much. Wow look at that mutton
cooked right over the rocks. And they serve it with a bit of this, I think this is like a
mint and tamarind chutney with onion. Ooh, that is perfect grilled lamb. There’s a bit of a creaminess almost ’cause I think they marinade it in curd. And it’s peppery and it’s
definitely full of spices because they cover it in
a garam masala as well when they marinade it. That is fantastic and it’s just grilling
right over the rocks. What an amazing day it has been here. Thank you so much for watching
the street foot and travel video in Hyderabad. So much delicious food here. I would love to know what
you thought about this video in the comments below. Please subscribe to this Youtube channel And click the little
bell notification button. Thanks so much for watching guys.

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