It’s Frugal!  Slow Cooker Meal All In ONE

one and welcome from a snowy part of
eastern Pennsylvania and today is cheat me on Monday today we’re going to make a
meal that’s for the crock-pot I hope you stay tuned and I hope you enjoy it your
kid is going I have dehydrators going I have so much
work to do and crock-pot dishes are amazing because you don’t have to watch
them and when everybody’s hungry there’s a hot meal and this crock-pot is amazing
I love it so thank you so much for it I’m going to spray the bottom of it with
a little bit of some cooking spray my number one favorite cookbook of all
time is and the one you see me use the most is this one the fix it and forget
it the big cookbook this is all of her cookbooks in one you can get pretty
reasonable if you buy it used on thrift books or an Amazon I’ll share with you
the link below look for it for used so what we’re making is we’re gonna make
creamy scalloped potatoes with him I’m adding a little bit something different
to it so the first thing we want to do is we want to add our potatoes because
our potatoes are raw and that’s gonna take the longest to cook then I’m adding
some pre broccoli I got the foodbank so we’re gonna add broccoli on top now the
broccoli was frozen I should have thought it out a little bit but that’s
okay it’s not gonna hurt anything good turn my crock-pot on high for four hours
just go four and a half hours to that we’re gonna add on him I got mayhem and
I made it and I have some leftover so we’re gonna use him and put that in next
it’s the cubit I’m just gonna rip it like this you don’t really have to be
uniform with the pieces it’s gonna really cooks off now this ham is already
cooked so it’s gonna just get really soft and tender even more so I’m just
going to rip up some pieces of this ham of the crock-pot because you can just
throw an ultimate kinds of it always turns out amazing so the rest
of this hand I’m gonna freeze today and now we’re going to add cream soup and
some cheese I’m gonna add some cream soup to it a lot of people tell me you
can make it yes you can I get it for free for me it’s all about
cost-effectiveness and because I can get it for free I use the already cream
soups but yes you can you can make it from scratch it’s just these days I
don’t have a whole lot of extra time seems like I’m always working always
doing something so these cream soups really come in handy for one and a half
cups of milk I’m only using a cup because I do have a broccoli with it
which will give a lot more moisture to it
and a lot of people if you’re really particular you would mix all this up in
another bowl but for me I figured why you mess up another bowl when I can mix
it all in here pretty good so once this starts cooking then I can go ahead and
mix it even better I’m gonna add something else and I’m adding some of my
cheese to it now this is my home canned cheddar cheese which is in the
description box below also this I keep in the refrigerator I explained in my
other videos I’m gonna add some cheese to it I know some of you aren’t gonna
like that but I do add a little cheese to it I really cut back on eating of
cheese but every once in a while it’s good to have so we’re just gonna put it
in like this and now we’re gonna put the little in it and in about an hour I’ll
stir it once more you’ll be surprised how good this is when we’re done so once
again to fix it and forget it cookbook it’s the big cookbook I’ll get back to
you in just a little bit we’ll see you mooom is it good so there’s the crock
pot meal it’s almost finished yum-yum let’s give it a try yum yum I
got all my chores finished now it’s time for
lunch a little bit of some pepper and just a little bit of my smoked salt and
this is what it looks like how good does that look
so we’ll have to give it a try it’s really hot mmm it melts in your mouth
yummy oh my word I love it I’m so glad I put broccoli in it the recipe didn’t
call for broccoli hmm but I’m so glad I put it in it because the broccoli really
adds flavor hmm this is really good and he meant it now hubby should be getting
home and he’s gonna be happy that there’s a hot meal waiting for him hmm take everybody we’ll see you guys
tomorrow give it a try scalloped potatoes with
him with some broccoli added to it that’s a treat I’m sure your whole
family will enjoy for my grandma Fanny’s diary
we’re on January the 13th 1944 and Fanny writes today I washed and ironed the
clothing in the morning I sold eggs at 18 cents a dozen yesterday
Herbert fry fell from the silo and got a fractured skull but it looks like he
will be okay videos like these hey check out the
videos below I think you’re going to enjoy them as you know I have a video
every single day of the year so here’s one’s from this week

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  1. Chicken pieces can each of cream of mushroom, chicken and celery and no yoke noodles was in the crock pot here today it was pretty tasty. I like the crock pot meals. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks really good ! Ignore the negative comments. It's your kitchen and you should cook the way you want without getting negativity. Keep doing what you do. Love youπŸ˜€

  3. Good looking meal Tessie. I'd like that cookbook. I have a few of the others, But the big one would be nice. Thanks for sharing.

  4. That looks good!! I found the cookbook on amazon. I am always looking for crockpot recipes. I use my crockpot pretty often in the hot summer months here in west Texas.

  5. Tessie how do you find places to get the veggies free or throw away? I just started watching you right b4 Christmas. I'm a 58 yr old disabled n widowd raising 2 grandchildren alone with no help other than my disability monthly check. It is so hard. I already give up meals for my grandchildren. I drink lots of water . GOD has been providing for us. I also take them to church n have since the oldest was 5 she is now 11. I have had them 9 yrs. I dont want to lose them cause I cant feed them. They dont ask for things they know our situation. They r great kids! I go to a church but only get spaghetti n macaroni same stuff with can corn n black beans. I keep it thinking may need it if shtf. But we would love some veggies! We r in central Florida Ridge Manor Florida. Any help would b appreciated. Any advice? Never would have thought you were that. Lose to my age. Happy belated birthday !

  6. That scalloped potatoes & ham with broccoli looks amazing 😍! Quick question: could you tell me where you bought the wooden shelf above your kitchen sink? I sure want & need one. Thanks!

  7. So beautiful you and the snow behind you. I've been coming up with a lot of recipes alone just watching you I love them. I love broccoli with cheese on it much alone the great idea of adding ham and potatoes. You're never too old to learn something new thank you Tessie. πŸ’œSending Tons of love from a Kentucky grannyπŸ’œ. It's my time to go watch some more of your videos.

  8. Tessie, honey you've made me homesick for pa. , and the midwest. I have lived in Texas for many years…have had a little bit of freezing rain, and a few scuffs of snow…but nothing compared to the beautiful snow you have now. I miss the beauty of autumnal and winter wheather. Oh the crockpot recipe looks good too. Lol

  9. I everyone hope all is well. Tessie I'm gonna give this recipe a try I love broccoli. Looks delicious. Blessings to all.🧸

  10. Tessie that dish looks amazing! I bet it would be great too with some of your awesome canned chicken in it. Have a blessed πŸ™ day

  11. That looks soooooo good! I need to find my crock pot like yours. I have one but haven't found it in my storage unit yet. Maybe it went missing when I moved here.

  12. I sat down to order myself a small crockpot this afternoon, since I have a large one but there’s just me here and it’s too big. I also brought over a cookbook I’ve had for at least ten years to start picking out recipes. I like to watch videos while I do this, and here you are making a great sounding recipe and showing a similar cookbook! Mine is not the big version, must be earlier than yours. I saw in another video of yours that you have a daughter named Misty…so do I! I really enjoy your channel!

  13. I’m in So.Ct.and I want your’s beautiful. Of course as my late husband would say it’s because I don’t have to go out in it.Dinner looks good.

  14. Hi Tessie sis. Looks delicious and cheese is a must-have! I haven't used my crockpot since October when it became just Mom and me. I do have a ham that we never got to eat at Christmas so I may just cook that up tomorrow. Don't have any broccoli at the moment but my neighbor usually goes to the store for me now if I need just one or two things… so I will put that on my list and make this. I can put some in the freezer and give some to my son and there will still be plenty for Mom and me! TFS πŸ’œ

  15. Don't burn your mouth! That looks so good and I love broccoli. What kind of cream soup did you use? Cream of potato? Mushroom? Celery?

  16. O when you grabbed that cheese I laughed out loud and then you did the right thing by telling everyone to mind their own business. I agree whole heartedly with you. THey aren't eating it your family is. O I love ya Tess. Have a great week.

  17. Tessie, I feel like your authenticity shines through! You are an amazing, shining light; your optimism and love of God radiate from you. ❀️ Thank you for being real, authentic, honest, raw, and just being YOU. πŸ€—

  18. That looks amazing! I had some chicken and veggies in the freezer, so I made some soup and rolls. I absolutely love crock pot cooking! It has literally been a lifesaver since I can't always stand and cook at the stove!

  19. I haven't used a crock pot for a few years( the handle on
    the lid broke off and I couldn't lift the lid). Now that my daughter gave me her old one, and after seeing what you made, I am anxious to make a crock pot meal again I've been wanting to make potato soup.

  20. Just ordered the book from Thrift Books! πŸ˜„ That food looks so yummy. πŸ˜‹ And HOT! I laughed when I saw the steam rising from it. πŸ˜„. Bet that warmed you up. Thanks for another great video and a shot of the beautiful snow. Almost 80β€’ here! 😡. Blessings πŸ’œ

  21. Good Morning Tessie, Sisters, Brothers, and Friends:) Wish you all a wonderful blessed day filled with Gods joy and happiness:) God Bless you πŸ™‚ Love you all:) Remember to pray for one another:)

  22. I’m so thankful I could throw something like this together and have for years without a cookbook in order to do it I really am I’d definitely put some kind of seasoning in it especially salt potatoes need salt and I don’t like that canned cheese but I love cheese just not that processed cheese sauce stuff.

  23. Well well not only are you gonna have to hire out for help with doing your comments I'm gonna have to hire someone to read them to me Haha your getting so many how nice and they are all nice comments see tessie you rock and we know who backs you our father I thank him everyday for all his wonderful gifts have a great day

  24. You're so very very lucky to have access to food banks and free food. Here in Africa where the poverty is at unbelievable levels there are few to no resources for people to get free food. In our small town each church has an elective day to do a soup kitchen. People eat there but can't take food away. Our church goes to our rural out stations once a month to hand out food baskets based on the World Food Program's basic needs. And they are very basic but we supply about 79 destitute families. Thank the Lord I have enough to met my small needs and enough over to make contributions to various charities. I am truly blessed and truly grateful.

  25. Hiya Tessie gal. I absolutely admire your pepper shaker. I bought a set in PA few years back & have broken one. I was in Berlin Ohio a few months back and no luck. Although I found larger & even a toothpick holder to match in same size as shaker , it didn't have the right top to it. It wasn't for me. Always keeping my eyes open. I love the simplicity. Dinner looks YumO.

  26. Yum,Yum 🍴 🍜
    Dear Tessie πŸ’ž
    Happy Tuesday πŸ’Ÿ πŸ’•
    Have a great and blessing day you and Kenny πŸ’Ÿ God bless you both πŸ’ž
    I Love you my Dear Sister Tessie πŸ’ž 🌼 🌹

  27. Good Morning my Dear Brother, Sisters and Friends 😊
    Happy Tuesday πŸ˜€ Have a great and blessing day ❀ God bless you all 🌷 Love Ya! πŸ’Ÿ 😁
    " Remember too Pray for One Another " 🌼 🍁 🌹 ❀

  28. That looks & sounds REALLY nice! I think what you call a crock pot is called a slow cooker in the uk. It looks the same as that

  29. Hi Tessie, you have snow and I have rain and windy weather, just good for a hot meal like yours it looks so nice and warming. Good video:)

  30. It's warm and rainy here in South Carolina. Going to be 70 degrees today. Your meal looked delicious! Going to get my crock pot out and start using it again. Have a blessed day!

  31. Hi Tessie! That looks delicioso! Yummy! You are such a good little cook! These recipes are so awesome for those out there that aren't really cooks but can come up with a nutritious meal — quick! Good for you, girl! Great video! Thank you! Love to see your videos every day! Hubby will ask…what did you watch today? So funny, we talk about you during dinner! Thought you would want to know…..have a great day out there! Blessings from Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN πŸ™‚

  32. Another YUM YUM-my video! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹ Can’t wait to see what was in the box from your son this week. I guess your birthday got that one postsponed a bit. Anyway, hope you hade a fantastic birthday surrounded by family. ❀️

  33. My kind of meal. Looks so yummy. You can sure do any combinations of food you want and fill a belly – hearty warm meals!

  34. For some reason you make me think of kathy Bates from the movie misery. Idk why i think this. The meal looks good im gonna make it

  35. Dear tessie after watching alot of ur video's.u have convinced me to try my hand at canning .BUT my dilemma is what is the best canner for me to start with.and wht would u suggest for me to be the first thing that I can.HELP...LOL..hugs from Ohio…Ty in advance..

  36. I love your sweatshirt πŸ™‚ 5/5 people will die. That is one of my favorite crockpot meals, and I also got mine from the big cookbook! LOL I love that cookbook.

  37. Brrr….sure looks cold there…but beautiful. That crockpot meal is just the ticket to warm you up. Looks good! Thanks Tessie. I am cooking a ham next week and will save some of it to make this recipe in my crockpot.

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