Kids Explain, “What is healthy food?” Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Montana

NARRATOR: How do you guys all
stay healthy together as cousins? CHILDREN: Um, we, stay together, and
eat lots and lots and lots of vegetables. And we eat healthy stuff. [MUSIC PLAYING] NARRATOR: Is cake a healthy food? CHILDREN: Nope. No. Cake is an unhealthy food. It’s bad for your tummy and teeth. NARRATOR: What’s a healthy food? CHILDREN: Apples and bananas and orange. Chicken. Umm…grapes. Tomatoes and potatoes. Watermelon. Avocados. My favorite vegetable is potatoes. NARRATOR: Potatoes? CHILDREN: That’s like me! I heard, like, if you eat more vegetables
you get taller and you’ll get stronger. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC ENDS]

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