-Hello everyone, I think I just knocked my
fridge over. Welcome to myvirginkitchen it’s Barry here,
I hope you are well. Today we are testing some more kitchen gadgets. If you’ve missed any other videos to date,
there’s a link up here to the playlist, and down below so maybe watch this one, and then
see what tickles your fancy. Then you might end up on some random video
on Youtube for the rest of your day. I think it happens quite a lot, doesn’t it? Yeah, you just end up watching one of my videos,
in fact let me know, when you watch one of my videos where do you end up. I’m generally interested to know that so,
as always be a little bit kind in the comments too ’cause some of these gadgets can help
people with disabilities. And Christmas has just gone so I did get sent
some really random things. Every time I do a gadget video, I get sent
another 20 in the post. I’ve got about a hundred upstairs still to
do so we are gonna keep going with this playlist. Few quirky ones to start off with that I got
sent are, just about gadgets, but there’s one I wanna start off with first of all. Here we go. See if you can get you out, oh, hello, that’s
in, and that’ll get out. This is a defrosting tray. You basically, I dunno I’m trying to work
out how I can get excited about a defrosting tray, and you excited about it. So basically we normally shove any frozen
meat by our window there and let it thaw out for a few hours. A good few hours, but this tray claims that
you can shove frozen meat on it and it doesn’t use any electricity, no heat, chemicals, or
anything stuff like that and it safely defrosts it in half an hour. So I’ve got some steak in the freezer, I’ll
probably stick this in the background and see if it works. Well, I’ve just had a little read at the back,
and its like fifty shades of defrosting goin’ on right there. There’s no catch to it, apparently it is just
a tray. Its made of aluminium, I’m not sure if that
has good thawing properties. And it’s between thirty minutes and up to
an hour it will take, which is a lot faster than normal, so yeah. Oh, there we go. Its got bubble wrap. Sorry, love that stuff, oh look at that. That looks a little bit like the radiator
in my house. It does, that’s our little vertical radiator,
random. Its got nice little rubber legs on it as well. This is some Wagyu steak. Its been in the freezer for two months, it
is rock solid, and we generally do want it to cook with later on, so lets get it on the
tray. Love how my drawer just randomly has kitchen
gadgets in it now, it’s just really, its great isn’t it? There’s no way I’m showing you the packaging
for this company that sent me this, because they are spammers right. Ever since I ordered one product from them,
they text me, they email me, they keep emailing me, in fact they might even turn up at my… Someones at the door. Seriously though, who wants to sign up for
a newsletter about meat? Maybe butchers but, not for me. That is rock solid. We’re gonna, ha, its really cold. We’re gonna shove it on there, and that’s
basically it, we let its do its thing. I’m gonna stick it over to one side, and maybe
we’ll jump in on it from time to time. It’s now five past 11 in the mornin’, lets
see how we go. Quirky gift number, quirky gift number one. Quirky gift number. Quirky gadget, aw it nearly turned the right
way up. I wasn’t tryin’ to do that but that’s cool. This is an Oiladdin. Very, very self explanatory. It is basically like an oil lamp. A genie should come out, that you shove on
top of a bottle, an oil bottle, ideally. And you then you can pour it, and look like
a genie is pouring olive oil, the olive oil genie. I got sent this one in over Christmas, so
thank you very, oh, for some reason I thought it was gonna be plastic, but look, its actually
like rubber. Its a rubber, alright great so, there are
no instructions with it but it is self explanatory, little wash. There we go, and no genies comin’ out. Come on, nope alright. So we’ll take the lid, oh this is a new bottle,
sorry. At the bottom of the stopper there are these
rungs that gradually increase in girth, slightly as you put them in, so it should fit quite
a lot of bottles but I need to get the stopper out of this one out, there we go. So standard little thing, that’s out of it. Here we go then, we grab our olive oil bottle,
push it in, oh wow, that went in nice and snug didn’t it, and there you’ve got an nice,
olive oil lamp thing. So this is quite a full bottle, but we’ll
give it a go. We’re gonna try and pour it in, see if we
can get side on so you can see it there, you see that, alright. Come on, there it is! Yes, I quite like that. That’s quite nice cause you can get quite
a good amount of olive oil in there, and it does stop the flow very nicely indeed. That’s it. Another sort of quirky novelty one I got sent
was a Wine Monkey. Wasn’t there a monkey in Aladdin? There was, wasn’t it Apu somethin’ like that,
yeah. There we go, so a wine monkey, I’m not even
gonna shove it on a bottle of wine, I think its just basically a sock. “Don’t monkey around, make your party perfect.” Oh so its basically just a flashy bottle bag. There we go, there it is. Get in there. For a moment there I thought I put it on the
wrong way, and that was like the monkey’s red little bum thing, lets not talk about
that but, Oiladdin, maybe Disney gonna bring out Oiladdin now with this. Starring the monkey wine bottle carrier. So there we go, novelty gift, lets get on
with some proper ones. Little update on the steak, that’s actually
been ten minutes already. Ah, its really cold on the bottom of it, but
there is nothing, a few traces of water maybe, but I’m gonna stick it back here now, aright? So, next up is the, this, oh, As Seen On TV,
love As Seen On TV gadgets, this is the Banana Slicer. AKA, for the international viewers, a Bananenschneider. A schneider, I love that word. Actually one of the only words I’ve ever heard
of. Is that German? Schneider what does that actually mean? Does it mean slicer? Very painful, lets just take a moment male
viewers, check that out, very painful lookin’ indeed, but its for a banana okay. Supposed to slice it up quite easy. It reminds me of another gadget that I’ve
got. Remember this thing, the banana thing? That’s pretty good actually, we do use it
from time to time, but this one, does it like scissors. Yep so, hello? No, no, no, I’m not interested in buying any
of your meat products thank you very much. So this is how you apparently peel a banana. I didn’t realise, apparently its not this
end, you’re supposed to, pinch this end. I’ve seen people do videos online. Don’t do a banana that way, do it this way. Look at that, okay cool. Does kinda work. Alright nice little banana skin. Chuck it on the floor there. No one ever trips on a banana skin like they
do in cartoons do they? Would be amazing, you never see that. That needs to happen a lot more. That’s your homework actually, put banana
skins around your house and film it, and tag me in your videos. I’d love to, no don’t do that, we’ll get sued. I’m gonna pick that up, right now actually. This is actually one of the first gadgets
I ever got by the way. Look it, oh dear, looks like, do you remember
Tron? The first Tron, I didn’t see the updated one
actually. And it looks like the bikes from it. Maybe not, but wow. So you basically shove your banana into this
hole. Oh, I’m not putting me fingers in there, like
right here, and you go oh, like that, and it will slice them into several slices, so,
lets see how it goes. Fellow men, look away now, and its a potential
divorce weapon as well. So here we go, oh my gosh that was good. Wow, look at those slices I though it was
just gonna hold it. This is, oh, its scary, its intimidating and
stuff but, oh dear, how’d you do the last bit? You just get it in there. Wow, that’s amazing. To be fair to this, I was a little bit critical
of it, but that has worked an absolute charm. I think if you wanted to get something cut
quickly, maybe that one’s a bit better for you, but for this, if you’re doing like a
little garnish for a fruit salad, just want a few slices, that’s great. And then you can eat the rest. Didn’t realise just then, but I actually just
nipped my finger very slightly when I used that banana tool, so I put a plaster on. Or a Bandaid, just to make sure that I’m okay
and hygenic and all that stuff. So be careful with it I guess. I didn’t see that. This is the next kitchen gadget. And speaking of monkey’s bums earlier, that,
mangoes also remind me of monkey’s bums, you know the whole red, you didn’t want to talk
about monkey’s bums in a gadget video did you? Steak update. Again, still, not much is happening. And that has nearly been 20 minutes. Come on steak. No more traces of water or anything going
on right there, but anyhow this is the Slice and Peel Mango Tool. Check that out, check that out. I, wanna say something I’m not goin’ to. This is a Mango Tool where you can slice and
peel and it’s very exciting. It’s very exciting isn’t it? I’m just gonna release it from its packaging,
imagine it’s like ah, thanks so much. This is my favourite type of packaging okay. Its minimalistic, you’ve got it in different
languages. Like Mango Tool is cortado de mango in spanish,
or mango zutieler in German. Mango schneider, what’s it with schneider
today, in Netherlands, in the Dutch, so there we go. But it has pictures which makes it so much
easier. You’ve got two compartments, this bit actually
doubles up to peel it afterwards. Similar to a hack you can do with a glass,
Mrs. Barry and I tried that on our hack testing video, and it wasn’t the best but hopefully
this ‘ll work. And then this thing will stone it as well,
and slice it too, so this is the butch thing that’s gonna do all the work. So all we do is stand the mango in there,
we’re gonna go for the bum side down, like so. Alright, that’s quite a nice, snug fit, and
it does expand a little bit so if you push it in a bit more, get it snug, and then, okay,
we stick this on the top. Now these blades there, don’t know if you
can see, they’re really really sharp, so we’re gonna go down like so. Oh wow, that has cut right through that mango
with ease. Here we go, oh wow, I feel like Jurassic Park
like I’m ’bout to hatch a dinosaur, or the movie Cocoon right now, but that has done
a very sharp slice out of it, and the stone should be in there. Okay, oh… We’ve got a bit of an, we’ve got a near miss. I don’t like that phrase near miss because
it doesn’t mean that you nearly missed, so you did hit something, or did you actually
miss it, know what I mean? So we have caught the stone there, we’ve got
most of it. But on one of the cheeks, hello, imagine if
you had mango cheeks. Stone, a little bit of stone still there. So I’m gonna have to scoop that out. Come on, there you go, so that little bit
o’ stone, it was probably just a lining it up, just a little bit more accurate with that
and it would’ve taken out an absolute charm. And we’re left, with these cheeks. Which as I say, there is that hack where you
can do this with a glass, but we can use the rim of these gadget things to take it off
with ease. So this sharp pointy edge here, we’ll just
sort of go right in at an angle. So you’ve got this sharp pointy edge here,
we’re gonna go in at an angle, oh wow, come on now, oh it’s weird because you get to that
point and it’s like where do I go now? I guess you have to keep twisting it? Come on, okay, it’s worked, its done half
of it, its like hello, I’m a mango, welcome, welcome, come into my house. We’ll do it from the other side. Oh, its getting a bit messy, come on now. Come on, oh, yeah, well, it kinda worked,
lets try again. There we go, yeah, that is an amazing gadget. We’re doin’ pretty well, this is a great start
to the year. Meat update, it has been half an hour, which
is the time advertised on the front, although it did say up to an hour. And again, not much is goin’ on. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to flip the meat
over? It’s halfway, I think I’m just gonna leave
it? Just gonna give it the full hour, the respect
it deserves. As we’ve seen today, using some kitchen gadgets
can be whisky business, ey, which brings me on to this gadget that I’m so excited about. Right, this is called the Whisk Wiper. And it is, hopefully genius, I’ve actually
thought about this idea myself in the past, lets just get this packaging off. So it’s a whisk isn’t it? But what is this thing? It is the thing that you wipe it with alright,
so what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna whisk up some cream so it gets thick, and you know
how you sometimes get like residue on your whisk? You push this through it, this is the first
time I’ve ever done this, I’m very excited, you push it through like that, and it’ll scrape
every, nook and cranny off there so you can put it back in. There’s also some other things, that you can
do with it as well. I have a feeling I shouldn’t have taken that
off because there is a diagram saying right and wrong, and they probably tested that and
been like, oh no, you did it wrong, so ah, anyhow, we will concentrate on that bit. And I like the way that you can actually catch
the drips as well, if you’re doing something slightly thinner, you could do that. And then you could scrape the bowl, its got
an angle thing there so you can scrape. We’ll just do it, lets just do it. Alright, so in goes some whipping cream, we’re
gonna do old school with a bit of elbow grease. I’m thinkin’ as well, this gadget would be
amazing for lots of things but also buttercream icing. When you make it by hand like that you get
loads stuck on the whisk, lets see if it works. Alright, cool, that has gone on there good. I was genuinely worried about that, so, without
further adieu, lets start dramatic whisking scene. You put dramatic music over everything, make
it black and white and it does look pretty dramatic indeed, I’m just gonna whisk now. Darn it, do you know what? I haven’t carried out my full whisk asessment. This is the best you’re gonna get guys, I’m
goin’ with this. So there we go, we’re gettin’ it on like so,
and with it being cream a lot of it, should just drop free but you get all that excess
don’t you, and I normally just use like a fork, or a knife just to push it through. So what we do with this thing, is we just,
slide it up. Oh my gosh, boom, check that out. That’s awesome. And then, you just maybe wipe it in like that? Or you can scrape it off with that, but that’s
great, its got it all off the whisk. Amazing, you can also see when I lifted it
up it did catch some of the drips too so it works well like that. Then you probably rest it while its on there,
but also, let me just stick that to one side. Okay, this thing, you’d probably normally
clean it, but hey, it’s all good, it’s just me here. You can scrape the bowl, look at that. You can scrape the bowl and get it all up. Amazing, yay. Meat update folks, we have got six minutes
left until the full hour is up and, I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong, it is a
relatively thick cut of meat, but thisis still rock hard. Its a teeny bit soft around the edges, I’ve
given it all its love and the time that it needed. This is your chance to shine. My mother-in-law Leslie says she’s got something
like this, if not this exact model and it works a charm, so, I don’t think I’m doin’
anything wrong, we’ll just let you have a little bit more time to develop alright? We’re very excited about this last gadget
because it involves Lizzie, right? Melting cheese. This the Partyclette which helps you do your
own homemade mini raclette, and of course I know what that means. Raclette. – [Siri] Mislead, cause. – Mislead,no – [Siri] Idea or impression. – No not mislead, raclette. – [Siri] Reflect. – Not reflect. Is it raclette? Raclette. – [Siri] According to to Wikipedia raclette
is a semi-hard cows milk cheese that is usually fashioned into a wheel of about six kilogrammes. – It’s a raclette sorry folks. It’s traditionally a Swiss dish apparently
and apparently in Switzerland and other places they heat up a massive wheel and then scrape
the cheese off, oh my gosh, but we can’t do that, we can’t do that, we not gonna do that,
in fact, near me, they do that crazy thing where they chase the cheese down the hill. No one ever catches it, lot of people break
their legs and stuff, but we’re gonna try and melt our smaller version of this with
a Partyclette. Not sure if I should use matches, which we
have to do for this, the way this video is goin’ but, at least I haven’t been drinking
today like on the last video, although you guys seemed to actually love that. On that note, because I’ve got so many fun
gadgets left, and also, I like doin’ the giant foods and stuff, I’m mulling over doin’ a
complete separate channel that is non-recipe based, just for complete food craziness so,
let me know if you’d like that. You kinda get like your recipes on one, and
then all your wacky stuff on the other. I think that might be a good idea, ’cause
I’ve got so many more crazy ideas. I first word of the instructions is congratulations,
that’s when you know you’re on to a winner. “Congratulations with your new Partyclette,
our products are manufactured,” okay its a foldable raclette device. “It consists of a wood frame and metal barbeclette.” So its a grill plate, “three tea warmers and
a spatula.” God, what is it with me today, I just nicked
my finger. Well, that’s my fat finger that’s my thumb
so, look at this, you open the doors, and then out come the tea candles, yay. Do like a good Yankee candle by the way, random
fact for you. So we’ve got our spatula, our tray that the
cheese is gonna go on. The bath thing, that’s what I’m gonna call
it. That is gonna sit in our candles. So they were in there anyway, I don’t know
why I took them out I think I just wanted to do the creaky door thing. I need to give it all a quick wash, but basically
slice up our cheese, melt it, and shove it on some wedges, which I made earlier. Ta-da, and I did make them earlier, generally,
I think they’ve been in the oven about three hours. I think we’re about ready to go. To bring out my inner Swiss, I’m using some
Emmental cheese, which is really good for melting. Now you could use Cheddar and stuff like that
too, I think its Swiss, I might’ve completely just lied to you, I dunno, its cheese, I hate
it when its cold and I’ll show you that. Back to the cartoon conversation, like trippin’
over a banana, I love how cheese in cartoon is always like with the holes in like that,
you don’t generally always get it like that but, hard cheese like that, I can’t stand. But melting it, I’ll show ya, come on. The cheese fits pretty well, but I’ve just
halved the width of it, just so it will hopefully melt a little quicker. And all we do is, sit it, on the tray like
so, and the heat from the candles will hopefully just melt it up. And it’ll be all gooey, and we just pour it
on our potatoes and go who hoo, cheese heaven, and I will like it. Sorry for the cheesy joke, but do you know
what would be brie-liant, would be if somebody just did a Youtube channel of cheese melting,
I’m sure someones already done that but if not, you do it, right now, and I’ll subscribe
to you, okay, do it. It’s been five minutes folks, I was gettin’
a little bit worried, a bit like the meat thing in the background, but the cheese is
finally starting to give way. I can’t take it anymore, its gettin’ all like
weepy down the sides, its gettin’, yes I’m melting. Its melting, I should’ve just said, its melting,
its starting to melt. We’re nearly there folks, now I wanna give
you quick insight into these gadget videos. Since doin’ them, about 10 to 15 times a day
now from around the world I get people that supply and manufacture these sorts of gadgets
contact me so I can put their Amazon Affiliate link in. Because I do leave links below with an affiliate
so if you click it I get like 2p. But whoever’s like sellin’ that product gets
loads of money. And I get like, this Chinese bloke here, I
can’t pronounce his name, “Hello my dear friends, excuse me are you in Britain or the United”
are you Britain or United States? “If your is the UK I have a kitchen supplies
company please can you link to all of my” no I’m not doin’ that! It’s gamble, it’s potluck ‘in it? Or maybe I’ll just start selling my own, all
of them. In fact, why aren’t I doin’ that? I know why, because I’m too busy meltin’ cheese,
like this. Its really nice and hot and bubblin’ in the
middle we’re just waiting for that to spread across the whole length of the cheese and
then we’ll do the money shot and spread it on our taties. Potatoes, spuds, whatever you wanna call it. 10 minutes is up, just waitin’ for that corner
to catch its bubblin’ away, and then I’ll do my very first raclette pour. It’s time, let’s do this. We lift that off of there like so. Grab our little spatula, oh my gosh, look
at that, oh… see that! Happy Birthday to me, look at that. A whole sheet, of melted cheese on our taties. Just gonna leave that there to cool down but
lets have a teeny nibble. Doin’ healthy eatin’ on the channel this month
but I was allowed cheese and potatoes so it’s all good, just this. Oh my word, why the heck do I like you when
you’re melted, and when you’re cold we can’t be friends? That is so gorgeous, melted cheese. Finally, lets check on that steak. Lets bring this in then. Oh, little traces of water on the side not
too bad, it’s been an hour and a, oh, bang on, one hour and 32 minutes if you’re interested. Looks, oh no there’s like a sheet of ice still
in the middle I can feel it, its cold. Maybe I should hover it over that thing? I dunno, but I think I’ll leave a comment
right here down below to let you know the genuine time it took to thaw out. But that is it then folks, I think, my favourite
gadget was that whisk wiper. But there’s one thing I wanna try, with this
thing, oh there it is, see? I wanna see if we can use it to drink alcohol. So this is some Bailey’s. Look at that. Amazin’, oh, so so good. So there we are folks, really hope you enjoyed
the video. If you did, don’t forget to give it a thumbs
up. Subscribe for regular food, fun and recipe
videos, and don’t forget to follow me on social media for loads of behind the scenes bits
and bobs. And I would be generally interested to know
what you think about doin’ a spinoff channel with just all the wacky food stuff, and then
recipes separately. Completely up to you, I really appreciate
your input with that. And if you see any wacky gad, gadgets don’t
forget to send me the links to them and see if I can get ahold of them. And keep them comin’ in if you wanna send
me some. That’s it folks, love ya. See ya next time.

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  31. Hey Barry, Any Thick piece of aluminium will work to defrost , try getting some ice cubes and put one on a plate, and the other on the bottom of a thick based pan , see the pan one melt really fast …. great channel by the way only just found you and love it

  32. Omg that's soo funny, a couple of years ago there was a fight in the cantine at lunch in my school and one of the teachers that went to go and break it up slipped on a bannana and it was hilarious 😂😂😂

  33. Talking about banana skins, my cousin ( years ago she was 14 I was 15) I'm now 30, had a banana she threw the skin on the floor at the end of her straight. Fast forward a few hours we are sat in the lounge watching telly. My nan walks in crying in pain go mental as shes gone flying on a banana peel. 🙈 we never said anything just giggled quietly. Fast forward a few years the moment was brought up at a family gathering. I ended up caving and telling her it was megan. Thank god my nan ( god rest her soul) loved us enough to see the funny side of it. 🙈

    On a side note thanks for all you testing videos its helped me get back in the kitchen since I become disabled. Really is a massive help to see someone real testing them and know it's real.

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