It’s time to vote! We are part of the food chain, and we deserve respect and dignity at work.

I just love people that’s what I love
about my job the best I like making sure they have what they need for the day for
the week it’s an important job it really is in the community we’re part of the
food chain. I’ve been a cashier at Fred Meyer for 16 years it’s more than a job you know it’s like a sense of community this negotiation is so important to us
right now because it is holding the line once again for these type of
middle-class jobs in our community 367 and Teamsters 38 are also at the
bargaining team with us we feel that that is a positive because there’s
strength in numbers the employers are looking out for what’s best for them
we’re trying to look out for what’s best for thousands of people who need
representation when I’m at the negotiations table I like to know that
my employees back of the store have my back because that’s where our power is
it’s not at the table it’s not what we say at the table it’s what people back
at the stores are willing to stand up for it’s important to know that us as a
union members we have each other’s back we are there for each other when we need
it we’re trying to push this as far as we can at the bargaining table to get
what we need and have the employer know what our strength is to know that we’re
willing to fight for this the know that we’re willing to stand together it’s really important that everybody
turn out to vote because this isn’t the time to be on the sidelines you need to
be there and we need to have you there

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