Hello folks it is Barry hope you are well
welcome to my virgin kitchen today we are going to be reviewing some food gadgets I
have been sent in I have got quite a lot to get through so we will try to figure out if
they are pointless and we do not want to ever use them again or pretty worthwhile so so
lets get cracking and start with the first one.
This one is shaped like a heart but actually it is supposed to be a strawberry I have made
an incision in the plastic so lets get it straight out this my friends is a strawberry
slicer for the ultimate in laziness if you do not want to slice a strawberry you open
it up like so apparently, those are some razor sharp blades right there, there are rows of
blades I do not want to put my finger in there it could be quite an interesting torture trap
but I guess we just stick a strawberry in there and I do have a strawberry right now
I have not washed it we are going straight in shall I take the stem off the hull I may
just pull that out to make it tidy do not want to make strawberry herbs wow that nearly
came down and cut my finger right so our strawberry is in there, the packaging is quite bland
on this there is nothing really else to tell you about it and I guess we just push down,
oh yes crikey I am glad my finger did not get caught in that, that last click it really
did pop into place you lift it out and what I have a little bit of strawberry here lets
get this out on the board, ok again I nearly cut my finger off you have some nice strawberry
slices they are cut nice and flush that would be pretty darn cool for a cake or something
like that and it is quite hard to get a strawberry cut accurately so maybe they also double up
as earrings like that, I may use that again I will let you know if I do but it is not
the worst of the batch. Now this is one of the ones I have sort of
seen before this is basically a pineapple corer and slicer by flagship as seen on tv
also as seen on youtube now pretty cool and basically we are going to take off the lid
of the pineapple I have a feeling that my pineapple may be too big but we will just
go with that so cut it to reveal the top there then get the flagship pineapple cutter to
work. Lets get it out the box now, oh wow you can see they put a lot of effort into
the packaging of that thing is that like some sort of razor sharp pizza blade yeah and there
is a handle that looks like one of those lawn cutter things, so just push that in there
is that right, yes quite a sharp blade here, and in there so imagine this goes through
the whole thing in we go so push this in so pushed it in and now it has bit so I am just
turning this and the handle has just broken the handle has just broken on this I am going
to just do it by the stem so to speak that is working I do not know when I am supposed
to stop is it when I hit my chopping board or damage the work surface I kind of want
to do a dance with it. Here it comes oh my gosh it is like childbirth, did you see that
that is amazing so we have pineapple slices right there all cut into nice little strips
like this it is like one of those slides or helter skelter I really like that plus if
you have that you have an amazing pina colada style drinking cup, if you like pina colada
that is a good gadget like that one, there is actually some fresh pineapple juice in
the bottom of it too wow that is good. This one to me does seem a bit pointless this
is a silicone garlic peeler so it peels cloves of garlic not to be confused with bulbs of
garlic just the cloves this is not the only garlic peeler gadget I have I also randomly
have this thing too which is shaped more like a bulb of garlic and I have never used it
so we can put one in this one, and then one in this one and apparently all we do is rub
them this is the official quote from amazon rub them until you hear a crinkly sound and
it could take a couple of minutes so lets go, little update my chopping board is going
everywhere you should put a wet cloth underneath it to stop it moving and my kitchen is starting
to smell of garlic. I can hear paper noises but I am going to give it wow this angle looks
so wrong, I will give it a little longer. Right now I am changing my mind I will do
a bit of force on each one there we go check that out it has just popped out again a bit
like childbirth all these gadgets are replicating childbirth if you have ever wondered what
it is like, I have experienced it twice and now for a third time with a garlic clove so
my other one this garlic thing no that is rubbish just stick with the tube thing kind
of works we have a bald garlic clove but even now you have to pick it up so you will stink
of garlic anyway. Alright so we have a damp teatowel on there
now so hopefully the board will not move as much this is a jar of olives I hate olives
for your information and this is pretty much how it arrived it was loose in the box some
of the packaging was terrible an olive and cherry pitter I do not know why I did not
buy cherries because I love cherries but olives I am not such a fan that is pretty much it
I do not know if there are any instructions on the back use the tool for pitting both
olives and cherries fast and easy ergonomically designed and dishwasher safe I can feel the
ergonomics in that they have done a good effort so it has a little safety latch we will let
that go and you can see again that could be some sort of medieval tool too so I am going
to take out an olive may have to eat it on camera just to justify this and the olives
hope they are not too big or not already pitted that would defeat the point of the gadget
perhaps it makes them disappear so we have an olive in there and I guess we line it up
quite a fat olive hope it fits in there we go is it going to work I do not know I will
have to really push that in if it is going to work that well but we are just going to
go for it so here we go olive pitter push it through is that a stone, no, has it left
the stone in there yeah it has yeah that has not worked lets try it again lets get another
olive and do it the other end with a bumhole facing upwards no it is just taking the lid
off it and revealing the stone maybe that is what it is I am a tool that embraces the
pits in olives, yeah great! Alright we are going to try it one last time and try to line
this up as much as I can just push it, no would you look at that, it is terrible that
is a terrible gadget. Why have a knife when you can have a jialong
msc sounds like they have been to college and put letters after their name perfectly
sliced tomatoes also good for potatoes and onion this is a lazy mans tomato slicer we
have to get this out and have a little look, do not think there is much on the box, wow
that is a firm thing, looks like a hair clip, in fact that is it someone has just bought
a hair clip maybe some sort of fish that does look like a goldfish from that angle doesn�t
it maybe hair clip we will go for that. Basically all someone has done is got a hair clip and
said if we stick a tomato in that and clamp it you can slice tomatoes I would love to
be the person that realised that, all we do is get our sharp knife I want to hold it and
grip it more but will just hold it down here and then we just slice down where are they
going, we just slice down like this ok yeah that is cool it is holding it at first near
the spring and it want to escape so do not hold it there if you happen to buy one of
these tomato slicers lets do one last slice. And then if we open it up wahey look at that,
that is how you slice a tomato. But you have got a free hair clip.
We are on the home straight now folks now this and again this is exactly how it came
in packaging like that very loose as seen on tv once again is a cucumber slicer and
on the back over the sticky label bit it looks like you are spiralising a cucumber which
is all the rage at the moment hey I just spiralised my salad just eat the salad it will not make
it any better, anyhow cucumber is going to go in a minute this has a disc thing like
a semi circle clear plastic angled slightly not too sharp this bit a little bit more and
the other end where I presume I push the cucumber in it has like an angled stem, kind of like
a slide again in the middle so it is all like a corkscrew effect right now so we push the
cucumber into there oh wow ok that kind of felt too good and then we just turn it, can
you see if anything is happening, oh yes it is yes it is my friends we are making slices
of cucumber now there is a gadget that I reviewed recently with my daughter phoebe I have done
some other gadget videos I will put a little playlist link up above it is a carrot sharpener
and that was terrible a lot of you said it needs to be a blunt end I did that in fact
it is right here, if I can open my drawer, there it is a carrot sharpener bit pointless
(intentional pun) I had two of those in the end but this one is working. And I hate cucumber
so this is a bit pointless mrs barry is going to have a whole cucumber protest when she
gets home but lets have a little taste I hate cucumber.
I am going to leave my 2 personal favourites til the end and this is one of them it is
called stem again as seen on TV and basically it is a lemon or citrus spray there is a lime
there and it comes with a base they have 2 different sizes depending on the size of a
lemon or lime and it has a lid on it so you can get your lemon and be like aftershave
lemon for men all that kind of stuff there is a famous celebrity chef called Heston Blumenthal
he did fish and chips in a restaurant is was a quirky thing not sure if he still does it
where he would spray the smell of chips in the air to incentivise it they are saying
you spray it on salads and in water and stuff like that so lets make some lemon aftershave
taking the lid off and it says on the other side the freshest mist and actually already
I am getting a good woft of lemon so we are going for the smaller lid and push that right
into the lemon maybe screw it around get it to bite ok cool apart from this this must
be our base that holds it leaning tower of lemon so yeah I have screwed that down so
the silicone bit has gripped it and it now really is aftershave for men do not print
screen that so here we go we are just going to spray oh my gosh I got some spray out then
here we go yeah I am just spraying lemon randomly around my kitchen quite a good air freshener
actually you do get lemon air freshener just buy a lemon stick one of these in it and do
that but you are supposed to spray it on a salad so lets pretend we have a nice salad
there yum yum that is alright it will do just spray lemon on someone.
It can also work if you want to freshen your breath but of course you can use a watermelon
or an orange hey your breath smells like orange anyhow last gadget is this thing now I posted
a picture on my snapchat Instagram all that stuff saying guess what this thing is guys
that kind of looks like a shoe horn well let me reveal it for you because if I bring in
this cake guess what this does to this ok, you are probably getting it right now some
of you did guess it online this is a cake slicer now it is weird as it has a funny curve
on it but what we do is basically press down on here it has got slightly sharper edges
on one side slice down take it out and that is a slice of cake and you are left with a
weird ninja slice in the cake too, I just dropped the cake doh. Yeah I have done another
slice of the cake as long as you grip it unlike I did and the slice went everywhere it does
hold it quite well so there we are nice bit of portion control too because you know when
you go to a kids party it is the incentive for kids going right you get a big slice so
here we go, cake. There we are then folks that is all the food
gadgets reviewed for today I have done other gadgets in the past so please check them out
my favourite one today was the good old lemon spray I feel that lemon aftershave is the
way forward do not forget to subscribe and let me know on social media any cool food
gadgets you have seen see you next time, that was a sound effect but that is actually lemon

100 thoughts on “KITCHEN GADGET TESTING #1

  1. I got the silicone garlic peeler in a household items subscription box and ended up cutting it down the seam and using it to open jars. It works really well for that!

  2. A Danish egg slicer ("Æggedeler") is a way better alternative to the strawberry slicer (and the original principle behind the tool you showed), it's larger (often large enough for eggs, big, misshapen strawberries and even large mushrooms) and uses strings or thin metal bars instead of knives to cut the food (meaning no real dulling)… Even if that is the case, you can still find these useless fruit cutters in stores here.

    Egg slicers are also usually wayy cheaper (at least in DK), as it's considered a common tool in Danish kitchens, whereas the strawberry slicer is sold as a novelty gadget.

  3. 'As seen on TV' is no guarantee of quality, or necessarily something that you'd want at home. Adolf Hitler, Simon Cowell, Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage have all 'Been seen on TV', but I wouldn't want anything to do with any of them.

  4. If danced with I guess you called Berry’s pine apple twist.
    That would probably also be a good name for a drink maybe something with pine apple juice mixed with pink lemonade and some soda water topped with a With either a strawberry or a hand full of blueberries on top .

  5. That lemon one is so silly lol, just juice a lemon and put it in one of those little spray bottles you can buy

  6. I see some men shaving and then not realizing that have nicked there face and then spraying the lemon after shave on and then scream at the pain it's gonna cause cuz that's going to burn

  7. Honestly whenever I try to slice tomatoes they get squished and become a huge mess. That tomato holder thing would be good for idiots like me lol

  8. The shear amount of "X thing slicer" products is ludicrous. Even with my knife skills not being the best I would still rather just use my knife since then all I need to store and find is the knife.

  9. For the pitter why didnt her try to have the olive situated on the rodded side instead of the other one? Seems like it would work better if it started with the rod in the hole of the olive first so it isn't attempting to dig in to it diagonally.

  10. "I'm a very picky eater and I have no clue how to cook, what should I do? Create a cooking channel on Youtube of course!"

  11. The olive / cherry stone extractor works great with cherries and dry olives i.e. not ones in brine like you have. I have one and love it.

  12. I made a wedding cake a while back and that strawberry slicer would've been a dream! I even cut my hand trying to slice all of the strawberries 😂

  13. I don't know why the Olive thing didn't Work. We have those since I was a kid. They are really cheap and easy to use and practical

  14. I just started watching you videos this past week and now it’s a part of my daily routine! You and your family are hilarious! Keep up the good work Barry! Much love! 💕

  15. We have the strawberry slicer at home and we use it for making our own sugared strawberries for cereal and strawberry shortcake and fruit salads

  16. is it just me??? it seems the higher education that' is required to test items, seems that the I.Q. diminishes at it's relative state. Wonder if these guys could operate a Paper bag or a Tupperware product?

  17. Oh God, I can't believe you missed the opportunity to call that cake slice/slicer thingy a piece of cake. How very disappointing 😉

  18. I love your videos. Thanks for doing them so we don’t have to waste money. Love your family too they are lovely
    Hello from Louisiana, USA

  19. The strawberryslicer is just a recoloured, reshaped egg slicer. And have you lost weight since 2016? You look a lot more healthy now.

  20. Love love love your channel I discovered your channel like 3 days ago and I’ve watched more then half of your videos.

  21. Hey! I discovered your channel thanks to one of your wish gadget videos, so I'm on my way to marathon that whole playlist – and maybe your whole channel later on !

  22. Like child birth? WTF? I wish child birth was that easy! He clearly doesn’t know what hell women go through with the pain of giving birth! I hope he means the the satisfaction when you are all through and you just see a beautiful baby! But then again comparing it to cutting a pineapple 🍍 he is totally clueless!!! Mrs. Barry has my sympathies!!! 😊

  23. strawberry gadget ok if the strawberries have been chilled, the pineapple gadget is the best if it had a better handle on it as for the rest they are all junk!
    what do you think of that famous chef's spice shaker grinder smasher thingy? looks like a odd shape balloon with a ball inside it? another pointless gadget, i bought my wife one but she never used it, its in top cupboard somewhere gathering dust…

  24. re: cherry pitter. We had a cherry orchard and pitted buckets of them. Use a plastic drinking straw cut in about thirds, depending on your hand size. Stick the straw through the cherry, when it's out the other side give the straw a little squeeze and it will spit out the pit more often than not. I would change straw pieces after a 4 gallon/litre pail, just because it would get sticky and feel gross. We preferred to pit cherries at the picnic table outside. Inside you have to be a little careful about the juice mess. It also doesn't matter if you pierce the fruit top to bottom or side to side.
    [I don't know about olives. I hate them and have never bought them]

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