100 thoughts on “Is It Healthy to Eat Only Meat?

  1. Everybody on this show should be embarrassed of the way they treated Dr. Saladino. Its unacceptable the way you guys talk to people. Guarantee you wont talk to a dog like that because you will be scared he will bite you. The only people that kept their calm where the carnivores. The number of views and ratings speak for themselves. Disgusting!

  2. meat only can't be dangerous…show literally has guests on their show tell the audience they are cured with an all meat diet, in addition, they had blood work to prove it. It's mind blowing they persist this agenda. What's more dangerous is the USA continuing on the traditional American diet for 20 more years…its a bad diet! And it's very clear that Dr. Saladino did NOT say that ALL fruits and vegetables are bad. It's very clear the segment is not meant to educate.

  3. Wow….how disgusting. That “judge” needs to follow a carnivore diet. She has mental health problems for sure. Dr. Paul is a picture of health. I don’t understand why the others are yelling at him. They are afraid of his views I imagine.

  4. Get that lawyer OFF the show. She had to read and study…a lot to pass the bar. That’s how we learn!!! Too bad she missed the nutrition classes in law school that might have given her a voice in this context. Oh, that’s right…they don’t have nutrition classes in law school.
    A “Jerry Springer” outdated medical SHOW with unteachable & close minded doctors! I would not let The Doctors practice medicine on me or anyone I cared about!!!

  5. I have no words for how incredibly disrespectful this panel was to Dr. Saladino! Still scratching my head to relevance of the lawyer being on this panel. Her behavior was absolutely appalling and uncalled for. I will never watch this show again. The panel conducted themselves in such a demeaning and condescending manor and honestly quite child like! I am not on the carnivore diet but, was so curious to see educated professionals speak on this diet. Unfortunately, the panel never gave Dr. Saladino an opportunity to speak on this segment! So disappointing and really just disgusting.

  6. I never ever respect your show or any advice you have to give. We are all in terrible health due to people like you "the DR GOD's" who change your tune due to the $$ of the FDA. And WHY is a RETIRED judge prosecuting a doctor. You show your ignorance and to allow the JUDGE to act in such an unprofessional way is appalling. Psychiatrists ARE MEDICAL physicians.. She shows her IGNORANCE! DISGUSTING SHOW! BTW I think you just made everyone want to be a carnivore! I'll be checking out what Dr. Saladino was saying since you wouldn't let us really hear him. Thanks!

  7. What a sham of a TV show. These TV "doctors" should be ashamed. Instead of disproving the merits of a carnivore diet they just made themselves look absolutely juvenile and only fit to run a Jerry Springer episode.

  8. We know that the MSM push an agenda that is rarely in our best interests. We know that this show is sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry that only survives if it keeps us sick. We know that eating the right foods, the right way, eliminates most disease. 
    So, the behaviour of the 'doctors' on this show proves to me that the pharmaceutical industry does not want us to eat the carnivore diet. On that basis, it must be the way we are supposed to eat in order to maximise health and minimise disease.

  9. I think a public apology should go out to this guy. The disrespect of the host was despicable. Absolutely despicable. Disgusting.

  10. Yikes. Imagine yelling at special guest. I thought he was there to give another insight to another way of life. I didn't know he was on trial. The condescending tones, the yelling, the behavior of these "professionals" is disgusting. Who let this air? Talk about embarrassing. The man couldn't even talk! Yuck.

  11. Shame on you Doctor’s!!and that old lady judge !!.😡 acting like she’s in the court!!😡 You’re all a bunch of bullies and so unprofessional the way you treated Dr. Paul as your guest . Have some respect !!

  12. This show is ridiculous, I will never watch this show again how unprofessional they treated this poor doctor. How the retired judge treated him is horrible. She literally was screaming at him. The other doctor that yelled at him needs her license looked into. Never again. This is just for ratings not actual truth or benefit. No need to watch anymore. These people are a joke!!!

  13. I wonder how much money these doctors were paid by big broccoli, big Pharma, big General Mills, big government to lambaste this man. We live in a world now where it’s fine to be rude to others. This is not a world I want to live in. But unfortunately I’m too healthy from eating animal products to live a shorter life.( Big broccoli came from the keto connect couple. They did a good video on this if you want to check them out.)

  14. I can’t imagine why they have not deleted all comments and swept this video under the rug. So embarrassing. The term “any publicity is good publicity” does not apply here. Y’all have lost a lot of fan base and credibility.

  15. Ugh, this was painful to watch. Absolutely ZERO professionalism. For individuals who regard education as the primary source in determining expertise, based on some of their comments, reactions, and feedback…I would say they clearly missed a few (if not all) courses on CRITICAL THINKING.

  16. So does a plant based diet also make you a rude asshole???🤔 I vote yes based on these unprofessional individuals😡

  17. I agree "the doctors" were so unprofessional! Need to do your research there are people that have been on carnivore diet for 10 plus years!! The SAD diet is backed by money and research to push their agenda using the public as ginny pigs to line their pockets. Thats the sad part.

  18. Biggest show of cognitive dissonance I've ever seen! It's okay to eat all plants but not okay to eat carnivore (clean meat). They should produce a show on the degenerative side effects of prolonged veganism and why many vegans are switching back to an omnivore diet.

  19. I agree with Dr. Saladino, plant product do nothing but harm to me. the only thing I can stomach is white rice but I can make me fat if eaten regularly.

  20. Unsubscribe. This behavior was atrocious. How DARE you treat another person this way. How rude! Yelling? Screaming? Who do you all think you are?! I cannot believe what I just watched…. wow

  21. I will NEVER watch your channel or your tv show. You should be ashamed. I’ll bet you hang out with Nancy Pelosi. That circuit judge lady was the the rudest and crudest with no reason to be, except she was skeptical. She should be on The View….not the doctors. I’m done.

  22. They didn’t say they came off a standard American diet and went Carnivore, they said they were on a high plant based diet and saw nutritional deficiencies.

  23. After being shown these clips I am reminded why I never watch this show. Ridiculous. Unprofessional. Daytime TV I guess.

  24. Wow! How disrespectful and condescending. Let the man speak. If they were to speak to another human being out in public they way they did just now in this video they would be on the receiving end of some grievous bodily harm. I cannot believe what I just watched. They all should be embarrassed and ashamed of their selves. I hope Dr. Saladino was given an apology. I'd actually like to see a video of that myself. He couldn't get a word in edge ways with this bunch of school children.

  25. You so-called DOCTORS ARE BULLIES & DISGUSTING how you treat your guests. I have seen a pattern on what you are doing and its atrocious. Gaslighting the two sisters, that is really seriously creepy and you already know it's a psychological manipulation technique used on victims. You guys have serious issues that need to be addressed. I don't know if your management force you to act like lunatics as I am so surprised no one has done a class action against the show and each doctor individually; as you LURE your guests to an unsuspecting lynching. So I ask you: HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU HAVE CONTROL OVER ANY HUMAN BEINGS HEALTH???? That is humanity's birthright, you don't own it! I own my own health, I don't give it to any doctor. And I was vegan for 25 years, seriously ill and Paleo, then Keto and Carnivore saved my life. And if what you say is true then humanity would have never survived the millennia as we did, caveman didn't have the luxury of EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. HE ATE MEAT, A WHOLE WOOLY MAMMOTH TO BE EXACT- FOR WEEKS. Did caveman worry about his long term health? If it wasn't for meat you DOCTORS wouldn't be here today criticizing what you don't understand. So who funds you? And what is your agenda???? Nutritionists funded by Coka-Cola tried to persecute Prof Tim Noakes and failed. So do what you do you psychos, and I will outlive you all in perfect health and longevity! People need to look at Nora Gedgoudas and some other people who do carnivore, paleo and Keto who BELEIVE that health is your birthright. Not the pharmaceutic industry's right. You guys are worse than Jerry Springer!!! Absolutely pathetic. Who's going to have the last laugh????

  26. Paul salladino was calm, composed and well spoken.
    Why were all these so called "docs" yelling at him?
    Not nice!
    Not professional!

  27. wow this show is disgraceful, try having a conversation instead of yelling your point across like a 5 year old. I'd expect this type of arguing from a group of 5yr olds not adults. Felt sorry for the meat guy no wonder this channel only averages 10k views lol absolute trash

  28. Woooooooooowwwww, wooooooooow… what am I watching? JERRY SPRINGER?
    Is this a JUDGE show or something? Who is that fat (yes I said fat) screaming lady?
    Why is that other doctor loosing it like TOM CRUISE?

    YOU GUYS are child like.
    Are they getting paid to be this disgusting? And why I wonder?

    I am no a carnivore because I am use to eating veggies with my meat but I understand that if people can get positive results from eating plants alone, I would expect that the extreme 'left' can be just as surprisingly healthy.

    I am a believer that when thrown out of the Garden of Eden and after the flood, there were some nutrient based plants (balance) that were no longer available to us and therefore had to be substituted by meat to achieve that lost balance.
    How about other tribes that survive and are in great physical condition consuming meat alone?

    Also, why did he dismiss the girls who have positive medical proof of their Carnivore lifestyle and started talking about the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET?
    What an idiot!

    What a disappointing show.

  29. These "doctors" are fake calebrities. These people have no right to give any medical advices. This show should be banned.

  30. Oh wow, hard to watch how unprofessional the doctors are. Zero substance in this video. Lost a viewer. Not at all a carnivore btw….

  31. when they stop spraying glyphosate and round up etc… When they stop GMO's…. Then we can reintroduce some veggies and some fruits SEASONALLY but NO grains, nuts or seeds. If they don't stop giving antibiotics, hormones, grains and treat the animals WELL then sickness will continue. SO FOR NOW I WILL STAY WITH MY GRASS FED, LOCALLY RAISED, ORGANIC PASTURE RAISED, ANTIBIOTIC AND HORMONE FREE MEATS and eggs.

  32. “The Doctors” should do another episode apologizing for behaving like IDIOTS. Let’s just forget about the types of diet. Nobody should ever be treated like how they ALL treated Dr. Saladino. And the blonde woman who claims to be a “nutrition expert” all she did was yell a bunch of non-sense

  33. These moderators were rude and ridiculous. They need to do some research. The attorney is so off based. Fire her! Dr. Saladino was sooo professional. The Con Dr is totally wrong.

  34. After watching this video and the reactions of the “Doctors” I’m seriously considering going carnivore. The only one who didn’t act like a total ass was the carnivore.

  35. I am low carb. I do eat vegetables only in season. I have learned a lot over the years about health from doctors in every field who aren't on corporate tv shows. I have also heard a lot of stories from people who have gone carnivore for years so I know that this way of life has been a godsend for many people with gut and autoimmune issues. This way of eating has brought the health back of people around the world! Some people use this diet to reset there gut, then they can learn exactly which foods are causing problems, especially with inflammation. I am just appalled at the way these adults, supposedly intelligent professional doctors, lawyer? behaved! All these people clearly are so closed off to science and learning that now we can see clearly that they are actors! How obvious it was in the OVER REACTIONS that they are scared and threatened when what they have been taught (way back when) is challenged. They bullied their guest. Let me say it again DOCTOR Paul Saladino was an invited GUEST! The are adults! Their uncontrolled angry, screaming, and bullying was on called for when they had 3 guests who were perfectly even tempered just relating to them their own experiences and knowledge in a calm manner. I know you wouldn't give your guests much time to talks more than a few sentence and the show was all about your angry ignorant rants so the real Dr. Saladino didn't have a chance to mention that many indigenous people in colder climates ate meat for most of the year and THRIVED. Is over 25 million years enough evidence for you? No other evidence compares to the time hunter/gathers have existed on this planet. Eating meat and fat is how our bodies developed and is why we even exist! Do you really think that hunter/gather people had access to vegetables from all over the globe no matter the season? For millions upon millions of years we had metabolic flexibility to go between fat burning in once in a great while sugar burning because we didn't have chronic exposure to glucose and insulin. Even sustenance farmers ate carbs only in season and fasted much more than we do today. The Inuit people as well as tribes in Africa thrived only eating meat and fat. Dr. Stephen Phinney talks about the difference between Europeans on ships who ate salted meat (not fresh) with carbs like peas were deficient in vitamin C while the inuit THRIVED….. because when you eat lots of carbs, your body's demand for certain nutrients increase. Why don't the doctors on this show start reading, LISTENING, and learning what is swirling around in all the health fields because it WILL CHANGE the medical advice of the establishment. It will change the majority of doctors who only treat systems and with expensive pills. It will change the US guidelines. Wake up "Doctors".

  36. These so called "doctors" are a fu$%ing joke! Who the hell is that attorney lady and why is she even there?! Talk about what doesn't belong! And did she write some new laws in her practice? I doubt it!! And didnt she read from books to gain her law degree? She studied and researched law to gain her degree so how is that any different from what the only doctor in the room Paul did to gain his expertise on his subject? Not a thing!! How rude they were to Paul! I feel so bad for the people who actually think these morons can help them! Paul YOU did great! Those other morons should be embarrassed for the shit show that they call a show!

  37. Wow, hard to believe these were healthcare professionals on TV. I feel sorry for any guest on this show that doesn't conform to the doctor's tv beliefs. So very sad.

  38. As a nurse I understand the hesitancy. When I first heard about this I was like naaaaah that crazy! But…then I researched it for myself. Found a lot of carnivores who have been carnivores for YEARS. Thought about doing it myself actually, but I'll stick to keto for now. These doctors are such a joke. And why was there a lawyer on the panel anyways? Why is she so ANGRY? GIRL calm down and go eat a steak.

  39. The Carnivore Diet is extremely helpful. And yes, my lab results back up my claims! You people were disgustingly rude, self-serving, uninformative, marginalizing, , and downright hateful! You wallow in your ignorance!

  40. This was so unbelievably cringe. I don't follow a carnivore diet, but I can understand the potential benefits. To act like fruits and veggies are the backbone of a human diet, when agriculture has only existed for a fraction of human history, and modern day fruits have been bred to be full of more and more sugar, it's absurd not to even be willing to hear this guy out.

  41. I'd love to see Dr Shawn Baker or Dr Ken Berry go on this show. But they will never ask these professionals on their show…for obvious reasons.

  42. What is wrong with these “doctors”, so obnoxious! And that lawyer?!? Most offensive person ever! I can’t even turn this show back on.

  43. What a trash show this has become. A bunch of over-botoxed, arrogant, ignorant idiots pushing the vegan agenda. Dr. Stork, stay out of the botox chair….your face is looking mighty rubbery these days.

  44. Based purely on appearance why would I take the opinion of an overweight grey haired female doctor with out dated views on nutrion to a slender and healthy Dr Paul Saladino?

  45. The way Dr. Saladino was treated was atrocious!!! You all should be ashamed of yourself, but especially that awful “former judge.” I’ll not be watching your show anymore!

  46. Dr. Paul Saladino was treated so very disrespectful. No matter what type of degree and background you have does NOT gives you the right on national TV to treat a guest in this manner. The judge bullying and screaming at him and Dr. Travis acting as if he was going into a coronary rage makes me think they need a little of Dr. Saladino psychiatric care. The producer of this show is Dr. Phil's son. What does he say about bullying…

    I can not believe the show even let this show air. From watching all the show I can tell this show in not professionals, do not tell the whole story and has no business giving medical advice on national TV.

    Because of this I do not have time for the next Jerry Springer and will no long watch this show.

  47. when people have no tangible argument then they will start yelling. People are curing autoimmune disease, skin problems, depression, and are LOSING WEIGHT do to the Carnivore diet! It's telling how obesity skyrocketed after the American diet switched from animal fats and meats to refined carbohydrates.

  48. I find it hard to believe that any of these doctors are educated with the way they behaved on this show. And what is the need for the rabid judge? This was utterly disgusting.

  49. The Carnivore diet has also healed me.. Most Doctors are money hungry thugs, Drug pushers that only care about their pockets and status not your health.. This episode is a perfect example. I feel bad for the many people that blindly listen to these clown entertainers who call themselves Doctors.

  50. This is your official ‘YouTube’ channel. There’s been no response about your show’s Doctors reprehensible and unprofessional behaviour on your TV show towards your Carnivore guests. This is a relatively newer lifestyle , with no less legitimacy than a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, and yet you would never treat a Vegan/ Vegetarian guest in this appalling way. You pushed a personal, and possibly corporate agenda, and didn’t look at the evidence of how people are feeling and responding to the Carnivore diet. A conclusive study on the carnivore diet can not be done with blinders on. Shame on you.

  51. I have watched you guys for years and I am DONE!! I am Paleo..WAS vegan..am a graduate of a Holistic Nutrition school based in NYC…I became so ill on a plant diet I FOUND the Carnivore diet..in 3 months my rashes bloating and allergies were gone..I am now "paleo"..but eat organic,grass fed meat and chicken or wild caught fish every day..the reason for my being appaled at you "Doctors" is the way you treated this RESPECTABLE doctor..Laugh all you want at him being a psychiatrist..BUT!! I TURNED toward diet when medicine could not "help" my depression and anxiety..ON TOP of those I am a recovering alcoholic..DIET is everything.I do not even have a desire for alcohol anymore because my mind is so cleared from the change in diet…HE IS 1000000% correct..that the mind gut connection is REAL and a fact…You ALL should Go BACK to studying what is going on RIGHT NOW in the field of nutrition..I would not care that you don't agree…But I will no longer watch ANYTHING you are all involved in…and as for that rabied lawyer who needs to SHUT UP..who the hell are you…??? I will spread the word to every one I know how UN-PROFESSIONAL you all are.Just listen to Jordan Peterson talk about his and his daughters journey..and HE can run rings around all of you…a bunch of Hollywood hypes…you should all get thrown off TV…AND you-tube…

  52. I love the vegan diet . Celery juice , grass from my front yard and back yard too , why not . My blender works overtime , everyday , cause I am always so hungry and so cold after so delicious vegan diet .

  53. The doctors don't show the girls's blood work before and the girls' blood work after changing to a all meat diet. Their blood work improved after changing her diet to all meat.

  54. Those doctors are like a bunch of 5 year olds up there. I wouldn't trust anyone with that kinds of child like mentality. The lawyer has got to be a bit mentally handicapped.

  55. I don't watch this show because it is just too staged. But seeing snipets of this episode was disturbing. The way these people acted toward Dr. Paul was HORRIBLE!!! The producers, creators and the so called "doctors" should be embarrassed and the show should be canceled immediately. And the lawyer, what is her problem? Why is she screaming at Dr. Paul and questioning his credentials? Every statement Dr. Paul said was taken out of context, and no one even bothered to listen to him. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE SHOW!!!

  56. Very, Very Shameful! They were mocking Dr. Paul Saladino and making him out like he was the villian! They are so so disrespectful and condescending to their guest and they mock him and the girls and don't cut them off when they try to answer their so called questioning!!!

  57. Insulting unprofessional people who were absolutely NOT interested in learning something from an expert. They made asses of themselves and showed just how narrow minded they really are.

  58. MSM proving the agenda once again. Love how real science says vegan and veggie diets kill your brain. Make the masses idiots so they can't like for themselves. Medicate them so they are more worried and sick.

  59. Umm… I've been eating M&M's, Pink Lemonade, and just candies for 2 years.. I didn't die, I didn't have no fruits, veggies, and nuts at all. And I didn't feel like anything they're saying. I was and am fine. Psh

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