100 thoughts on “KITCHEN GADGETS Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On S2 E4

  1. I actually don't believe the fail was because of Jamie, he actually contributed and made it happen. The problem with the last place is having to make everything into an actual dish so having to add something to the dish (pineapple) he didn't really have time to do anything with it.

    Overall a complete mess but I don't think Jamie was the worst.

  2. I think Jamie always underrates himself! Personally I think he did really well in this challenge, it just so happened that the cheese curdled which no-one could have predicted!

  3. James is off cause he has runny bottom 😂😂😂 and Barry, my poor sweet child, nothing he did made it to the final plate

  4. Ya know what? Despite the wonkyness of the end product, I’m pretty proud of Jamie in this one! He had a simple vision, and for the most part, that’s what ended up on the dish (apart from the slaw). Well done, Jamie!

  5. A new mantra for the boys… "Fridge, Microwave, Oven" before they begin their time. Also, pineapple and cheese… not a great combination. Did Jamie forget that cheese is made with milk… and that pineapple will curdle milk? LOL
    An idea for the next… a combination of gadget and ingredient. So the first person has an ingredient and a gadget left for him by 'Janet' that must be used. He then chooses one ingredient and a gadget for the next person. The ingredient and gadget do not necessarily have to match but have to be used by the person they are left for.

  6. How could Barry not check the oven when it radiates heat being so close to it??!! And how are these videos becoming more of a failure but more of a great entertainment? Hahahaha

  7. Could you do a pass it on where the person at the end and the person at the start get to observe each other as they're in the kitchen?

  8. I WANT A REDO! if this is the worst pass it on yet, we need a round 2.

    …and admittedly I want a ultimate battle with gadgets.

  9. "We all deserved zeroes." Uhhh….no. It was off to a decent start. The biggest cock-up was not checking the microwave, which you didn't even bother including in your "what we learned for next time" portion. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  10. Pineapple on a burger. This is one of the WORST things you guys have ever released upon the world. No. Just goddamn no.

    I wouldn't even rate you.
    >tips fedora

  11. Cooking while looking! Its all about watch-time now. Had to spool back a few times. I am a good person. I support these people. Was cooking whale-meat.

  12. I feel like it’s a bit boring when the boys grade them so low now after the incident of Barry graded him too high. You guys deserve much higher gread

  13. PASS IT ON Idea, A full 3-course meal with the order being cleanest to messiest in the kitchen. To make it that bit more challenging, each dish must use local seasonal ingredients. Good luck

  14. Yay pass it on! I kind of love it when it’s a disaster. I’d love to see one with a market component, where the ingredient selection is also passed on. Maybe with a budget? And then the order goes by how much change everyone had left.

  15. I know you won’t see this, but I thoroughly enjoy your videos and I am interested in the world of food as well. I try and cook whenever I can and am happy that other people who have great influence, show the same interests.

  16. make a Baked Dish, like Lasagna? but one person also gets to add an 15 minute break before the next person (to allow more making time).

  17. I loved the presentation, then was so thankful that there is no such thing as smellovision, cause y'all just went "Nope!" 🤣

  18. Idea when you guys use one of our ideas that we leave in the comments, give us like a $25 gift card to Amazon or something and or a free cookbook.

    Other than that this episode was killer

  19. If you can hear someone screaming ‘MIKE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?’ from the distance, that’s me, screaming from Australia.

  20. May I just say that I tried Jamie’s “recipe” for spinach pasta from last episode, and it was amazing 😊 it was a little hard to get right, not only because I made a triple batch but also because he kind of just bummed some oil in until it did a thing, but once it was the correct consistency it was grand~

  21. Love how Mike is super positive about the future when he's the one that derailed the whole thing by not checking the microwave, even though the burger plates were on the table when you started and are not now, and then ruined it further by not taking the courgettes off their heat and thinking a pineapple corer was a good idea. At the last minute. With no other ingredients to indicate a slaw.
    Jamie number one – really solid performance, both in set up and trying to fix it.
    Barry number two – added everything that was needed, didn't do anything silly but made sound decisions
    Ben third because really, courgettes. The rest was fine and didn't derail anything.

  22. The team filming must really struggle trying not to laugh at the various goings on. Must be a challenge not to give the game away when a major component of the dish has been missed 😃

    Talking of challenges, what happened to the Brownie Points and the leaderboard that started last year?

  23. Please do a series with the goal being to win a pass it on! See how much you have to do to succeed. Some ideas, stack the deck, put people in the best order. Or give the guys 2 minutes to work out who's doing what before it starts, or leave note cards. Or maybe have a chef give instructions the whole way through using charades.

  24. what do you mean: "we all deserve a 0" Jamie did great. Then 3 did almost nothing, and he had to put it together at the end.

  25. FINALLY. How many hundreds of people have wanted this video to happen? The moment is finally here. And it's exactly that distinctive flavour of catastrophic culinary tragedy we all smelled from kilometres away.

  26. Pass it on theme idea: an unusual ingredient as the star of the dish (eg. sheep's brain, veal tongue, chicken hearts,…)
    Order: hair length

  27. I think at this point those three should stop calling themselves normals

    They've had a decade's experience of working with food and kitchen related things.

    Its their whole career.

  28. Dammit! You are wasting food and that should be a criminal offense. It is not fun, funny, or interesting to watch "Pass it On". It should be called "Pass on it."

  29. Key Lesson: they really need two chefs for this segment. James could have saved it.

    There's probably never been an episode where someone says (Re: Ben) "I can't eat that!"

    Loudest reaction yet!!!

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