Ingredients Every Home Kitchen Must Have – Cooking Fundamentals

[MUSIC] The average person would find it
difficult to cook on a regular basis if they had to shop for
ingredients every single day. So most people who cook frequently have certain basic ingredients
in their kitchen at all times. These basics allow you to
pull together a healthy, delicious meal in very little time, even
if you happen to get home late from work. There are no hard and fast rules for what these ingredients should be,
but whatever they are they should be ingredients that support the flavors
of the foods you enjoy eating. And they should be foods that
will last in your kitchen, at least from one shopping
trip to the next. In our house,
these six basic ingredients are olive oil, onions, garlic, lemons, sugar, and salt. With these six ingredients on hand, it’s not hard to transform just
about any fresh food into a meal. These ingredients also allow
the cook to correct or customize the flavor of any dish by
tweaking its sweetness, saltiness, or acidity until the cooked
feels it’s just right. Having a set of fundamental
ingredients on hand can take a lot of the stress out
of cooking because it allows us to apply some of the same cooking
principals to many different foods.>>Pasta, I think whole grain
pasta is a terrific choice. I actually happen to like it. Some people can’t stand it but it’s gotten
a lot better in the last few years. So give it another try
if you don’t like it. Olive oil is absolutely essential. I always have cans of salmon and tuna. Vinegar is important in many ways. Soy sauce, essential. I marinate a lot of
the things that I cook. Lemons do wonderful things for
almost everything. And adding a little acid to food
just kind of brightens it and just makes it very special. And then I have a few
things in the garden. I always have parsley in the garden. It’s kind of a magic ingredient, too, and
cilantro and in the summer I have basil.>>In many ways, cooking is empowerment. The person stirring the pot usually ends
up having the final say over how much fat, sugar, salt, and
total calories end up in the foods we eat. Unlike the processed food industry,
we have the long term health and the consumer in mind when
we’re preparing our own food. By doing the best we can with the
resources that are available to each of us, we can optimize our nutritional
health and prevent many of the chronic diseases we as a society are fighting
in epidemic proportions.>>The cooking issue is different for
all us, and we have to kind of take a, and make an assessment of where we
are with cooking, what’s possible, what’s not possible given our lifestyle. But if we share, if we plan, if you keep
certain basic things in your pantry and fridge so that even if you haven’t had
time to stop at the store on the way home or you’re out of things,
you can still make a good dinner. For example, our default here very often is we always have some cans
of wild salmon in the pantry. We always have dried pasta, there’s always olive oil and lemon,
and there’s always frozen spinach. With those three ingredients,
the salmon, the pasta, and the frozen spinach, I can make
a terrific dinner in 15, 20 minutes. And it’s very inexpensive. And it’s nothing glamorous,
but it’s very satisfying and everybody in the family enjoys it. [MUSIC]

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