40 thoughts on “Joanna Gaines Welcomes Jenna Bush Hager To Her Kitchen | TODAY

  1. Oh I love a good biscuit-style strawberry shortcake, not just with whipped cream but with a splash of real cream or half & half in the bottom of the bowl. Goodness. (taking a deep breath) I love Joanna Gaines, her lovely personal style, her ability to focus on what is important (her family) and the little Magnolia Baby coming in July….so blessed to have 4 older siblings to help love and care for it! Thank you for posting this segment. I now have to get the cookbook!

  2. In Australia we call them scones (sconns) and the only way to eat them is with jam and cream…😋 congrats on the new Bub to come 😀

  3. Hoda's comment at the end about getting to hear Joanna speak and chip always talking was so rude and untrue! I'm a fan of chip and Joanna and that couldn't be further from the truth. You people disgust me….gotta get some dig in there about men huh?

  4. HGTV needs to ease up with Chip and Joanne, it's them 24/7.Pls. offer some variety like they use to. HGTV used to have such good shows, now it's just C. and J. or those dopey property brothers.

  5. Yes it is nice to see Joanna speak for herself and not Chip speaking. I want to buy her cookbook. First cookbook I've ever wanted to buy. I haven't been keeping up with there hgtv show because we don't have cable. So I watch stuff here and there through YouTube.

  6. cmon y’all. can’t we just enjoy chip and joanna sharing their gifts with the world? i think people who find them annoying should instead choose to be inspired by them. they are go getters who are positively impacting people. and i happen to think chips corny humor is great.

  7. Love Joanna ! We call them scones here in Australia… They look yummo. Thanks for the show.. Xxxies fe in Sydney

  8. Joanna is amazing NOW JENNA BUSH. You can see FRAUD painted all over her face. She is such a fake. Good act.

  9. Its a nice show, and they are what appears to be nice people, BUT with a world with so much stress from overpopulation, did no one explain to you people the full responsibility we must incorporate in our daily lives, that BREEDING out of control should not be condoned, it should actually be a seal of SHAME. Your children will multiply and take from other less fortunate children, so on and so on. People just dont seem to give a krap about the quality of life we are throwing away for instant selfishness. Please, save some for others. get spayed or neutered.

  10. Those two obviously have never watched Fixer Upper if they think Joanna never gets to talk because of Chip. Bunch of hogwash!!

  11. I admire Jenna for working PERIOD! especially in a public profession. So many don't and she's aware that more "biased political" criticism will be headed her way. I ADMIRE her guts…
    Chip & Jo gave many people a good laugh while teaching us new ways to decorate. It was smart they built business as they gained popularity. Im older but learned years ago everyone has life filled with burdens along with seasons of joy! I don't ever compare my place with others or judge by "outside" appearances…
    Kudos to Gaines & Jenna

  12. Seventy-five-percent of the requirement to sustaining a career as a television personality, male or female, can be found in hair dye, oh, I forgot to mention members of Congress and television journalists too, so, a replacement for Kathie Lee Gifford, must be well schooled in the fine art of this continuing masquerade. Network executives will only be interviewing those that can look good in various shades of marketable dyestuffs and will be looking to the general public for guidance and approval, like what’s currently trending…

  13. how awesome to be so gifted and have such a wondeful big!!!!!! family me too we have 8 luv luv luv wish i could do the whole decorating thing with our home hope to own us a home soon not looking to good right now but love to have your guys talent.

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