Japanese Kitchen Tour

Hello world Where I’m From in Japan this is what a kitchen is like. First, I’m gonna show you all the things in the kitchen So first, this is our drying rack for dishes. This and this are dish things. So this is how we get water So this is – right now – is called “gesui” and is water used for dishes. and if you press this button it will be
“josui” and the water you can drink and you can put it on, you can change it and can take if off. *Offscreen* And the water, even if you don’t use that blue one… it’s still okay to drink because the water in Tokyo is really safe. Yeah, and this is all the like, oil and tons of stuff And this is the fish one so you can make fishes And then you press these to put the thing on. This is inside the fridge and yeah *Ahhhh* Ooooooh *Eating noises* Freezer *Offscreen* Disgusting Disgusting Hello! We would use this for ordinary stuff, and we’ll use this for pancake day Pancaaake! *dog noises and barking* Okay and this is the… oven? *Off camera* It’s an oven and a microwave, right? Oven and a microwave and this is the toaster *Off Camera* Toaster Oven Yeah, and then this is all the toaster thingys This is all the toasters and for crumbs And this is the rice thing And these are all the stuff that you can use to eat And this top one is where you can cut stuff Like cutting board, or some board that you can just put food on And right here is all the cups and big things So this is a blender *blender noises* Hot water boiler or something And hot water comes out if you press this and this And this is the recycling garbage and other cans and stuff and This is my kitchen! Thanks for watching! See ya next time! Bye! *Meow* Bye bye!

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