Hello, folks, it’s Barry here. Welcome to My Virgin Kitchen, hope you’re
well. Today we’re testing some more kitchen gadgets. If you’ve missed any other Kitchen Gadget
Testing videos to date, I think this is number 16, don’t worry by the way, I’ve got so many
more upstairs, so many more arriving, so many that you’re sending me as well, we’re probably
gonna get to Kitchen Gadget 100 at this rate and beyond. If you’ve missed any of this, grab the popcorn
and check out the playlist link up here and down below. I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I
enjoy making them. So, without further ado, let’s get going. First step, my friends, I’ve got quite a few
novelty salt and pepper shakers upstairs to show you, but I thought I’d pick this one
out today. Check this out, actual size, look at that,
looks like an angry Mexican burglar, because it is a Mexican-themed salt and pepper shaker
wrestling ring. I’m very excited about this, it’s by a company
called Kikkerland, and it’s ceramic, ooh, expensive. And I do apologise ’cause somebody actually
did send me this but I’ve forgotten who you are, so, thank you, whoever you are. Set of two salt and pepper shakers and wrestling
ring tray. La lucha libre is a big part of Mexican culture. The salt versus pepper shakers fight each
other in the ring to bring fun to your table with traditional Mexican style. This product was designed as part of the Kikkerland
X Sanborns Design Challenge. Amazing, I might have to check that out see
if there’s other more quirky stuff. Let’s see. Oops. Oh, yeah! Okay, cool, I was always a big fan of wrestling,
particularly in the late ’80s, ’90s, Hulk Hogan when he was at this prime, I find that
a little bit over the top now. Oh, wow, check this out, that is the ring,
okay? I think it’s a visual thing, I was hoping
these were gonna be wind-up. It’s very expensive quality, I’ll give you
that, it’s made in China, I was hoping you would wind them up, and they’d be like, dat,
dat, dat, dat, and then wrestle each other, but no, they don’t, they just have these little
backpacks where you put the salt and pepper in, and I guess you sprinkle out of your head,
so, not out of your own head, out of their heads. That’s just going everywhere, but here you
go, I’ll tidy it up in a sec. Ohh, oh my gosh, I’m just like, seasoning
my table. Just felt right to put the black pepper in
the black one, and the white salt in the white one, so, I think that’s probably what you’re
supposed to do so you’ll remember which one is which. All right, we’ve plugged them both in, and
look, we can shake salt and pepper in the ring, and then they can fight in some sort
of big seasoning fest. But they don’t really fight. I was actually, to take this up a notch as
they say, little twisty wind-up so they bump into each other would be much better. I do actually quite like this as a novelty
little thing, so I think I’m permanently gonna put it over there in the background somewhere,
so look out for them in one of the videos. We have got ourselves a bacon gadget, my friends,
the man’s ultimate gift. This one I think got sent to me from Europe,
the language is. Is
that mean, slechts, what’s slechts mean? Something minutes? Hmm, lager cholesterol, don’t bring that drink
out, no one will buy that, or maybe they will, actually. So it’s basically a microwave bacon cooker,
but I just wanted to show you the serving suggestions, just spotted these. Sorry, sounds like a farmer, bacon burgers,
that sounds okay, bacon and is that urine? No, we’ll just skim past that, but it’s bacon,
eggs with cucumber and salad, I’ve never seen it served like that, but anyhow. And this one. That looks horrendous, don’t make that, folks. It’s got the dodgy Sellotape seal on it, I’ve
got a feeling this is secondhand, so I’m definitely washing it. Oh, dear. Nice comb there for the hair. Wow, okay, so we’ve got these partitions and
our tray, which I imagine is gonna get filled with fat when we microwave it. It’s a very retro instructions, indeed. They aren’t in English at all. I can see. Which I think could be recipe, I’m not sure. So what we’re gonna do, we’ll wash this up,
shove some bacon in it, bake it for a minute, keep our eye on it. Just for reference, this one is still going
strong. This is one of my favourite gadgets ever. Just slotting these compartments in it feels
a bit of a torture device. Getting my strips of bacon, and then just
putting it into its own individual compartment, okay, let’s fill it up all the way. All right, that’s my last strip in there,
and that is amazing quality smoked bacon, loving it, in fact, let me let my dogs get
their seal of approval on it. Be nice and share it, come on then. Is that good? You like it? I’ll take that as a yes. I think that was a seal of approval, wasn’t
it, guys? My only fear with this is that it’s gonna
shrivel up, but there’s only way to find out, let’s get it in the microwave. So that’s going in there for one minute, but
I’m gonna be quite flexible with it, if it’s not looking cooked, I’m gonna keep going,
and I’m gonna let you know, oh, starting to pop a little bit already, I’ll let you know
the exact cooking time. Oh, wow. So, basically people bake and cook in different
ways, it can be quite a bit of a debate going on with that, and this is just cooked, but
a lot of people like it crispy, so that’s what I’m gonna go for, I’m gonna keep getting
it in there and see how we go. There’s definitely a lot more sizzling going
on in there, so that’s been another minute. Hello, bacon. Oh, yeah, as you can see there’s a bit more
colour to it, teeny bit more fat in the tray, but I wanna keep going, folks, I want it crispy. That’s three minutes. Holy shmoly, that shrunk. Look, where’s my bacon gone? Look, it’s all shrunk up. Hot, ooh, that is hot, okay, I am gonna, I’m
just gonna keep going right through now, I know I keep saying I’m gonna do until it’s
crispy, I wanna make sure it is crispy. I just got a feeling right now it’s gonna
keep shrivelling up as it crisps, and it’s gonna basically end up looking like the mini
bacon that I used on my last mini food video, the mini cooked breakfast. That is the five-minute point. Oh my God. You see, everyone, ain’t that bacon crispy? Look what’s happened to it, look at the size
of it. It’s crispy, though. Maybe I’m just a bit quirky with this, but
I actually prefer my bacon after the two-minute stage, a little bit softer, I don’t really
like crispy bacon that much, but I know, particularly in America, with your pancakes, you do like
it crispy like this, I’m sure the dogs are not really concerned either way. Go on, get that down in ya. That good? How was that, all right, guys? Was that nice? Okay, I’m gonna make a bacon sandwich for
the girls with the rest of it, that worked. Just to show you that it did go from this
long shard of bacon like that, and it halves in size by the time you crisp up to that. Look at that, bonkers. Right, next up, folks. We need a bowl of water for this one, and
I’ve got to be brutally honest, these are quite fetishy, this gadget is actually some
gloves used for scrubbing vegetables, peeling vegetables. But the package that these come in makes it
looks like it was sold out of the back of someone’s car. But, hey, it’s all about the product, right? But they’re basically like gloves, whoa, what
was that? Oh, good God, it looks like a fish or something. Yes, they are gloves with a very heavily ribbed,
nipply effect on it. Could be a good way to have a shave, let’s
give it a wash. So I’ve got three vegetables to try this on. One that will be extremely practical, two
that probably gonna look quite rude, and three, if it does work, it will blow my mind, and
I’ll only use these forever. First up, potatoes. You know that song, you say tomato, I say
tomahto, does anyone actually say potahto? ‘Cause they say, you say potato, I say potahto,
does anyone actually say? Oh my God. Look, hey-ey. Imagine if Michael Jackson was on a budget,
sorry. Love that guy. And he used this rather than that sequin glove? It could have completely changed everything. Oh my God. So these are some dirty old potatoes, what
we’re gonna do is dunk them in the water like so, and then use our handy glove things. I’ll probably give it a little bit of elbow
grease. Boston’s looking at me, he’s going, the head
tilted, he’s going, hmm? Right, boy? Something’s working, there’s actually dirt
on my hands. I think you’ve got to dance with it. Whoa, my hands are dirty and if you can see
that, the potato is kind of shorn, which is an unfortunate name if your name is Shaun,
’cause you also mean being shaved. It’s getting that initial load off, it’s not
completely there yet, but then you can use individual fingers to really home in on your
zone, the potato zone. Well, I gotta be honest, I don’t think it’s
the most efficient thing, but it has worked, so if you compare that with that. Barry, for God’s sake. Yeah, if you compare that with that, it has
actually worked. So, let’s try on a carrot now, which might
look rude. Dunking the carrot in there and. Okay, that does look rude. I’m just doing a Chinese burn, it doesn’t
look awkward. Or I’m polishing the top of the microphone. But I’ll tell you what, that has actually
worked an absolute charm, so if you can get around the innuendo of using it, I was trying
not to laugh when I was doing that, but that’s pretty darn cool, look how shaved, how shorn
that carrot is. All right, Shaun? Last one is the sweet potato, which I actually
find a lot more stubborn and butch compared to a standard potato. If you’re peeling them, sometimes it can be
a little bit tough, there’s other ways around it, there’s hacks, you can put it in the microwave
and stuff like that, but it’s very rustic and terrain-feel, there’s lots of mud and
dirt on it, so let’s see if these can do the sweet potato. It’s bald, amazing. So, here’s the thing, it’s working, but what
you find is, when you normally peel a sweet potato, you get a little bit of orange poking
through, now this is actually just taking off the very top layer, so it’s giving you
more sweet potato for your money. But it’s removing that first layer of dirt,
but you’re not getting every little bit, you’re gonna need to get your finger right around
it, and scrub it all finely, so I would be much better down the road peeling this. But I am amazed with these gloves for doing
the potato, look at that, and how shorn that carrot, so good. Next up, we are using two egg gadgets, and
the first up is this colour changing egg timer. Now, loads of you guys have been sending me
links to this one, going, “This is amazing,” but I’ve it upstairs in my box for like, four
months, so here it is, welcome to the channel, colour changing egg timer. It’s basically red and as it cooks and gets
hotter in simmering water, the red shrinks down, it’s got lines that say hot, medium,
or soft, so you can get your egg the way you want it. So if you want a hard boiled egg, which is
what we’re looking for for this other gadget, you wanna get it nice and small, so that’s
what we’ll do with that, it should be straightforward. But this thing is the Throw Egg. I think I might have got a very budget version
of this from abroad, because the English on it is not that great. There’s something about the packaging that
freaks me out as well, there’s a very sinister girl holding up the golden egg, I’ll explain
what that means in just a minute, and then there’s two eggs here going, have you not
seen the golden egg, I’m different. Oh, ha ha, we are the golden egg. Magical golden egg is healthy and nutritious. So basically the concept of a golden egg is,
where it’s all scrambled, all shook up inside, it’s the white and the yolk mixed together,
so when you boil it, it is basically golden. Now, some of you might not know this, I’ve
actually appeared on a show called The Gadget Show in the UK a couple of times on TV here
in the UK, and I actually watched someone try this out, and it failed. So, I’m interested to see what it’s like. Egg shaker is a carefully designed kitchen
utensils. Simple, easy, and fun. Housewives simply been thrown into intact
eggs. So the instructions is telling you to grab
a housewife and throw them into eggs. Inside the egg shaker, a buckle, putting the
handle on both sides, so that the egg will spin up like playing gyroscope that after
more than 10 seconds until the appearance intact egg white and yolk completely mixed,
golden egg was born. I feel like both my daughters could write
better English than this. I think they’ve done Google Translate. The kitchen has a small artefact, mothers
do not worry about the children, choose to eat protein or egg yolk of the problem. Suitable for a variety of cooking methods,
the egg’s cooked golden shaved, golden sh? Tastes delicious and nutritionally balanced. Well, that is the worst translation ever,
isn’t it? So here it is. It does look like some sort of a weird slingshot,
but you basically enclose your egg in that, and spin it around, so let’s have some fun
with it. Okay, okay, so the ring comes off like that. Our egg goes in there, I am not confident
about this, and the English in the instructions is even worse, I’m not even gonna read that
up. Nestle the egg in there, okay, that’s pretty
neat in there, by the way, you can just do this process with your hand, just shake it
up. Taylor Swift style. Yes, that is now locked in place. You can just carry it around with you around
your neck. Look, hey, that’s an amazing necklace, no,
I’m just carrying an egg around for boiling it later. Hold the rope around the handle with both
hands, arms rotate in the same direction at the same time more than a dozen laps. Hand pull out both hands, so, all of a sudden
the hands are gonna pull out their hands. And instantly relax, pull again, that when
pulled at the end so you can make eggs body dumped, body dumped? This is like a murder confession. I just think I’m just gonna fling it around
everywhere. So it says to do this, 12 laps, that must
be about 20 laps, and then pull. Oh, wow, okay. This is so stupid. Can you hear that? Listen to this. It’s a workout, ugh, 201. But let’s not forget, there is an actual egg
in there, and it’s probably getting spun. I just felt some wet in my face, and that’s
just sweat from my brow. I hope the egg hasn’t cracked in there. All right. Oh, I’ll tell you what, it does sound a bit
watery, that’s the thing, you don’t actually know, do you? You don’t know, so let’s boil it up. Ugh, that thing’s got a real weird backing
on it, but I don’t think that needs to come off, so I’m just gonna sit it in there. Oh! And then in goes our egg. To speed up the boiling point, I’m just adding
a little bit of salt in the water, I think that’s a bit of a myth, actually, I don’t
know if that generally does work, so let me know down below what you think. In other news, I’ve just spotted, we’ve got
a little crack on this egg, I don’t know if that’s gonna affect things, so I’m gonna quickly
whip up another one. Because, if nothing else, it is just a lot
of fun. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah, this one’s got white spilling out of
it already, so hopefully this one will save the day. Oh my God, it’s actually made its own little
omelette in the pan. Guys, look, it’s all gone wrong, both the
eggs I think have cracks now, I haven’t got any more eggs, can I cook a pug? The one big good news is that gadget is actually
working. Oh no, I’m wrong, this actual egg is still
intact, we might be okay. I think it’s got itself a little eggy mullet
going on there, but to be fair to it, if you look at the crack there, it is holding its
shape, the rest of it underneath is slightly yellow in colour, I don’t know if you can
see that too well. I’m just gonna jump now to the step where
we cool it down, and see if this has worked. Here we go then, folks, so I’ve just taken
out what should have a red dot in it, and the red dot has completely gone, and I’m pouring
boiling water on my work surface near my phone, I’m gonna change that immediately. But more importantly, cold water here, and
our egg is going in, that is the one that didn’t crack. I genuinely thought they both cracked, might
as well get Mr. Omelette out. Look at the state of that, unbelievable. In this goes, yeah. So I bet that feels amazing, like, tss, aah. And I’ll let these fully cool down, and then
we’ll peel it, and see if we’ve got golden eggs. Isn’t that from Willy Wonka? Yes, it is from the Willy Wonka film, the
first one, the retro one, where’s he’s like, “How much for the egg, Mr. Wonka?” And he’s like, “They’re not for sale,” which
reminds me, I do have an Oompa Loompa fancy dress outfit upstairs that I need to make
more use of. Maybe for a future gadget video. Okay, these eggs have cooled down relatively
sufficiently, look at Mr. Mullet, look at that, ugh, looks like some sort of weird fish
or something, ugh. It kinda semi peeled it for me already, but
there’s loads of gaps in it from where the egg’s escaped, like loads of little air bubbles
and stuff. It’s actually getting quite exciting, and
I feel like it’s Jurassic Park. Ugh, God, there it is, that’s the bad one. So we basically made an omelette in an egg
like that, it’s kinda green in colour, I wouldn’t say that’s golden, it looks more like a century
egg, which brings back bad memories of a previous video. Speaking of which, I found this on the packaging
just while it was cooking, check out that bomb picture, there was some sort of weird
black worm protruding from the egg, ugh. But if that one’s worked, then this one really
should have. Oh my gosh, there we have it, folks, I believe
that’s kinda golden in colour, isn’t it? It’s certainly not as bad as that one, I’m
just gonna slice it to make sure we’ve got yolk through. Yes, we did. Wow, I wasn’t sure if I spun it enough, but
there we go, a whole, I would call it more magnolia egg. Needs seasoning, how the heck would you get
seasoning in there? This is our last gadget today, it is the Cheesy
Grin, which here in the UK just means somebody with a cheesy grin. So if you know someone with a cheesy grin
around the world, and you don’t use that phrase, you now have my permission to use it, hey,
cheesy grin. Basically it’s a bread cutter, sandwich cutter. I know which sounds the most amazing out of
those. You can make a nice smiley bread sandwich
like that. If you don’t like cheese, I guess you can
call it hammy grin, you can have that ham to make like his tongue or, of course, you
can make the grilled cheese with the smiley face, which is what we are gonna try and do
right now. All right, so there it is, I guess that’s
the company it’s made by, Fred on his nose, that could be quite cool to use that side,
but we go for that, I’m gonna use just one bit, we use one plain, because that’s actually,
the bread’s a little bit worn, but we’re gonna still use it, we still love you, mate. We’re gonna press it in like so, Oh yeah,
really get that. All right, oh, wow, that’s amazing. I don’t know if it’s just me, but that reminds
me of the face that jellyfish makes, or kinda like, have you seen Scary Movie 2, where they
did the ripoff of Scream, where it’s kinda like a very merry scary man with the white
mask? That’s that, that’s his face right there. And look, you’ve even got his face protruding
out. I wanna keep these eyes and the mouth, look,
boing, boing. So, with a grilled cheese, of course, you
do butter your bread one side. I guess you can butter it before you cut it,
but it’s gonna get messy. You turn one side over, just lay our cheese
on. Let’s just turn this around so you can see
it. Mr. Smiley Face on top like so. Cha-ching. So there we go, into our pan, let’s cook it
up. All right, let’s flip it over. Oh, okay, that worked. Kinda feel like I wanna just toast up his
face as well, just so that’s in there. I think that’s ready, here we go. Oh, yes, it’s done it, check that out. Although it looks like he’s got like some
sort of a tooth sticking out. That will do. His eyebrows are kinda gone, but yeah. This feels a bit sinister but, oh my gosh. Oh yeah. ♫ My mind’s telling me no Mmm. There we are then, folks. I, get it, eye, eyes? Think this was a really fun little gadget
to finish on. So there we are, Kitchen Gadget 16 is in the
bag. Don’t forget to check out the playlist for
the rest of the Kitchen Gadget videos, a whole barrel of laughs. If you see other cool gadgets, send me links
to them, or if you wanna send any, do get in touch. Don’t forget to subscribe for regular recipes
and food fun. Did you have fun, guys, yeah? I gotta take them on a walk now, I think Boston’s
dying for a poo. See you next time.

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