100 thoughts on “International Soup Taste Test

  1. I was rooting for Link but then he pulled a Neal and threw a dart at a county that wasn't even an option. Boy wtf

  2. You should have made them try fruit bat soup from Palau. It’s just a whole bat with the head still on in broth with vegetables. Palauans are hardcore

  3. Whoever thought to make the Pulp Fiction reference with the glowing briefcase deserves way more credit than they are getting in the comments.

  4. I haven’t watched GMM for about 3 or 4 years. Oh the memories! So much has changed but I love it! I wish the best for you guys!

  5. I’ve lived in South Korea for 7 years and while silk worms are very popular street food, I have never seen it in a soup here so far.

  6. We had some of our friends from Ghana stay with us and make a HUGE pot of peanut butter/fish stew… an acquired taste and smell for sure but very interesting!

  7. So I've had canned silkworms and steamed silkworms, but never silkworm soup. My mom said it's becoming more popular nowadays apparently because some famous chef made a recipe for it? Goes well with soju.

  8. Good Mythical Morning everyone!! Soup is great, and you know what else is? The new music released by AndrewGTV !! Go show him some love and support !!

  9. This is the most frustrating game that Rhett and link only because I get my hopes that link may win this time. Rhett gives him the tips and yet he aims at a place that isn’t on the map AND, aims in the same location as Rhett to lose

  10. I love how Chase has the natural instinct to back away from the board ever since Link almost three that dart at him.

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