Is This Pet Food or Human Food? (GAME)

– Can we tell pet food from human food? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy electronic music) Good Mythical Morning. – We are very happy to announce
the debut of our first ever Mythical Pet Collection. The Mythical Pattern Pack
For Pups includes accessories for dogs, cats, and other fine creatures that you may live with. Check out the highly Mythical
leashes, collars, bowls and more at – Yes and that also
conveniently leads to what’s in store for us today because sure, it’s easy to distinguish
between a high quality Mythical Pattern Pack For Pups
and lesser-made pet products. Anybody could do that. But what caliber of palate
does it take to distinguish between pet foods and human foods? – Let’s find out the hard way. – It’s time for Is That Food Made For You or Is It Nasty Pet Food? – As you can see, we can’t. – Okay we’re gonna be
presented with a food and then we have to taste it and determine whether it is
intended for pets or people. – Yeah how good is this dog food gonna be is the real question. The loser in the end has to
wear the dog cone of shame in Good Mythical More
and be shamed by our dogs who will then be present.
– Mm. – [Rhett and Link] Round one. – So we just eat like
the dogs that we are? – Yes. – Okay I smell it. Oh, oh it’s cold. That’s meaty.
– Huh. – Oh and that’s potatoey.
– It’s not bad. – I prefer it warmer. I warm up Jade’s food for her. You could have done that for me. – It doesn’t have that
distinct irony taste that I typically get from a pet food and I’ve had a lot of pet food. – I’d say this is good, it
tastes like tater skins. – But what would it be if
it was just made for people? – Tater skins. – All ground up? – I’m ready to guess I guess. – [Stevie] Okay three, two, one. – [Rhett and Link] People. – Gotta be people, right? – [Stevie] Okay, this
was Just Food For Dogs, all day breakfast special made with whole foods
such as pork tenderloin, eggs, steel cut oats, premium
fish oil and multivitamins slash mineral blend. – Just Food For Dogs.
– For Dogs? – And all I tasted was potato but all of this other good stuff in there. I mean it does have potatoes in it. – Right but what it doesn’t
have which is typical of dog food is it doesn’t
have organ meat in it, you know what I’m saying? – It also doesn’t have
seasoning but I could chow down for more on this. – It has crude fat in it. I love my fat to be crude. – Man, this is, so this is
gonna be difficult, guys. – Yeah it is.
– [Rhett and Link] Round two. – I think that last one
was really just people food marketed to dogs.
– Yeah, right. – Instead it’s–
– It’s not just for dogs. I’d eat it.
– It’s for people too. – Come on. – Now this, I’m not
getting a strong scent. Oh yes I am. It’s not a great scent. You’re already smackin’ over there. – I don’t know what I just got, dude. I got a chunk of, oh.
– Big chunks. Woo! That’s tangy. What on earth? Is that a fruit? – That is so, what?
– Ugh! It’s like a tangy–
– Hold on, I got a raisin. – You got a raisin?
– I think I got a raisin. You get a raisin? – I got a fruit of some sort but I don’t think it’s a
raisin. It was way too big. I might have to eat more
of this nasty stuff. – [Rhett] It’s hard to tell if it’s nasty. – It’s like they’ve cubed it. – They’ve cubed it, huh? They’ve chopped it. – It’s meaty but also fruity. – It’s meaty and fruity,
it’s both fruity and meaty. – What is this? – What can be fruity and meaty? – The more I eat–
– And chopped. (Link grunts)
– Okay, all right, I’m ready. – [Stevie] Okay here we go. Three, two, one. – People.
– Human. Okay. – Human. – ‘Cause I said it’s nasty
but nasty but for people. – Yeah. – [Stevie] That was a bowl of diced up Epic Wild Boar Bacon Bars for humans. – [Rhett and Link] Oh! – We have those in the office!
– I knew it! It tasted familiar. – [Stevie] It’s feral
boar meat, pork bacon, dried cranberries and celery powder. – Yeah and it has–
– You had the cranberries. – Yeah, I got what I call a raisin but it’s actually a cranberry
but I was blindfolded so I got it wrong. – It’s got that wild boar
kind of a gameyness to it. – Yeah I kinda like it’s illicit. – Yeah, you’re becoming
more dog every day. – Right. – [Rhett and Link] Round three. – I’m getting a scent of something that– – Oh that’s got fish in it.
– Is that fish or– – That’s tuna or salmon.
– Yeah you’re right. – Huh, wow, okay, this is tricky ’cause that’s just straight-up,
that’s straight up fish. You can buy that for dogs or people. – Well let’s talk cat food for a second. – Let’s talk it, man. I love talking cat food.
– ‘Cause we’re talking pet food in general,
this could be for cats. Back up the truck to cat
city and see what dumps out. It’s probably gonna be fishy. – I don’t wanna take
the truck to cat city. You can go to cat city by yourself. – When you park in cat city–
– And tell me how it was. – Always park facing out so you
make a quick, clean getaway. – Getaway, okay–
– This is, mm. – This is difficult because it
pretty much tastes like un– – Seasoned.
– Unfiltered fish. – It’s a toss-up. – You ready?
– Yep. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – People!
– Cats. – [Stevie] Okay that was Tiki Cat Tuna in Crab Surimi Consomme Cat Food made with wild caught tuna,
steamed and hand packed in an indulgent broth of tuna and crab. – It does not look like I hoped it would now that I’ve already eaten it. – Yeah and it looks like the cat food that I’ve consumed before which
was completely unpalatable. This is actually–
– On the set of “Are You Gonna Eat That” you
had to continuously eat cans of cat food.
– Hey next time we do that, when we do the remake to that. (chuckles) I’m gonna have some Tiki Cat, grain free and good for people. – Good for cats. Good, bad for humans. – Good for people who don’t like cats. – [Rhett and Link] Round four. – Okay here we go. – Are we still playing this game? – We are, you’re in the lead. – Yeah we should just quit right now. – [Rhett] Mm, where– – [Link] Not getting a scent. – [Rhett] Where is it, where? That’s a cookie.
– Oh it’s sweet. There’s a sweetness. It’s big. – Huh. I just used my opposable thumb, I’m sorry. – Oh, that’s cheating. – I just put it back, it’s a– – You can’t feel the food, man. – It was a human reaction, man. – You gotta be full
dog, gotta be full pet. Now that is good.
– This is really good, this is tasty. This tastes like something
you’d get at Subway after, with a combo.
– Actually no it’s not. Here’s what happens.
– Would you like the new sweet sticks? (chuckles) – It’s like a oatmeal
cookie but here’s the thing. We’ve just eaten cat food, dude. Anything is a step up
from eating cat food. This is not a good cookie. – It’s very dry. – This is actually a bad cookie. – If you’re just stacking
it up against other sweets that you can enjoy as a
person, it isn’t very good. You’re right about that. – And it’s like an inch and a half tall. – Yeah, mm-hmm.
– It’s like a cake. This is an entire cake. – How could this be, how could this be? – I think you might float this on the top of an aquarium and a
bunch of fish attack it. – This feels like it would
be poison for pets though ’cause they’re not supposed
to eat real sweet stuff. – It is very sweet. Okay.
– Ready? Three, two, one. – Pets!
– Humans. Oh, why did you say that, Rhett? – Because I just feel like I gotta make a, gotta make a move to come back. – Explain to me how
this could be for pets. There’s no way.
– I don’t know. It’s so counter intuitive
that it might be right. – [Stevie] Okay you just
ate a Happy Birthday Pup Pie made for that dog in your life’s– – Yes!
– Special day. It’s vegan and made with oat
flour, molasses, pumpkin, peanut butter and icing. – [Rhett] It’s good, y’all! – Again, it’s good if
you’ve just eaten cat food. – It’s good if you’re a dog. – Happy bir, yeah, that is sweet. That’s sweet for a dog. That dog’s gonna be like,
I’m never going back. Every day’s my birthday. I’m in my birthday suit every day. This is the argument you’re
gonna be having with your dog. You’re never gonna win. – Look this couple has
nothing but dogs for children. – Some people that’s how it is, Rhett. – [Rhett and Link] Round five.
– This one has an aroma. – Oh yeah it does.
– It’s real strong. – I can’t tell if it smells like dog food or if it smells like a dog’s
breath after eating human food. – There’s a very slight difference there. This smells like dog food.
– Yeah it does. – It smells exactly like all
the dog food I’ve ever consumed before today.
– I’m not very motivated to taste this one.
– Where is it? Should it go on my tongue or–
– I’m gonna do that. – [Rhett] Oh. (Rhett grunts) – It’s very wet. Ugh, it’s very pate-ish. – Ugh.
– It’s like totally uh-uh. – Oh, it’s got liver
in it, without a doubt. (Link whimpers) Now here’s the thing,
this is the tricky thing. (Link moans sadly) They make little liver
slivers that are made for both humans and for cats.
– What? – Like no no like Fancy Feast is just a, they sell this little
thing that’s just a block of liver pate.
(Link coughs) You’ve seen the commercial, man. (Link gagging) The old lady’s sitting there slicing it, taking a little bit for herself. – No, I haven’t seen this. – Yeah, they make pate
for people and pets. – Two for one. – We have to just dig deep
and figure out which one this is intended for.
– As much as you hate liver, I’m surprised you’re
not having a harder time ’cause man. – When it’s pateed, it really
takes the edge off for me. – [Link] Not enough of the edge. – Okay, this is basically a crapshoot or a cat shoot at this point. I’ve got my guess though. – (sighs) Okay. – [Stevie] Three, two, one. – Pet.
– People! – What, please. Don’t destroy my faith in humanity. This has to be for pets. – I think it’s for people, man. – [Stevie] Don’t shoot the messenger but that was French pork liver pate. – French pork?
– Yeah it’s an actually nice brand of liver pate for humans. – Yeah man, there you go. From who? – From Henaff.
– From Hey-noff! – I’ve had high-nuff.
– Hey-noff! – I’m totally done, I’ve had Hey-noff. – Well Link that means that you have to wear the dog cone of
shame on Good Mythical More and I get to enjoy this Hey-noff pate. – Let’s bring our dogs in.
– Oh let’s do that, yeah. Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi my name is Lily.
– And I’m Mikayla. – And we’re in north Idaho. I’m here with Rhett–
– And Link. – [Both] And it’s time to
spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – I don’t remember being there. – We got goats named after us. – They got goats and
bees, everything up there. Click the top link to watch us play Is This Dog Pooping or
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  1. Has anyone ever compiled an overall game record for GMM? Because I feel like Rhett wins at least 75% of the games they play.

  2. When the pate round started I got up to the fridge and spread me a good chunk of pate on a slice of bread, I frickin love it! Don't get how it can be repulsive, but I can respect that.

  3. Why are people so shocked at the idea of organic pet food being actually good? They act like other animals eat sand and rocks or something.

  4. So I feel after years of them eating nasty things…. I was going to say food but, they don't always eat food. Anyway at least Rhett just eats anything and, thinks it's not that bad.

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