Japanese food YouTuber tries cooking American food

And I am finished! Look! THIS is TASTY! Hi guys this is Cathy Cat AND…. My name is Haruan! Haruan is a Japanese food and cooking YouTuber here in Japan This time she is gonna make us… an American dish with what her image is of “real American food” with the Japanese ingredients that we have here so I am looking forward to finding out what kind of dish she will make with us today. In the meantime I am gonna interview her too so let’s find out what kind of food she’s gonna make and let’s do it. Is there anything Japanese Cooking YouTubers have to be careful about Things I am really careful about … that everything looks hygienic. I try to make everything look clean and hygienic. One thing that really surprised me just now, you also said you have to watch out for the labels on your food. What’s that? Many Japanese supermarkets write their address on the fresh food items…. that way where you live close to can be exposed. The supermarket’s address can be found on the meat label? Yes, our meat also had a label here that said where the meat is being sold. That’s what I have to watch out for. If you buy that near your home, fans will find out where you live. I am careful about that. Japanese food youtubers have to look out for that. You personal data can get leaked that way! If it’s not on screen that’s fine but personal data is very precious. Why did you become a cooking YouTuber? I always loved cooking, since I was in elementary school. When I started out YouTube I thought what I should do and choose cooking. And since then I am making cooking videos. How long have you been doing it? I started my channel 3 years ago but I have been cooking since primary school so … I am 18 years now so… I have been cooking for 5-6 years. The topic is the image you have of American food. What will you cook? I want to make hamburgers plus a mountain of potato fries. That’s why I bought potatoes too. My American image is hamburgers, potatoes, and cola. What type of “american” hamburger will she make? Let’s see. What’s tough about being a food and cooking youtuber? Thinking of new recipes is tough…. Thinking of how to make a new dish is hard. Making my own is hard. You HAVE to make your own recipes? I sometimes also use other people’s recipes but But when making my own I have to practice several times until I get it. Once I made the same type of pudding for a week before I got it perfected. Every day we ate pudding for desert. So you do your own research? – I do. I try to find a way to make the recipe more tasty. So there are weeks like that week These fries come out really thin. -Yes I want to make them thin and crunchy so I cut them super thin. I have the feeling we started this already a little differently from the typical american fries. True, american fries generally look a bit bigger right? But Japanese potatoes are smaller too.
– That’s true. Shall I make them thicker and more american? No no! Do it your style: “Haruan’s American Food” My goal is to make a mountain of fries, that you wouldn’t see in Japan. Potato mountain! You have a special style when cutting ….
– I do. We call it “A cat’s paw” in Japan. From child age we get told to hold out hands like this when cutting First kids get a knife that barely cuts to practice. But that’s how we all start out. Did you do it like that?
– Yes and my knife would barely cut the food. This sound is super satisfying!
– They sound so fresh. Do you remember the first dish you every made? The first food I cooked? I did cook but I actually started out baking bread. I remember the first breads I made. Sweet bean bread, Melon bread and Corn bread. Did they go well? Did they? – Not at all! They burned. Now I know they needed more time to ferment and what was wrong. But I felt really moved that I was able to make my own bread. What do you like so much about cooking? It’s fun to create things the way you imagined them. If I make a dish, that’s exactly the way I imagined it I am really happy. Sometimes I will mess up too… But I will adapt and make things better then… It’s food but you are thinking like a creative creator! Cooking is a skill, that has to get better by practicing it. But at home, people can cook the way they want. Anyone can do it. It sounds like a craft. Same as when you want to draw a picture from your imagination. And when it’s done you’re happy or you see things you want to make better next time. It’s similar. – It is. You don’t have to be skillful from the start What’s a common thing for food youtubers? A common thing? … Our shooting times can be very long. I will put the potatoes in water now. Adding water to the potatoes, I would have to make an extra cut for that in my video. Things like that take time. I make simple dishes, so I finish quicker than others. I heard some take a lot more time. When I do a full dish, I film for over 2 hours. I also edit the videos myself. You edit yourself? WOW! That’s a REAL YouTuber right here! Nice one. You got me on your team.
– Thank you! But if you do it all by yourself, what do you do with camera angles and such? I put the camera on a tripod that is taller than me. And then I go and change the angle from time to time. With just ONE camera? – Yes. Like here, after cutting I would wash hands and change the angle. I repeat that process a lot. I want to make it super meaty. That’s my image of America. Instead of my usual way, I will just add salt to the minced meat and mix it. Pepper too? – Yes I think so. My job is done here. I have the feeling I am not really useful today. Thanks for the tasty salt. What do you do apart from YouTube? My daily life is full with filming and shooting really. I get that!!! My way to relax is cooking. In Japan people would say now “You will make such a good wife.” I am sure I won’t. I am not the type who would say “I will cook you whatever dish you like.” You only cook what YOU want to cook right? I think that’s fine by me. I would marry you. You would. Ok let’s think about that. Everyday eating something new and fun sounds good to me. – Yes it’s fun. I will fill this frying pan up with oil now. I’ll put the potatoes in. You put the potatoes in BEFORE the oil is hot? – Yes. – Why?? They get done this way too. Also, I don’t like it when the fat springs out. That’s why I do this first. I will just leave the potatoes like this now. Do you watch foreign food channels? I watch foreign Youtubers and foreign foods! I love it. Is there any youtuber you like a lot? I watch Rachel Khoo a lot. Foreign cooking videos are different from Japanese and much more general. They also look so aesthetic. I enjoy that. Let’s open it once. I think I want to slice it super thin. What image do you have of America? America? Well I have been to America, but just Hawaii. When I went to Hawaii I was so surprised about getting the “ladies first” treatment. My first time abroad was Hawaii. I was wondering why men would do things like that for me, like making space in the elevator and such. They would let me get off first or ask if they can carry my luggage. We don’t do that in Japan. I thought it was wonderful. But I also thought some things were strict. Individualism is big there. No really means no there. When they don’t want anything, they make it super clear. – True. Yes and No are not hidden. Americans say right out what they are thinking. When I was in the bus in Italy I was super scared. I got my seat wrong and sat in the wrong seat. There was an old man that looked like Trump who shouted “Oh my god!” at me. I was so shocked. He said “Why did you get it wrong. I just told you!!!” But I thought, hey I made a mistake, everyone can make mistakes! That’s tough! – I wished he had said it nicer. The fries are done, so I will take them out. I am not scared. I am not scared of the fat springing out. I will add salt. I think adding a strong flavor is important here. I like adding lots of pepper to the fries. They sound super crispy. – They do right. That’s a good sound. I think that’s good now. We are done. Potatoes done. How do you like it? Lettuce. It’s a bit big. You use your chopsticks a lot. I do. My chopsticks are like my second hand. I think many Japanese think the same. MEAT! This here is Tonkatsu sauce. You can’t easily get that in America. Not everywhere? Might be a Japanese customary sauce. I like mixing this sauce with ketchup. I will make this a bit more Japanese by adding this sauce. I will spread it on the meat. I will add the super American cheese that looks yellow. And this one. I wonder if the burger will close. Oh! – I will ad half the avocado like this. It’s sliding!! – IT is! It looks good. How do you like it? – Ta-da! I am done! Look! Afterwards we can add mustard too. Also… Sorry. I was kind of just staring into the distance. It wasn’t supposed to do that! Shall we stab it with something. – I see! Let’s stab it! I will try and stab it with pasta. Not sure how that will work. Oh is that good? You did it! – Is it ok like that? I think that will support it. I will add some more potato fries now. I want a mountain of potatoes! That’s a strong image I have of the US. When you make a mountain of potatoes like that, it will look nice and tasty. Stabby time. Can I go to the bottom? I can! It’s done! Done! I am curious about the potatoes! Itadakimasu! Yum! They are good! If you fry them for a long time in a low temperature they will be done all the way and tasty. I can’t eat it like that! Let’s try this! (whispers) Good job. Good bite. This looks tasty. Is is good? I am so glad! – It’s TASTY! The juice of the meat comes together with the crispness of the lettuce… This is so tasty. – The way you eat a burger is so pretty. Nope. From here on it will get messy.
– True. When eating a burger, only the first bite will look pretty. This is good! It doesn’t have enough ketchup! I added a lot so mine tastes fine. It’s tasty. It tastes so meaty! Haruan! Thank you so much! But this is not the end! We will continue from here! Next, we will actually do a video on her channel It is gonna be in Japanese but you will see us do sweets? Sweets? – Yes let’s eat sweets together! This is gonna happen and I am gonna transform her into a Lolita as well we’re gonna She has never worn it so I am looking forward to doing that. Check that out on her channel The link is down below and also don’t forget to leave a big like! If you’re new don’t forget to subscribe! Bye!!
– Bye!

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  2. Hamburger what a surprise!

    Ask her to prepare a choucroute😍😘 (ザウアクラウト)


    彼女にザワークラウト を準備するよう依頼する👌👍

  3. 英語でコメントしようと思ったら、ピンクの帽子の方がバリバリ日本語話しててビックリした(笑)

  4. Love this video a lot but I got to say the other one that is on はるあんちゃんチャンネル is even better. I like how you guys discussed the table manner and culture differences between Japanese and foreign countries. Thank you both for the crossover video.

  5. For what you have in japan to make it look American is way off. You need a type of beef not typical of japan you need at least 80-20 aka 80% lean meat to 20% fat. This beef is always shaped into 8 ounce pattys. This beef is usually a mixture of different cuts mostly trimmings of the other major portions giving it flavor which is then ground up. The patty is put on a real grill or a flattop stove which has been seasoned for a long time till medium rare. It is put on a bun bottom. Topped with romaine lettuce, Roma tomatoes, mayonnaise (the American kind), ketchup, yellow mustard, and a pickle spear or dill. The fries are alway Idaho russets which are the right firmness and hold to frying. Seasoning the fries is a personal thing it’s literally what you like but kosher salt is the normal. Served with ketchup the real American staple and maybe some jalapeño slices pickled of course. If you want cheese add it on top of the patty usually American cheese or whatever squirt a little water to create steam lid on 30 seconds later melted cheese. Just a simple burger has so many comments that you have to get right. As a chef I know food.

  6. Aww That's looks so delicious!!Let me have a bite🤤💕
    We also started new channel because we would like many people to know about "Japan"!
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  7. I'm American. We usually eat all kinds of food… Or at least i do. I cant speak for anyone else😂😂😂

  8. I really want to apologize for how some of my fellow countrymen act when abroad , there is no excuse for how rude some people are ! I don't know why these kinds of people are naturally drawn to travel outside of the U.S. but it really makes the rest of us ( generally speaking of course) angry to see these kinds of people give our country a poor reputation.

    I know most people are intelligent enough to realize a few bad apples do not represent the whole of the U.S. but they should not even have to make that assumption , people should act with kindness and empathy without disgracing our country by not respecting other cultures.

    Ok rant over, sorry I just feel really strongly about this, America is far from the only one with a bad rep ( I hear about people from China a lot in this comment section for instance), but we need to strive to be better!

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  10. はるあんちゃんのところからこんにちわ!

  11. Like she said, she will never be a good wife on that, she's honest… I can say a lot… But i will end there.
    Thanks for the video ( even it's possible i get erased xD ).

  12. Burgers are very popular hear, you can get very creative with them. Restaurants hear will stab the burger through with a knife when they stack it high. I would have waited for the oil to get hot before frying but it looked very tasty. Fun video, thanks guys

  13. Cathy lets get ONE THING STRAIGHT. She did a great job on the hamburger but that is NOT A TYPICAL AMERICAN DISH. That is Fast Food. There are hundreds of typical American dishes that would make more sense to do to prove she can cook a typical American dish.

  14. It's always Burgers…
    Where's the Country Fried Steak? Where's the BBQ Brisket? Where's the Hotdogs?
    Casseroles, Meatloaf, Chicken, Fish, Steamed foods, Baked Foods, Broiled Foods, Fried Foods, etc, etc.

    FFS Japan this image of only Burgers is so tiring.
    You don't see us thinking that White Rice is the only thing everyone in Asia eats all the time.

  15. Looked delicious. My only criticisms are: where are the onions, and the tomato was cut too thick. But I sure wanted to taste those fries!

  16. 12.min
    she should slightly toast
    the BUN until BROWN
    Cheese should be melting
    Place it on burger in pan
    when almost done

    Avocado on a burger is
    A NO NO

    You should make a colab
    With Yuka Kinoshita

  17. I would have skipped the fake cheese and gone right to either real cheddar or Monterey Jack, otherwise, 'BRAVO!!'

  18. I like to add ground pepper, cumin, and garlic powder into the ground meat before I cook it. I've never put on tonkatsu sauce but I've added a little soy sauce and honey to ketchup.

    Those burgers looked delicious.

  19. Put some herb seasoning and soy sauce in the hamburger mix and melt pepper-jack cheese on top and toast buns.Spice up the fries with some Cajun seasoning and add some chili and melted cheddar cheese on top..now i'm making myself hungry..

  20. Interesting;

    Avocados are usually used on turkey sandwiches and that sort of thing; however, I'm sure it tastes great on hamburgers. I agree with melting the cheese: usually, I just put the hamburger and cheese under the broiler in the oven for a few.

    It was nice to see a collaboration; It would be an interesting collaboration to see you with LifeWhereI'mFrom. He does documentaries of life in Japan.

    Take Care, With Love Through God and Jesus and The Holy Ghost,

  21. Hello from California, everything looks good! Great job! When you finish cooking the meat, you can add the cheese on top and it will melt on the meat. Many people think that tastes great.

  22. OMG!its Makoto Kino and Usagi Tsukino (Moonie Cathy Cat) you just cant wait to get your paws on that food,so adorable LOL!XXX

  23. I'm pretty sure the burger was tasty, but she should have not sliced the tomato that large. That's why the burger ended up sliding.

  24. Haruan you can cook for me any time. The hamburgers and fries look delicious. I would like to make one small suggestion to you. Slice the tomatoes very thin, about .5 cm thick. I will try to think of some simple yet fun ideas for you to cook. I am sure Cathy Cat can translate this comment for you.

  25. I enjoyed the energy and camaraderie as both lasses clearly enjoy their food. It's always interesting to see an interpretation of something that is an icon in another culture.

  26. Great video, Cathy and Haruan! Even though the burger wasn't anything close to American, it still looked great and the presentation was awesome.

    Is it just me, or did that tomato look overly ripe with the brown in the center?
    Usually, fresh tomatoes here in the US have a healthy looking light pink or red interior.

  27. Longer fries come from using russet potatoes. I'm not sure what potato species she is using, but they will all turn out delicious when made into fries.

  28. I am now beginning "The Great Catch Up of Ask Japanese Videos 2019". With so much more going on than normal, I've amassed quite a backlog. Let's see if I can get through a week's worth of videos in a day!

  29. @Ask Japanese:
    Cathy Cat, how you are able to keep yourself from becoming a big greasy mess in your Lolita Gowns, or keep your hair out of your food is a miracle! 😀

  30. はるあんちゃん大好き、ただ、子どもの包丁はちゃんと切れる物がいいです。切れないと変に力を入れて滑ると怪我をします。

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