Induction Cooking – Instant Heat Response

Everyone that cooks on a gas cooktop loves it for the instant heat response it delivers.
Turning the flame up or down. Induction delivers a similar response. Here is a pan of boiling water. Watch
what happens when I turn the power off. Just like on a gas cooktop, the boiling
stops almost instantaneously. Turn the power
back on and the boil resumes. Again just like on
a gas cooktop. This speed of response is just not
possible with any other electric cooktop. The reason is
simple: if it were a radiant smooth top, the
ribbon element itself would be hundreds of degrees, as would the glass ceramic cooktop under
the pan and that would have retained heat to
continue heating the pan. When turning up the heat, first the element
has to heat then it heats the glass ceramic surface which would then start heating the pan.
With induction, there’s no delay, no response lag, since a
pan itself is a heating mechanism and there’s no thermal mass at the
element or the cooktop itself to slow the response.

5 thoughts on “Induction Cooking – Instant Heat Response

  1. So do I have to use stainless steel or cast iron cookware only?  I have a ceramic (Xtrema cookware) pan that I like to use.

  2. Thank you for your interest in our appliances, Just1perspective. We are happy to help! Since the induction coil produces electromagnetic energy, the bottom of the pan must have some iron content. Try holding a magnet to the bottom of your pan. If it sticks, it will work well with induction cooking. For additional details, please see our following link:

    Be sure and let us know if any additional questions come up!

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