– Check it out guys, it’s Trevor James. We just got into Kolkata, India and I am so pumped today. We are going for a full-on street food tour. Check it out! (upbeat music) This is Kolkata, and you’re gonna love the street food you can find here. In the deep magical back lanes, and in every bite you take there’s a whole new world of flavor waiting to be discovered. We came here to eat, and in one day, found a ton of amazing Bengali
street food delicacies. So, make sure you watch until the end, so you can experience an
amazing six street foods that are worth flying
halfway around the world for. This is part two out of five of our Kolkata Street Food series. And you can enjoy each episode in our Indian street food playlist. Let’s eat. Right up here, we’re gonna start the day with a Kolkatan breakfast. Wow! Look at this. Awesome, we’re gonna get kachori and a samosa, and a jalebi,
they’ve got it all here. Look at this guys, we are making the kachori in the back here. Awesome start to the day in Kolkata. And he’s just putting
the kachori in there, and that’s gonna go with the potato curry. But, what I am really
excited for, as well, is to try the samosas and the jalebi. Oh, here’s the jalebi. Look at these, guys. So, these are like fried batter, covered in sweet, sugar syrup, and, I think, a little bit of saffron. And this here is the potato,
chickpea, sabzi curry. And these are the
kachoris, as they’re fried and turned into beautiful,
little batter balls. The middle is full of
air, crispy and fluffy. We are now in the back
of the breakfast joint, and we can see fresh
jalebi here being made. These are like fried
batter, super super crispy, and then they soak them
in this sweet syrup here. There’s also fresh kachori being made, there is samosas, there
is gulab jamon desserts. You can get fresh potato curry. This is a true morning
breakfast stall in Kolkata. Thank you! Wow, we got a nice
breakfast to start the day. Thank you! Just dip it into that, nice potato curry, potato chickpea curry, oh yeah. Wow! That is just pure energy, pure nutrition! It feels so wholesome, I can taste a bit of fennel and cumin in
there, a lot of spices. Oh, that is just a vegetarian delight. After enjoying this sweet, crunchy, and syrup saturated jalepi,
along with a spicy cumin and crunchy peanut packed potato samosa, we went for a walk to
discover more delicious street foods in Kolkata. – So we are food ranging. We are hunting for food. And at its core, that means
going into local areas, trying delicious local
food and meeting local, friendly people along the way. Right now we’re walking
through a vegetable market and we’re just going to explore around, see what we can find. Let’s jump in a cab,
go find some more food. After a quick ride in a classic, yellow Kolkata cab, we found a street food scene you’re gonna love. A true vegetarian and non vegetarian curry heaven
right on the street side. And as soon as you walk up you just know it’s going to be good. – We just found the most
beautiful curry stall. It’s delicious, it’s good. For yani? Chicken Briyani? Wow, chicken briyani. Oh the aroma. You can really smell the cardomum in there
and that basmati rice. If there’s a heaven for
food, I think we found it. But what I am so pumped
to try is over here. The true curry heaven, the true curry delight. Look at this amazing curry selection. Mind blowing. There’s chicken curry, look at this, dall, lentil gravy. There’s so many types of curry. Some are creamy, some are spicy. Look at this, palak pineer,
spinach with pineer cheese. I think we hit the jackpot here. Oh yes. And, oh is this mango chutney? He’s putting a little
mango chutney on there. Oh yes, some chili and more curry. Pineer? Palak pineer? Palak pineer? (foreign language) Oh yes, beautiful. (foreign language) Please, beautiful. Look at this dall, lentils, from heaven. Thank you. Awesome. Oh is this naan? Oh yeah. It doesn’t get any better. And look at this, look
what we just ordered. Oh this is gonna be the
stuff of dreams here. We have a creamy, spicy chicken curry, we have a dall lentil gravy, and palak pineer. Indian cheese cubes in a spinach gravy. And he’s just pumping
out the naan over here. Let’s go try it out. Look at the colors. Beautiful. Deep in a workers area of Kolkata. And all the locals are just loving it. Look at this. This is just, this is
gonna be worth the trip to Kolkata. I’m just gonna go for that. Look at that. The spicy, creamy chicken curry. I’m pretty sure I’ve
dreamt about this before. Mmmmmmm. Wow. When I’m dreaming, that
is the flavor I want. Oh it is so creamy. It’s actually quite spicy. There is definitely
some red chili in there. That is the most creamy, enjoyable chicken curry. No spoon needed. Oh look at that, you just dip it in there. Oh it’s so creamy and heavenly. Mmmm. Oh yeah. After tasting the flavor
packed palak pineer, and the amazing dall lentil gravy, all on top of that buttery naan, and with a ton of delicious street foods still planned ahead of ourselves, we made our way back into a cab and made our way to try
another street food specialty. The fish fry and stuffed paratha. Next up we’re gonna go try
famous Kolkata fish fry. Oh look at this. Metra cafe. Hi. Look at this, rolls. Oh wow, that looks like a chicken roll. In a paratha. But we came here for the fish fry. So we’re making the
muglia paratha right now, he’s just flipping the dough. He’s gonna put it on this pan. With a ton of oil. And we’re gonna see what
they add in on there. Beautiful. Oh, wow. Look at that. Onion, ground chicken, fresh green chilis, I think I see some peanuts in there. Oh look at that chicken. Marinated chicken. And this paratha looks so good. Chicken, onions, chilis,
I think I saw some peanuts in there. And he’s gonna fry it on the pan. Oh. That is extremely oily and aromatic. Think I can smell that chicken, that spicy chicken he put in there. I saw a ton of green chilis. That is oily to the max. Thank you. Look at this massive feast
of paratha and fish fry. Beautiful. Looks good. Looks good. So this is the muglia paratha. Muglia paratha, chicken, and the fish fry. Fish fry. Special fish fry. Oh, look at this, muglia paratha here. That chicken, fried chicken, aromatic, they must put a bunch of masala powder and capsicum and onions and I think they marinate that in yogurt as well, and it’s crispy, oh the
onions are aromatic, they give you some potatoes and cucumber, onion, and then sweet, is
this a sweet chili sauce? Tomato sauce, okay. And then tomato sauce to dip it in. And then we also got the fish fry. This is a local river fish. Oh it’s just exactly like fish and chips. I can see the English influence here, and they give you some
mustard, grainy mustard. Oh, let’s try that out. This is a Kolkatan specialty. Everyone says you gotta come eat fish fry in Kolkata. And that is exactly what we’re doing. Mmmm. Oh yeah. Wow. That’s good. Thank you. Oh. That is really nice, the mustard. It actually tastes exactly like British fish and chips, but that mustard, spicy, spicy mustard. Very nice. Oh my mouth is… That is a very spicy mustard. Look at that, oh. Stuffed paratha bread. We’re just gonna dip that
into that tomato sauce. That is pure beauty right there. Mmmmm. Oh. Oh. That chicken is so tender. You can definitely tell that
it is marinated in yogurt. There is a creamy delight in there. Sweet, from those caramelized onions. And spicy from chili. After that delicious fish
fry, we made our way to try another one of Kolkata’s
famous street foods. The pulchka. You’ll notice these all over the street corners of Kolkata. These crispy domes stuffed
with a mixture of boiled and spiced mashed potatoes,
with a tangy and sweet kick of yogurt and a scoop
of sour and spicy water. Some stalls, like the one we found, have a huge menu of variations. We’re gonna get some pulchkas, famous snack here in Kolkata. Hi. Oh, pulchkas. This stall had a huge variety of pulchkas with three main fillings. The first, a masala spiced mashed potato with cilantro and gram seeds, the second, an alu dum stuffing of boiled potatoes and a spicy dry curry and a third, a chick pea mash. Topped with an assortment
of flavored waters and spices. With most common being a
tamarin and lemon water or a mint water. It’s all topped with gram
seeds, salt, red chili powder, garam masala, cilantro,
and a sweet tangy yogurt. So you can get a huge flavor
explosion in each bite. And he just keeps serving
them to you non stop. He stuffed it with that chick pea mash. It is warm, stuffed it with cilantro. Looks like there’s tons of pepper, spices, masala, cilantro, onions. Mmmmm. Wow. That’s so good. (foreign language) Thank you. That chick pea flavor, mixed with the lemon. It’s like a chick pea mash
super lemony fragrant, cilantro, lemon and cilantro
go together like the best thing in the world. And now we’ve got the
masala potato pulchka. I love that garnish. You can taste, my mouth is
just alive with fragrance right now. Mmmm. Oh it’s better in one bite. Okay, thank you. There is so many flavors of pulchka, and your mouth is just alive with tumeric, with spice, garlic, chili, lemon, crunchy potatoes, chick pea, curry, and it’s truly amazing. Thank you Pravesh. Very good, very nice pulchkas. Okay, see you next time, bye bye. Awesome. After that amazing pulchka
experience, we made our way to try one of the most
famous sweets in Kolkata. Before hitting the street
again, and finding an amazing haleel mutton stew. But first, we had to try the rasgullahs, these beautiful balls
of Indian cottage cheese coated and saturated
with super sweet syrup. And found ourselves in
a huge Indian dessert shop with hundreds of varieties
of sweets, you could spend a lifetime enjoying. Look at this selection of sweets here. It’s just row after row of sweets. So many varieties. And then look at all the
different stuff you can get. Look at all that aluminum,
sweet aluminum wrapper. On all of the sweets. That’s edible, and sweet. True heaven here. If you love sweets, this is
definitely your spot here. Thank you. Wow. rasgullah, look at this. This is the rasgullah, which is a fried cottage cheese almost. And it’s saturated in syrup, sweet syrup. Look at that. When you press it, it just oozes. Mmmm. Oh yeah. Wow. That is so sweet. I think there’s actually
a bit of a floral, a floral aroma in there. Now we are just walking
through a little night market area on the hunt for our final meal. Let’s see what we can find. So we just found some
haleem, take a look at this. We were just walking down,
this is like a thick beef stew. This is just to finish the day off. That just looks amazing. Oh masala, and cilantro. We have beef haleem here. Look at that beef haleem
there, look at those big beef chunks of heaven. Mmmm. It is so spicy, it’s
almost a little tangy from the tumeric, the chili,
oh and those onions, those shalats, mixed with that cilantro. Oh it brings it a perfect fragrance. The locals are loving it. Good haleem. Do you like this street food video? I’d love to hear from you
in the comments below. Please click that subscribe
button if you haven’t already, and also that little notification button as well so you
can get all these updates for these street food tours. Kolkata is a beautiful
city and I would love to know what you thought about this video. We also still have ti hala merch, so if you’d like to get a ti hala t-shirt, go check it out. I’m gonna put a link in the description, and in my comment below. Thank you so much for watching guys. It’s been truly an amazing day in Kolkata.


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