– Welcome to Kitchen Gadget of the Week, a segment that may or may
not actually be of the week, you know, there’s nothing
like reassurance, is there? Truth be told, I have done lots of kitchen gadget videos in the past and some of them, as has been welcome, is I haven’t given them a fair crack of the kitchen gadget testing whip, so I plan to delve into it more, like, some of them might be 20 seconds long, some of them might be 20 minute
epic, directors cut styly and hopefully that’s cool with you. Let’s also take into account one of my most popular videos ever was when I just reviewed a banana corer, a banana corer that does
not even have a core, a banana doesn’t have a core, I don’t know what that was,
I still called it a core, because I felt like a banana had a core, that was why I did that. Also, throw into the mix the fact that I’ve got tonnes of
kitchen gadgets still to review and I just wanna get rid of
them in a steady process, I went live on YouTube the
other day just testing it out, it worked a charm, thank you
to everyone, that watched that, I plan to review a gadget
every week hopefully and then like literally give
it away, that actual gadget, maybe a day or two later on a Live Stream, I just don’t know how to do it, maybe I’ll just do like random MVK trivia, I actually don’t know, so you can tell me if this is a thing. Today we are looking at the
Micro-Pop Popcorn Popper, cha-ching, can you see that alright there? Lush, this is made by a
company called Ecolution, which I think was a nightclub
I went to in my teenage tears, Cook Well, Do Good is
their tagline right there, which is a good motto in life, Cook Well, Do Good, Cook Well, Be Good, Cook Well, Be Good. – What? Cook Well, Be Good? What you on about? (laughs) – [Barry] Sorry, it’s Cook Well, Do Good. – Cook Well, Do Good, oh-oh, watch out for the
cannon ball. (laughs) – We’re having it explode, whoa! – It’s got temperature-safe
glass, piece of mind, dishwasher-safe, of course, of
course I use the dishwasher. – This is the dishwasher, you could try using it
sometime, you know. (laughs) – Alright.
(laughs) And a dual function silicon lid, that measures the kernels
and melts the butter, that’s like two things
at once, I can’t do that and hopefully it’s not just a Barry thing, I can’t do it, I can’t do it. How many things can you do at once? – Two. – That’s good. (laughs) So why is this good? Well apparently, it will pop the popcorn without any oil or butter needed, so it’s kind of like healthy
popcorn, that’s good, it’s popping-tastic, pop-alicious, pop-pop-poparooney, pop’s your uncle. Apparently another feature is the fact, that it’s Movie Night Snack Size, well for me, when I’m
having a movie night, I want a bucketload of popcorn and also I fall asleep anyway, but I want a lot of popcorn
and I will eat it all. What does it replace? Well, it replaces cooking
popcorn in a pan, right, in a saucepan, which is
actually really, really easy and I’ve done a few
recipes on the channel, which you should check out,
if you want to, be a love and it also replaces those
microwave bag, poppy things, which spin around and do
actually burn quite a bit, actually one of the first
things I ever cooked, when I was a teenager was one of those microwave popcorn bags and it just, it stank. So what do the punters say? Let’s have a look at a good
and bad review and opinion. “I can’t live without my Popcorn Popper, “it makes the best.” in capitals, you know someone’s serious
when it’s in capitals, “My only complaint is
this is my second one, “because it is made of very fine glass “and boy, does it break easy, “if you aren’t very careful washing it, “I hit mine on the faucet
and hence, got a second, “however, I love it,” that makes it sound like
she actually struck it on the faucet, what is a faucet? Genuinely forgotten what a faucet is. I just Googled what a
faucet is and it’s a plane, look, no wonder she broke it, she smashed the Popcorn maker on a plane, but she still gave it
five stars, nice one, Jan. One on the negative side with the tagline, “This is awful,” by Nature Nut, “as a corn popper,” is that his job? “Hi, I pop corn,” “this makes a nice fishbowl.” (dynamic band music) “It sure doesn’t work for me “and for all the reasons
other reviewers mentioned, “who also gave this
product one or two stars. “It’s back to the air popper for me, “this one’s a real waste of my money “and yes, I tried all
different times and powers “to try and make it work.” Sorry to hear that, Nature Nut, incidentally, I do have
an air popper upstairs, it’s in the gadget
conveyor belt to review. What other uses are there? Well, here’s two ideas, one, you could use it as an
instant filter for your dog to make them look like
they’re an astronaut or you could use it as a seashell, ahh, I can hear the waves,
legitimately this seashell thing, oh, you can hear the
sea, that is exactly it, I can.. smell popcorn. Of course, everyone is
entitled to their opinion, but as a lot of Amazon sellers use my name to endorse their product, thank you to everyone
that’s sending me the links, Endorsed by Barry Lewis, I
don’t even know these people, alright, they’re just,
they’re just doing it, if you’re gonna do that, that’s fine, but help me out, bit
of cash machine, yeah? Woo! I headed out to the
shops to get my pop on. Alright, this is my
rustic dog walking look, I’ve literally just
finished walking the dogs, it’s a horrible day, it’s raining and I am gonna go and
get some popcorn kernels, these kernels gotta stand to attention. Here we go. That’s what we need, stand to attention, kernel, nice. I was getting some
funny looks in the shop, ’cause I look like a Smurf with my hat, I don’t mind, you know, the
corn is here, I’m so corny, you are lucky, this guy’s lucky, he’s not gonna be just any old corn, you’re gonna be gadget corn. (laughs) Oh my gosh, look at
that, it’s like a big teapot, better give it a quick wash, you know. Fill the silicon lid with
popcorn kernels to the Fill Line, okay, this is my liddy
thing and there’s a line. (pouring corn kernels) That’ll do, I think, seems pretty good. (pouring corn kernels) Optional, add desired amount
of butter or margarine to the silicon lid, so literally in here, the perforation lid allows
the butter or margarine to melt onto the popcorn,
butter is not necessary, you butter believe I’m
gonna do that one as well. So this is the critical
thing, as far as I can see, it is not telling me the standard
wattage of the microwave, mine is an 800 watt microwave,
as many of you know, I tell you that a lot. Heat the first batch for
two minutes, 30 seconds on subsequent batches, time may be added, until the popping slows
to two seconds apart. So that’s how many are in there, let’s do it. (beeping microwave) Do you think it’s gonna work? I don’t know, here we
go, right, let’s grab it, ♪ Da da da da da ♪ Two minutes 30. (beeping microwave) Noises are happening, I just heard a psst, this is a Snapchat territory. (whirring microwave) Smells like the cinema in my microwave, it does, guys, honestly, it does. This is great. (whirring microwave) I’m gonna take it out early. (gasps) Oh my gosh, look at it. Ooh crikey, I’m scared to touch it, ’cause everyone said the glass was so hot, yeah, that’s hot. This shouldn’t be hot though, this handle, oh no, it’s not, look, popcorn. Ah-ah, it’s hot, ooh! Come on, out you come, oh,
a few unpopped kernels, it did warn about that. (pouring popcorn) Popcorn, oh yeah. (pouring popcorn kernels) Uh. (pouring popcorn kernels) You’re gonna go all over my popcorn, mate. (beeping microwave) The butter is actually
raining down on our popcorn. (thudding of corn popping) Look at it go, that’s crazy. Oh yes! That smells both buttery
and burnt. (laughs) Well, we butter take your lid off. (pouring popcorn) I tell you what, it’s worked though, there is no burnt
popcorn, I don’t see any. It’s a little bit like
the movie, Gremlins, when they get water on them, why does one kernel of popcorn end up turning into like a whole bowl? Why can’t everything be like that? Imagine if you clicked your
fingers (clicks fingers) and then another one of you appeared (clicks fingers) and then another (clicks fingers) and then another, really bad Wayne’s World reference, I don’t even know how
I’m going to edit that. This thing actually worked a charm for me, no broken glass, Nature
Nut would be upset with me, tastes amazing! Don’t take my word for it though, take the word of some
expert popcorn tasters. ♪ Popcorn cam, popcorn cam, popcorn cam ♪ – Mm. It’s got a, mm. (laughing) popcorn cam, popcorn cam. – Ooh, smells amazing. – [Barry] It’s popcorn,
it always smells amazing, well, unless you’ve burned
it, then it’s like horrible. – Oh yeah. Ooh, nice. – [Barry] You like it? – Mm. (jaunty orchestral music) – Jeez, wow, nearly bit me hand off. Well, I think that answered
that question, didn’t it? In conclusion then, should
you get this gadget? Yes, you jolly well
shall, I think you should. If you wanna get it, I’ll
earn 2p or something like it, if you click a link down
below in the description, I’m gonna go Live and
give this actual one away, I’m not even gonna wash it, so you can have the actual
stains from my house, (laughs) that sounds wrong. If you enjoyed this video as
much as I’ve enjoyed making it, don’t forget to give
the video a thumbs up, subscribe to regular videos and maybe share it with a friend, that you think might enjoy
it as much as you did too and then you can laugh about
it over a coffee and popcorn. Seriously though, thanks for watching and if you’ve seen any other cool gadgets, let me know what they are down below and I’ll work my way through
them, cheers, kernel. (upbeat pop music) Ugh!


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  11. You can make oil-free popcorn in a frying pan! 2-3 tablespoons in a medium high pan with a lid, then just shake a bit! so easy, so tasty

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  13. The video is very funny and ur family and dogs are great.   Well done.  Cute gadget, but I feel I must interject that the popcorn world has been lying to the public for far too long and just taking our money hand over fist selling us gadgets, microwave bags with mystery ingredients, and unhealthy chip-type bags at the grocery.  If you want to make easy popcorn fast with no chemicals, just place 1/3 cup in lunch-size paper bag, loosely fold closed top, and just microwave (no oil needed) for 2-2.5 minutes (until popping slows to about one pop per second.  All done, healthy, and you can season with whatever you choose – salt, butter, spices, etc., or not.  STOP THE POPCORN GADGET INSANITY!  Cheers.

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  17. Interesting gadget: MUST HAVE. But a year and a bit later; when I clicked on the link you gave: "No sellers are currently delivering this item to Canada." Why bloodly not!! humpth… >:( <–my pouty face

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    Also doesn't help that they spelled it faucet like the last name Faucette, you spelled it faucett like the Peruvian airline company, while the spelling of the water or other fluid control valve is faucet.

  19. You can do the same thing with a microwave-safe glass bowl covered by a plate, as long as you have oven mitts (or a towel, I suppose) to take it out of the microwave, since it DOES get pretty hot. I used that in college to make popcorn since stovetop made too many dishes and trying to microwave popcorn in a regular brown paper bag went badly, to say the least.

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    literally looks exactly the same. 0.0

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