Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen hope you are well today we are testing some more fun food gadgets
now the majority of these today are ones where you have sent me links and I have acquired
them so yeah they are all your suggestions hopefully you will like them, there is a huge
amount of food gadgets in my kitchen right now I am going to be giving some away so if
you do not follow me on my twitter or facebook page keep an eye on them as over the next
few weeks and months I will be sending them out to you guys for getting involved I guess
but without further ado lets get on with our first food gadget, this is a bike pizza cutter
basically it is called a pizza cutter ride fast over your pizza is the tagline and it
is pretty self explanatory I guess hence the picture right there we cut the pizza with
a bike as you do but I quite like the idea it has two blades on it and seems to have
some sort of stand so lets get it out of the box oh wow it is actually pretty good quality
and it does indeed have a stand check that out it does not feel cheap and nasty so these
are the blades right here I have a pizza in the oven lets see if it works. It is a little
too early for pizza it is 8 in the morning but nevermind we have taken the bike off the
stand I guess you do not want to go in too much I am going to ride through the pizza
ok I am reversing maybe should not do that. I have done a couple of slices here folks
and it is working really well you have to dig it in first of all to get past the crust
then push it through then the final back wheel does some really decent slices so you can
play with it cut the pizza then put it in the stand once you are done so I think that
is a cracking start too early for pizza for me, is it ever too early for pizza? No.
This thing I am really excited about not this thing this is a banana but this thing which
is obviously self explanatory it is a banana slicer now it may seem lazy but we must remember
like some of these other gadgets some people can struggle doing activities like this so
it can be useful indeed so lets peel the banana, there is our lovely banana now with this banana
slicer I was slightly confused because you have the stronger ridges and bits that would
cut this side but then this bit feels more comfortable but you turn it over and it is
all quite rough but I will go for this side anyway so we get a nice cut on it here we
go push down on the banana ok it kind of worked but it has opened it up even more. Alright
that did kind of work but I am just going to try the other side too so we have the smooth
side on it here we go lets push it down again oh wow that has gone through much better push
it out like little banana coins easy peasy fun gadget that.
Well so far my brunch is going to consist of pizza and banana so we may have some herbs
with that these are some gourmet herb scissors by goodqol sounds like a goblin I am really
quite excited about these they are multi bladed scissors I have seen images of these online
before but you guys asked me to get hold of them lets chuck this out there you go theres
the scissors I do not know what that is some sort of complimentary comb cover and there
we go multi bladed scissors chives are good for snipping one by one but when you can get
a bunch like this here we go nice and level and then we just snip oh brilliant look at
that they have buckled ok so the more you cut they fall out then you get your brush
thing to be honest that does save a lot of time and effort not completely ideal as they
get stuck in there but I actually really like those and will keep them so get hold of some
for yourself. On the last gadget review you guys thought
that the biscuit mug was a little bit pointless check this out this is a self stirring mug
yeah the height of laziness I have already put the batteries in it it is a mug that stirs
itself take the lid off coffee in there press this button down I have already put the batteries
in the compartment there that thing in there spins around so lets see if it works. I have
my coffee granules here and the thing I do not get is you need a spoon anyway to put
the coffee in kind of defeating the point of not stirring as you have a spoon in your
hand anyhow we will go with it so get the water in there will add milk too and a bit
of sugar ok milk in again not going to stir it and as I like a bit of sugar teaspoon of
sugar in there and again I want to stick the spoon and stir but instead we are going to
press our stir button oh wow, oh jesus did you hear that noise I thought it was going
to blow up oh wow it has a foamy head on it suddenly turned into a pint of Guinness it
is quite cool I will give it that it does create a vortex look at that you just want
to jump in there don�t you that is addictive, that is actually quite cool but again pointless
lets see if it has worked though and mixed through I have washed it out already but not
the best coffee I have ever made. Really sorry but this mug is addictive I could just stare
at that all day anyhow the doorbell just rang and another food gadget has arrived I was
not going to show you this is like a digital thermometer with an infa red laser beam number
2 so really good for tempering chocolate if you want me to review it I will but you will
just see it in future videos so that is what that looks like but we do have another thing
here lets move that out the way this is a potato cutter I have just realised it says
potato cutter nice because on the other side it says kartoffelschneider is that right,
it is a potato cutter basically put a potato in there push it through that grate and it
should come out with really cool chips I love making my own chips and love making them chunky
and rustic when you do it yourself but on this thing using this it is potentially homemade
mcdonalds territory lets see if it works. Ok I have just taken it out the wrapper and
first thing that is a big old machine I am happy about that as potatoes are pretty darn
big so a that look at that thing that is a beast we are going to push the potatoes through
there so lets get the potato will not take the skin off it we are going to go all like
this and it must simply be a case of pushing down on the shaft thing so let me change the
angle here. There we go that is a little bit better so you can see it now and we just press
down here we go haha I just sprayed chips all over the floor and now the dog is trying
to eat it hang on, look at this potato protest in the kitchen they look like chips lets see
if it worked they have sort of worked but they have been bowed they have a kink in it
like a rainbow lets make rainbow chips so there we go we will get rid of those as they
have been on the floor but look guys a self stirring mug wahey!
We will finish off this food gadget review with a flurry of kitchen gadgets that work
well together and remember if you have seen any fun gadgets you want me to review leave
me a link down below and I�ll gradually get hold of them as I say we have quite a
few so will bring the videos out every month or so right here to one side is a pan of water
I am bringing to a simmer just put some salt in that but it is all about the gadgets this
is a bowler hat colander why spend 50p on a standard colander when you can have a bowler
hat colander I will wash this but look you can wear it and feel like Charlie chaplin
that is pretty much it so a bit of a novelty gift I guess but we will use this to drain
off our spaghetti I cannot remember how much this was I will put it on the screen now but
I do not think it was that cheap, so quite a quirky gift if you have someone that likes
bowler hats so we need to measure out the spaghetti I am so hungry I could eat a horse
know that phrase we are going to eat a little bit of a horse as I do not have that much
spaghetti this is a spaghetti measurer, there we are then a piece of plastic really a spaghetti
measurer a horse is enough for 4 people as it is shopping day here we only have a little
spaghetti so I am going to show you what it would be like it would sit in there n fact
the drawing on the box does it well but you can measure out your pasta and slot that in
there and we can see near enough that is for one person so yeah bit of plastic with a horse
on it. We are sticking the spaghetti on to cook and
this brings us to our two other gadgets let me show you how these work this is one I was
sent called a banana handle ok and it is exactly that it is a banana made of silicone and it
is ideal if you have those pans where the handle itself can get really hot or you shove
it in the oven because it is silicone it can stand really hot temperatures so all we do
is slide it, it is getting a bit sensual slide it on the pan if this was going into the oven
it would be ideal but this is one of those pans which stays cool anyway but then you
can hold it like a banana it is quite a good grip although I do not feel like I want to
trust it apparently that is the way it is supposed to go on but I do not know I do not
trust that if you have a hot pan and holding that I dunno.
And these things in fact I am not even sure what they are called in fact you can make
a human centipede out of them gets a bit kinky but they are just silicone men and I think
they just sit on the pan like that and are good because you can apparently let a bit
of steam out and crush the mans head just like that but any hot pans or bits and bobs
you want to rest and also use as an earplug or something like that they can high five
like that yo man they are rowing that is pretty much what they do there is something creepy
about that look anyhow our spaghetti is cooked lets drain it off with the bowler hat here
we go double wammy with the banana grip oh my gosh going to need a bigger bowl no that
is ok steamy steamy colander bowler hat shakey shakey spaghetti facial all done.
So there we are folks our gadget review for this time all done and dusted my favourite
without a doubt is the good old self stirring mug amazingly pointless but pointlessly amazing
at the same time, I just love it remember to subscribe if you have not already let me
know down below any more gadget suggestions and that is it I will see you again next time

100 thoughts on “KITCHEN GADGET TESTING #3

  1. That self stirring mug will be useful in the office.. imagine you doing your job feeling sleepy then you go to the pantry holding your mug in your hand just to realize that you have no spoon to stir your coffee and you only have those serving tea spoons from the pantry that you can't use unless your willing to wash them and dry them yourself which is I'm too lazy to do so..

  2. The self stirring mug could be handy with that travel lid for drinks that have a tendency to settle, like hot chocolate and some coffees.

  3. People who drink 'Bullet Proof coffee" would love the self-stirring mug! I'm off to order one right now. 😉

  4. Those potato-cutter-things aren't new at all. they have been around for several decades. I'm from switzerland and the swiss household and kitchen machines/gadgets factory by the name "Jura" has made them for a long time ago. We bought one about 11-12 years ago  from a secondhand-shop and that thing must (by now) be around 25-30 years old… it works best with cooked potatoes. We also use it for cooked carrots and other vegetables. Originally there were different sets of blades and push pads for different sized/shaped results, but as ours was from a secondhand-shop they're missing and we only got the one you have. But that's enough, it's a really handy tool to have and it works fast and easy!

  5. "The banana slicer can be used by people with disabilites"…and then here I am, not disabled, just too lazy to cut banana. 😁 I love that slicer. And apple slicer is also very good gadget.

  6. Mugs are really for on the go so maybe the self stirring mug is for when you don't have a spoon while heading to work or on the bus.

  7. Kartoffelschneider – yepp, you pronounced it quite right. I wonder why I haven't seen this in Germany in the stores. Or something like that. #Shrug

  8. Most gadgets would be of much better quality if they were completely stainless steel, like the banana cutter. We already have way too much plastic waste on this world.

  9. I have a veggie/potato slicer from the 70's. Got it from grandma when I first got married. It cuts thick/thin slices and fries and I love this thing. You cannot kill it, we've dropped it, hit it, even accidentally dropped it out of a truck bed when moving and it still works great.

  10. I think the self stirrer is good because then you don't need to wet the spoon so you get you sugar or coffee wet. Also quieter than a tingly spoon when people are sleeping.

  11. The self stirring mug could actually help someone who struggles with fine movements. Also it would be good for chocolate milk cause it would make it smoother than just stirring with a spoon

  12. Stirring mug may be good for arthritics or people who shake uncontrollably prevent them from splashing it everywhere, then they’d only need a straw and boom!

  13. the self stirring mug/water bottles are for those like myself who use the powder drinks or protien drink g-fuel of whatever where youd have to really really mix the damn thing before its mixed and it helps save on hand pain LoL

  14. Never to early for pizza. But dude the idea of cleaning that ug

    Also my old dog loved raw potatoes. Always would try to steal one from the pantry

  15. I could see the use for a self-stirring mug.
    Say you're out camping, and you don't wanna lug around a bag of used, wet stirring spoons.
    Nifty little thing then.

  16. My Mom would have loved that self stirring mug,God rest bless her soul,she love International coffee's and had a mini battery operated whisk to stir it,not that she was lazy she just liked the novelty of it.

  17. Really nothing about the human centipede on this? All his videos everyone comments on funny things he said and this one no one mentions the human centipede joke 😂😂😂

  18. Could've rinsed those potatoes off and cooked them up! Potatoes are dirty, you have to rinse them anyways! 🤦🏽‍♀️😭

  19. I have the self stiring mug as I got it for Christmas and it is really good as I have a joint condition and can’t stir drinks very well as it hurts my joints and it has really helped

  20. Fairly new to the channel (it's relaxing to have a mini barathon before bed or while doing homework) but I just came upon this video and I'm having really bad deja vu. So I'm guessing I watched it years ago and didn't subscribe but now am rediscovering the channel and I love it!!

  21. A bit late, but I think the colander bowler hat are for those that follow, or not the spaghetti monster in the sky, something about colanders being the official headwear or something lol.

  22. 2:11
    I… holy frick. Is that… a gadget review video acknowledging the existence of assistance devices? From a channel with over 100 subscribers? On my youtube? It's more likely than you think!

  23. I like to that stirring mug for hot chocolate because it mixes so much better then a spoon you don't have the small clumps that don't like to desolve

  24. I don't think the self storing mug is pointless, I always have unstirred sugar at the bottom of my coffee everyone I make a sup so I think that would be perfect to get rid of that problem unlike the biscuit pocket u can just use a plate or napkin. And it can only hold one?

  25. Only just though I do make tea without using a spoon as I fish the tea bag out with my fingers (I usually put cold water in too as being a parent I'm to prone to leaving tea to cool and forgetting about it). I may have justified me getting a self stirring mug now

  26. The self stirring mug is good in the morning for freshly brewed coffee, less noise by stirring and less teaspoons to wash.

  27. I want to get a mug like that for my dad he lets his coffee sit all day and some of it settles also not everyone uses instant coffee

  28. The stirring mug I believe is useful for when it settles at the bottom n stuff so you wont need the spoon.

    It's actually really useful, as I've had hot chocolate/cocoa settle while I sip away at it on the PC.

  29. I think the banana Handel would be good if you put a peeled banana in it for kids do they don’t eat the peak or blind people if they are so they can not get there hands dirty but don’t eat the peal

  30. No wonder my planet is dying… All the useless plastic gadgets you review and advise people to buy are utter garbage and a waste of time and fuel. They're causing so much pollution to make, transport & sell!

  31. They sell those mugs at my local store. I always joked about buying it, but was hesitant to it's uses. Glad to see someone reviewing it.

  32. The self stirring mug is more for America where we have coffee pots and coffee machines which brew coffee for us in larger amounts than 1 cup at a time like you do.

  33. I have a chip maker like that made out of metal. It was my mom's and she got it in the 1950s. They can work well but not a new idea at all.

  34. I would say that the stirring mug makes more sense in America where most people use coffee pots instead of instant coffee especially at work. it would be very nice to have.

  35. I am very late to this party but that self stirring mug will suit me. I tend to just guess my coffee, sugar and pour it and have said "saves washing up those pesky spoons" to need a spoon anyway to stir as my brother-in-law
    Suggestion of "pouring the water in violently" doesn't work. But great for creating spillage and burns…

  36. The self stirring mug could be useful if used on chocolate milk and other things that need more than a couple seconds of stirring

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