Hello folks it is barry welcome to my virgin
kitchen hope you are well loads of you guys have been asking for ever since time began
for food hacks, kitchen hacks whatever you want to call them here are 5 attempts at food
hacks. Lets go. Number one hulling a strawberry using a straw.
This is quite a simple concept you take a standard drinking straw and insert it through
the buttocks of a strawberry and remove the hull so you hull the strawberry I have a food
gadget that does this really well but the straw did indeed work and my kids found it
amazing too. It is not working, oh my gosh, what are you doing, you are just stabbing
a strawberry well chloe was kind of making holes in it but it is a pretty good food hack
that one, so hulling strawberries with a straw does work.
Number 2 separating an egg with a plastic bottle I have done this before with many different
food gadgets but by finishing off a bottle of water from a plastic beverage containing
device you can apparently separate an egg yolk so we gave this one a try. Water bottle,
egg, well that one is a bit funny so we will go for that one, huh! Oh my gosh it has worked,
what do you think chloe, good, and we just put it in there, wow you did not try the other
one, shall I try the other one? And again quite a success there and chloe was quite
keen to use the fish egg separator wahey squeeze it out, squeeze, there we go.
Many egg separating gadgets are available I have reviewed a lot of them. Number 3 watermelon
on sticks, the concept of this one is slicing a watermelon, haha lengthways then back on
itself which does look kind of cool but as you begin to do it, it wants to blossom like
a flower and that is what happened oh no. Do not worry. But by the end we did not really
mind and could insert the sticks into our watermelon and it did work it is just the
fact that we just all sort of hate watermelon in this house.
Number 4 slicing multiple tomatoes at once, the concept of this food hack is that your
life is so busy you cannot slice a cherry tomato individually but there are gadgets
that do it, but what you do is get one plate pour tomatoes onto it place another plate
on top, slice horizontally the first time I did it I used one of my standard kitchen
knives and it was sharp but just not biting. But then I tried it with a serrated bread
knife and boy did that slice through like a knife through butter of cherry tomatoes
in this case and wow we have halved tomatoes pretty good but I do not like raw tomatoes,
do you boston? It works. Number 5 mango peeler I forgot what this one
was supposed to be so I got Mrs Barry to help me something about peeling a mango or something.
Use a glass as an easy way to peel a mango, I do not think that is going to work, only
one way to find out. It is done lengthways like that, no it is not, do not think it matters
which way you cut it, ok, you cannot cut through the core, you have to take the side off, this
seems like a lot of effort, look try and cut, yeah that is the thing you have to go around
the core, slice the sides off of it, and you just told me to stop, there has got to be
an easier way, no you are going through the top bit, you are going too near the middle
that is why it is tough you want the soft bit, there is a core running through the middle
of a mango, you are trying to rip it off, no because you are squishing it, I am trying
to get it off, how else do you get it off, you would not eat that bit anyway it is too
hard, I do not think I am doing this right, just cut the soft bit go around the core,
just cut the soft bit, see I told you, it does not look like that in the picture, that
is the core there right, lets just try it, that is not going to work, what are you doing,
that is the core bit I am peeling the skin, this is the skin I am not peeling the core,
oh I got it, what , look, no you are supposed to scoop it out, peel a mango look but he
has slices, no he is peeling the skin off you still have to get past the naughty bit
in the middle I know you are peeling a mango that is all it says, not doing this right,
can we just use a peeler, he has a thin slice like that, look lets get a thin slice, he
has not even got any skin on his anyway, he is not peeling his anyway, yeah he has look
he scoops it off, with a little glass in lets take a little bit so maybe what this guy is
doing, like this through there, try that. Oh actually yeah I think you are right penny
dropped I do not say that very often there we go that is what you do, well I cannot afford
another mango right now we do not get them very often but yeah, that makes a lot more
sense, fair to say we had quite the discussion over that mango one as you may have seen there
we nearly got divorced over a mango can you believe that it would have been a pretty interesting
story I guess it kind of worked but there are much easier ways to do that just peel
it and slice it, just do that please, so that is 5 kitchen hacks for you to try out with
a variety of success you guys have sent loads more in the past so thought I would chuck
a quick video together to show you if you have any other food hacks you want to see
leave a message or suggestion below do not forget to subscribe for regular videos, do
not forget to subscribe and see you next time, there are no lens in these but, yeah, see

100 thoughts on “KITCHEN HACK TESTING #1

  1. Barry, has anyone ever said you look like Martin Freeman with those glasses on? He was in Fargo, the office and love actually. Ha ha. Love you're family !

  2. I don't understand. How can you hate watermelons? Just, how? I kinda get the tomato thing, I know a lot of people don't like them. But watermelons? What did they ever do to you?

    Also, your family is freaking adorable. Haha was about to swear there.

  3. its a mango not avocado, u cant twist and get rid off the seed. u cut the mango from 2 flat sides and then u scoop on a of the mango u have to peel n cut normal way

  4. You might try putting a rubber band around the watermelon before you start slicing and not go all the way through, then slice off the rounded end. Then place a bowl over it and flip it. Then stick the sticks in and pull out your popsicle watermelon treats.

  5. i've seen that mango trick before , but i think the steps you were following were explained wrong.

    All u do is, cut along side of the pit/stone.
    and then grab a glass to seperate the SKIN and the flesh.
    that trick is not meant to sperate the stone from the mango

  6. I don't have the full use of my hands due to nerve damage and a stroke so I have difficulty with using a knife. Needless to say that there's been some hacks, and gadgets, that have helped me tremendously.
    You always talk about the gadgets possibly making life easier for people who have disabilities so I wanted to thank you for that. I haven't come across anyone else who is so considerate. Again, thank you!

  7. I just realised Ms. Barry looks a bit like Ms. Watson
    Could we get a Barry = Watson; Ms. Barry = Ms. Watson and Chloe and Phoebe could play Sherlocks?

  8. all you have to do is hold the mango up right and then cut on either side of the seed (not core) and you should be left with 3 peices then simply slide on mango half (with the skin on the outside) on thr glasses edge

  9. I'm a chef, and everyone thinks I'm a bit of a dolt when I chop tomatoes with a serrated knife. any size of serration works, since it's just about piercing the skin of the tomato, which any other non serrated knife struggles with unless it is professionally maintained. But I swear it works a lot better than with a regular knife, and alot less knife maintenance, just for slicing a damn tomato!

  10. you cut the mango in to three leaving the mango core in the middle slice and than you match the round curve with the piece of mango above the skin and push it up.

  11. dont get how you run a cooking channel and have a cookbook when you dont eat 90% of the foods out there

  12. Thanks for wasting a whole watermelon. You cant be a chef if you are a picky eater…. but keep selling your cookbooks of other people's recipes to make a quick buck. Such a disgrace to a profession.

  13. i've done the mango one and it's a life saver because i have multiple times almost got cut while trying to peel a mango with a knife

  14. You don't like Tea, avocado, tomato, nor watermelon, liver, and tongue …. Are you sure a career in FOOD is right for you? 😛

  15. You both didn’t wrong you have to put the mango like if it’s standing up and cut the flesh and skin before getting to the core and then you can get the soft part out

  16. I know this is an older video. But I've just got to comment now. First off I LOVE YOU AND THE FAMILY! But could you please try to teach the children and you and Mrs. berry to not say the Lords name in vain.

  17. “We nearly got divorced over a mango” 😂 I recon somewhere in the world, that has been the reason why a couple have divorced

  18. Watching white people struggle to open mangoes is legit so entertaining. As an Indian we grew up around mangoes and it just comes naturally to us because its part of our diet, but then I see someone with so much cooking experience thats stumped by a simple fruit…it's hilarious.

  19. I think the watermelon or any melon you are supposed to leave a little edge you don't cut. Your mango is too unripe to use this method.

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