Kitchen Nightmares USA Season 6 Episode 16 Amy’s Baking Company (Uncensored)

Tonight Chef Gordon heads to Scottsdale Arizona and visits one of the cleanest restaurants in Kitchen Nightmares history This is a joke, but soon after meeting the husband-and-wife teams, Samy and Amy. He uncovers a number of problems Samy who runs the front of house is completely disorganized. I can’t fake it. I cannot work I can’t Amy runs the kitchen but refuses to listen to anyone. These are store-bought It’s no surprise that there’s such a high employee turnover Katie I quit and that this restaurant the customer is never right you fuck yourself Get ready to witness a colossal uphill battle If you’re fuckin you go Gordon faces off against two defiant owners Pizza is undercooked This may be the one restaurant. I don’t even know why we came back here. I’m going home now You’re going home where Gordon has no choice but to walk away What is that you said a rotten fruit possibly kill them there wake up you wake up shut the place down Scottsdale Arizona is a wealthy suburb of Phoenix It’s also home to Amy’s Baking Company Opened in 2006 by husband-and-wife team, Samy and Amy who’s our group? It was at a very early age that I discovered I had a real true passion and talent for anything having to do with the culinary arts Just give me the first set of dunning if you can Alright, so in 2006 Samy invested over a million dollars into this restaurant to make my dream come true can reopen yeah, we’re already okay, but We’re in the restaurant business. It’s not all daisies and ponies and unicorns Understand this whole substitution thing Approximately two years ago these reviewers and these bloggers decided to make up lies and say that they the food and it was disgusting Rich, and we lost a tremendous amount of business because of it. They’re just fuckin haters There’s a lot of things that are wrong with the food that she just doesn’t realize Do garlicky too buttery too sweet not cooked enough too overdone. That doesn’t work for me If someone has criticism Sammy tells them you don’t know what the food is supposed to taste like even you don’t know What is wrong with it? If anyone tell me that my wife’s foot is no good. I just tell em to leave the restaurant I don’t want them in don’t come back is your first time? And that’s time don’t come back mother not only do they lash out is where our Customers I will go tell them to fuck off if my husband doesn’t but they take it one step further and retaliate against them I hope he eats it and I just made it really spicy for him The customer is not always right choose another pizza or nothing and I’m not here to take shit from anybody I’m not going to have people Ami’s nuts I am going to really hurt somebody if they send back my cake one second She’s like a nice little Care Bear. Thank you so much. We love you You’re such a good girl and the next thing and she’s like Cruella De Vil. I’m stopping all the food It has to go to the freakin Unfortunately, the majority of the people in Arizona think that if you come to our restaurant that we’re gonna yell at you scream at you And throw you outside and that is not who we are Romeo. Let’s keep walking. Mr. You just keep walking He’s coming to tell the people how the food is good. You can go mother don’t come back mother I’d be happy not to Syria. Thank you. I think chef. Angela is gonna be wasting his time. I cant change gamename they’re lost cause Anything was dirty changing We are ready. Okay, good evening. Do you guys know what she wanted all right Miranda may be the only waitress. I can’t do the computer So he’s the only one that has control over that but she’s not allowed to improve orders pour wine or handle money the ravioli and then they were the Only one who can do that is Sammy. Okay, just Know Jamie thinks that he’s doing everything all by himself for soup But Sammy doesn’t realize he’s actually messing everything up. I need another line to not work I cannot I can’t I can’t think I cannot work. I can’t Sani Look what the orders? With Amy only cooking one ticket at a time. We’re not making any of this until I get to that ticket The diners are in for a long wait wait But the one table that has received their food is unsatisfied, what is the problem with it You don’t know what is wrong with it Okay, if you can do it to enjoy then we should know what you like to eat, sir Okay, Amy why you make me pear salad instead of that Caesar seriously, don’t worry I tell them to fuck off They say it’s not cooked enough to be chubby Okay, Amy Two pieces not cooked enough with it again independent the other Carol Burnett is not cooked enough the food we’re making is going straight to the trash and there are starving people that could be eating it instead these people decide that they’re going to It’s coming now it’s coming now now keep saying You want to wait you Fuck you give me a break. This is you guys I make You motherfuckers you all think that you can come in here and say these things are you kidding this is ridiculous I never seen anything like this next Gordon arrives at least baking company With little knowledge of the previous night’s dinner service Ladies basic embryo Gordon arrives to find out why Amy’s Baking Company? It’s his help How are you oh nice to see you first name is Sammy Yes, Wow. Look at that. Come on. My wife Amy. Yeah, can I meet this lady? Yes, please. Yeah, Amy Yes, what the lumps II want to meet you. You want to know who is the chef of who that or this beautiful? Did you make them yes, they did incredible Likewise, thank you to see you. I mean, they’re extraordinary. Thank you. That’s very nice I knew that stall balls now the restaurant is this thank you and I want you to see my kitchen after all before it I want and then you tell me about that kitchen also rice. Show me the kitchen Holy crap, you got lucky I’m the lucky one. He is my soul mate and we’re in this business together. We stand strong together We have to because there’s a lot of online bullies and haters and bloggers we stand up to them and I think we’re the only ones that ever have his restaurant owners and they come and they try to attack us and say horrible things that are not true because They’re used to eating processed wood chips or used to giving things for free and not from okay Let’s catch up with the haters seen that stuff after a quick look in the kitchen, of course Normally old is that like my spec kitchens, but the floor shiny It’s like a basketball court come it’s come see if you’re not the goodness your jacket. I need it. It’s like a doctor surgery Yes, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for saying it – oh my goodness me. Is this a joke? I mean the dice lady Sectioned off. Wow. What a pleasure To me Jamie, this is Christie and she’s mostly are you the sous chef? The restaurant itself, it’s very clean and nice but it’s Amy and Samy there’s a problem You’re not go to a book by its cover, sir. Took me back to the beginning How do we do Marisa almost ten years? We are married five months after we met Wow, well, I prayed for him and God sent him to me and I wasn’t gonna waste any time She said forget you you send me Hoffner You were Playboy in Vegas good he was Even have this beautiful of women as we did all the playmates would come to our table It was a play up, but with me it didn’t work like shot. I am individual or nothing at all Everything out Wow Sir, um, will you trained in the industry? No? I build custom houses. But when the crisis started I say I still have money but you me to do with it She begged me. She said my dream he was to open a restaurant I just throughout my life had a passion and a god-given talent for it. And this is all I want to do The initials will thank you. Oh, that’s beautiful. Hmm, and the only one that makes them and if I’m not here working. We’re not open If I am NOT here We don’t run without each other here you’re kidding me now, that’s the way to run a business We can’t find qualified people to work. They want to Lots of death this is mean and I think he’s worried is my biggest Problem in my life, but I cannot find people I can count on them. I can trust them dirty. They’re lazy probably caribean for Allah A few hundred. Yeah, so other than an issue with stuff what’s wrong with his bloody restaurant? I have issues with customers that are trying to be online bullies and say horrible things online Their online bullies and right things that are not true playwright that I have the door locked. Oh, they write that things are frozen I understand that but those things are not true. But what’s this thing? This guy came in that started this entire online bullying. He ordered a pizza margherita. And after I say, ok, how is your pizza? I say he’s a frozen pizza the next day he went and give us a review. Oh my god, my wife She was well retaliated right back to home, right? I told him I thought he was a loser He was a moron I did so she can hide his unfortunate I attacked back I’m not going to let anybody bully me bully. My husband that’s a joke. You need things gained in this business well They come we called me crazy a needy because I stood up to them and I need people Who respect you who know that you have earned your stripes in the kitchen and in life? I need them to listen to you and not the online bullies and take your word that you’re saying that our food is good maybe Your food it’s as good as a which is good. There’s something not quite right here. Thank you Well, you were control freak. I am is where me me worst. What a combination we have to clone us Clonise is that Right Jeff Julian well, we have three little boys, but they’re trapped in brave cat bodies Our babies are cuts there my whole life besides my husband in my business I speak feline Leasing YouTube for the first time you are both fucking no I’m gonna have the menu. Okay, do your thing normally? Oh well Hello, how are you at? My house, it’s pretty much just me I’m gonna be a month and a half good tips. I don’t meet it I make hourly shares. You must be the only server in this country. I know that doesn’t get tip town So where do the tips go? I Try to tell Wow, okay, great. Thank you here. Welcome Something We spoke earlier about the problem with stuff. Yeah, I just found out something pretty major Yeah, you can do the tips no something here cannot type service tips Then bring me the people who’s going to do their job, and I don’t have to interfere They can take the whole tips for them. If you see I already took three orders for myself and send them already today Juliana I’m doing the most of the job Wow, I’m Marisol. Okay, I’ve talked about that Do you know what did you what to do? Yeah, the fig and pear prosciutto pizza, please Yeah And then I’m gonna get for a Blue Ribbon burger medium rare medium rare Excellent place and I’ll take the salmon burger as well at the same time And then I went to New York you do what passes homemade rice eat, but not the new yorky today It’s not homemade. We didn’t have time to make them. Okay, I’ll go straight through earlier here We joined you right there the red pepper laughing Reggie. You welcome The story is becoming a little clearer Okay me yeah, this is the chef’s order Okay, I believe that once Chef Ramsay tastes my food as a chef He’ll be able to tell that this is what God wants me to do Two minutes What is that door bell on the side of the wall for there Whenever we have dirty dishes we ring it and then the buzzer comes and grabs the dishes from there Why would you roll grounds for the placement for? the first time in my career a pop washer has a doorbell Oh Dingdong the nerves are thus more fun? Wait, three cheese pizza are the cheese pizza Sammy yeah Just to use the POS system. No, she doesn’t know yet. Nobody’s I’m the only one we use it Yeah, but the quicker you teach her the quicker you can take a back seat I would get you when you come the timer with teacher Miranda. Have you ever worked in a POS system? Yes, every job that I’ve worked at every job and how many jobs go ahead before you worked ABC a lot a lot She doesn’t need training. She knows how to do it Yes, I get your lien friggin pan and prosciutto pizza Well, the crust is supposed to be good but it’s not that crusty it’s Very very sweet My dough’s law after all this way Wow That is so sweet. But that’s not the issue. The issue is the dough is raw. Just I feel it. It’s raw It’s doing I Don’t know how we’d come out today like this, but normally they love that pizza it’s really love I’m telling what I’m getting in it raw soggy and wet and too sweet in general. Which data you take about driving, please Thank you. Oh My god, I don’t think if I did What’s wrong nothing, I feel like Sammy Sugarcoats a lot of what happens in the restaurant? So Amy gets this feeling that like everything just doing is correct. Everything’s right Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Everything is okay. I’m not worried. I’m afraid to say something And not my wife. She doesn’t take the criticism. She will be shaking and then she said that’s it. I’m leaving After this and do like you do no money just do oh my god, I’m going to freak out I Thought even tell her I did like the the pizza You Janine’s her determinist yet. I know my wife she could get nervous and you’re telling the truth Do you want to tell her come with me you tell us what Wallaces know so she tells me she wouldn’t know Yes, you wouldn’t know anyway, I am 75 minutes in and so far. All right undercooked pizza. I know you’ve been waiting and you start eating my ticket, okay? I’m going to tell her you’re starving. I went tell her you are starving. Okay, she’ll move. Yeah, she’ll move Okay Thank you. Well blue cheese mushrooms marinated garlic aioli White truffle oil and Crispy bacon bits and a soggy bun. That’s just full of grease Jesus. Come on. I Have a lot of nerve calling this a Blue Ribbon burger Well medium man is not Oh, dear That is overcomplicated. It’s so unnecessary and look As one shitburger Disaster what a mess I got it. Thank you. Yes. Thank You how’s the salmon burger doing all Right You don’t need to keep reminding us we know okay I was just saying I know but you don’t need to come tell us we know that it needs to go out Oh Smells weird Oh Business I’m about wow, thank you. Oh Sweet spicy This has to be one of us confused ravioli dishes I’ve ever seen a text in my entire life Doesn’t make sense doesn’t make sense sweet and spicy. Yeah. Well the only With bacon and sweet corn top with cilantro. Are these store-bought? Yes, there are various He told me that this yes store-bought and I love all of them. Okay, I didn’t Do that Thank you. Oh This thing yeah, this is what I’ve been waiting for It’s like a salmon cage crab cake burger It’s overcooked I Mean, it’s some bears. Although it may be good for those three boys three cats at home Can we take that please because it is like eating dry cat food, huh? George take a sample. Hey really don’t Ya you I’m going to kitchen, you know I mean That was a lot longer than I expected and you know, there were some big bumps in that meal um, what kind of luck so I didn’t you’re like Let’s go through it later. Okay. Okay, I’m gonna go get changed And I want to see how this place functions and then after service cover all the points. You look disappointed. I am disappointed Okay, but let’s go through this like okay. Yeah, yeah Okay, thank you, yeah That’s you oh, thank you. Thank you Okay Don’t worry Never one tell do and you do what you do. Don’t set this told you what I’m concerned with his opinion in love Understand please do me favor you can they’re good Okay, we’re gonna start to get ready How’s the line work who does what Christine does mostly the salad and I do the pizzas I had people tell me it’s the best pizza that they’ve ever had in their life. What pizza today was on the coach? So his raw I said we said that back he’s I can’t daughter in service. Why is that your husband and wife? Yeah. Yeah It’s not as if you’re sort of manager and assistant manager, so why can’t you go and tell your wife, of course? Sir, I can’t wake up. It’s undercooked. I don’t think your pizza was undercooked I checked it when I took it out in the oven just like I do every other Pizza and to me it was crispy on The bottom when I cut it it was crunchy. So to me it was working So that’s your version cuz you didn’t see it come back. However, the fun for the beef valuable sake as anything bleu cheese marinated mushrooms crispy bacon bits white truffle oil who comes up with those ideas I did because there’s certain things that don’t go together and that’s for them Chef Ramsay is standing there riding my ass about white truffle oil and garlic aioli Oh my god, like he’s never heard of any flavor profile in the world disgusting. I have never had a problem with that hamburger ever Because your husband tell you and the this salmon burger was like a salmon fish cake in between the dry bun But it was a drive. I mean, where was this idea man? That was dry dry pate dry. It’s good like that We have people tell us There’s no point me saying anything to you because you just say where it’s good like that whatever The Reason, yes, we don’t joke you make these better what? Yes I can make Comfortable. Oh, yes, just doing everything from my menu. Then close my doors. What do you want me to sell? These are store-bought And they’re delicious and I Did you taste it you didn’t taste that one? I can’t usually get the feedback I said they were disgusting people usually all of it. I’ve never had a problem with it. I usually love it Yes, real customers not haters. Oh, come on, Amy Raviolis better in the freezer. Oh my god, sacrilegious nice and gentlemen, two seconds, please The owner is trying to pull the wool over your eyes by offering you frozen raviolis that aren’t even mais Within 500 miles of this front door. So would you mind personally if I eighty-six them to stop you from eating crab? Simulator six ravioli. Okay. I have too much respect for your customers – bullshit them now. Will you tell your wife or shall I? It’s dinner service and Amy continues to deflect everything By offering you frozen raviolis So to make his point Gordon decides to ask the diners Would you mind if I eighty-six them? Are you gonna tell your wife or shall I I would tell her. Thank you Okay She can’t take criticism. Why is that Ice-covered that’s question asked I have the same problem for that Are we used to waiting on something? Yeah, when is the pasta the spicy pasta? Pasta Reza? Yeah, is that coming? Can you look on before and see what else they had? They should have a hostage You know Give it to me Today me Sammy. I did write it down for you party. We’ll do it. That’s right there What is it’s us the rustic I see if you do it’s ok You don’t need to question me Katie you can go home right now I’m sorry Sammy. I would appreciate it if you would send Katie home right now, but I need a kind of shit from her Am I sure cause The driver there’s no point in talking to you And the pizza the food is leaving the kitchen at a snail’s pace and it doesn’t appear to be worth the wait Who’s not do they tell you no every single time the customer doesn’t lick their plate The waitress doesn’t come to tell me that Amy. No was licking that Just ignore him. I am ignoring everything that’s happening. Stop. Hey guys, excuse me Sorry That just comes back from the table and it goes straight into the pot wash then you’d like it So if they didn’t like it, what are we gonna do about it? Let’s wait. We finished today the kitchen needs to know. Ok, then I’m going to tell her. Thank you Ok Amy. This is the salmon They didn’t like it for me. This is all bullshit None of you’ve known about this because the young girl Maria grabbed the plane is about to throw it away That’s a common credit in this restaurant and there’s no point in me speaking why I’m just gonna work It’s like one long nightmare Wow $10 tip, yeah Yeah, why not? Did you think the girls deserve some tips tonight? No big is our me and so do you think if I went and asked every customer when they leave it to? Better go straight to the owner and not to the server. Do you think there’d be astounded? Let me ask that table there, sir The tippity left young lady server the owner takes the tips With me Fucking awesome wait question tell the customers they’re gonna get their tape. They should be told that you’re taking yeah, because this servers deserve – Katie you can go For sure. I’m talking to you Katie. Okay, Katie. Listen to me when I’m speaking to you do not walk away from me You don’t work here anymore. Okay The kitchen is like I said in table she said are you sure? Okay, please go no, no no, come on she doesn’t work here anymore She’s a poisonous little Viper and I don’t allow people to have an attitude in my restaurant What does she know who the hell is she she’s gone. That’s who she is Don’t let the door hit you on the way out Now you just fires young girl, but just take a big deep breath and see if we can get some form of resolution here Believe it or not. My intentions are good You’re shaking your head already. I’m listening. It’s become evidence that you can’t take prison Why is that are you seriously asking me? Yes. Yeah, I don’t have to cry. I don’t want you don’t have to cry. I’m not going to write them in just to speak my Conversation no one lets me speak ever not nobody. Oh my god crystal. I know that but you’re not listening to me. I know What I do normally is good, I don’t have people sending things back to me Jeanne maybe you’re saying you don’t know because food comes back it goes straight to the dishwasher That’s what the whole issue is. You’ve been avoiding everything Behind your back are the most amazing desserts And in your freezer is store-bought shit raviolis that you’re never gonna convince me or a customer that they’re good The sauce is delicious the raviolis. We think that they’re very good. Well I’m struggling with is that you convince yourselves? That is right Tomorrow I wouldn’t open mind, okay You as well something I Don’t make promises that I know I can’t keep I’m going to do everything within myself to try we getting from me is the truth Why now? That’s what you need. Good night After one of the most difficult days he has ever had on Kitchen Nightmares Gordon arrives with a plan to start turning around Amy’s Baking Company But with Amy and Samy not at the restaurant Gordon takes time to gather more background information from some former workers Good Yeah, good to see Henry Henry nice to see you. First of all Jessica what was your job? I was hired as a food runner Sammy told me that he didn’t like people who went to culinary school because he didn’t think that we knew anything and When I started I was only allowed to pour water glasses and set them at the table So I worked out front for a few months and basically had to beg my way back into the kitchen Unbelievable. I’m Hendrick. That was a busser for the most part. How long ago were there a Little over a month and what kind of things did you see that I Rim? He was always in a bad mood. No matter what like I’ve never seen him in a good mood he can’t take complaints in like a professional manner which is the worst part He made me watch this car one day what that was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever done for him They were always yelling at each other In the year and a half. I was there. I saw at least 50 people come and go fifty. They were in and out So fast, well what happens when customers complain about their foods, they get told that they’re wrong that you know No, we have the best food in the country you’re wrong, but there have been times to both gotten salmon That’s raw and they’ll send it back saying, you know, can you cook this a little more in there? Like you don’t know how to eat. You don’t know what you’re doing. This is perfect. You just you obviously don’t know Customer is always wrong. They’re Insane, it’s just that they don’t really know how to manage a restaurant I don’t know what it is, but they both think that like the whole world is out to get them Listen I appreciate the feedback You’d be very helpful and I appreciate the honest truth. Absolutely. Wish me good luck. I need it Oh we can help you. Thank you Wow It gets worse Molly good morning, Paulie. Sorry Today’s a new day. Yeah up so you don’t look very happy huh? And sometimes it’s all yeah, never had these experience like visits I’ve never experienced that as either We want to clarify a few things. Please do sit down. So there’s no animal sit down. Let’s clarify a few things What would you like to clarify What I have a problem with were there comments you were saying to me last night while I was trying to focus on the food Let’s look at one thing at a time and she’d open and honest Okay, okay, because for me this was about uncovering the truth when I’m told that the reveries are freshly made I don’t know can I finish? Sorry when your husband told me that the remedies were fresh I ordered them and the remedies were Disgusting and not fresh and if you’re gonna try and continue to pull all over customers eyes by sending them fake Fresh made raviolis, they need to know My alarm bells Joe speaking in it Now you may want to sit there and argue But you’re not prepared to understand. I’m here to show you. What’s right, and you can’t take that. I can’t I’m ready for that I have no problems with the food, but told you about the turgor you choose to listen, I did not You come back with the excuse I Told you the fun for the beef burger? Well soggy as anything. I have never had a problem with that burger ever You said the salmon burger was dry, but it was wet. Is it dry or is it wet? You know you you’re confused. I’m not confused when we’re talking about food But the way you’ve screamed are that young girl last night Would you let anybody come into your restaurant in your kitchen is speak to you with the way that that kid spoke to me last? night Would you? Do you think we’re gonna let someone hold a gun to our head and we’re gonna give them our ass and let them do anything They want from us. Oh, she Oz is no she’s an attitude a serious attitude. She’s like are you sure? Are you sure? You don’t need to question me Katie. You can go home right now. No, she didn’t. Okay now you’re over-exaggerating again All right you blame her you blame the customers but customers were waiting for their food through your husband’s mistake. But okay We’re going to forget this today. We’re going to start if we continue the show. We’re going to start from scratch now What have you get the work show this is not a show for me I mean, I know what this is a restaurant as in the crisis where that delusional owner that can’t take criticism so I’m gonna tell you as it is I Met Jessica and Henry this morning, and I got Toles some awful things like the way you treat staff they have to clean cars in the middle of service because the boss wants his car cleaned and then Witnessing over 50 staff being fired in that short period of time really 50 staff 50 staff you’re saying that I have fired 50 staff since Jeff you’re saying that can you prove that to me? Look at your eyes Because you’re busy you are have you not had a turnover more than 50 people Busy, she was wrong 100 or even more than hundred. Well, not only 50. Yeah 100 are actually worse than yeah told me Yes I need a drink of water I Have to drink water Jesus Christ, are you gonna attack me for wanting to fuckin drink some water to like God? I don’t even know why we came back here This morning Gordon arrived planning to turn the restaurant around but the owners wanted to clear up a few matters Now you may want to sit there and argue, but you’re not prepared to understand. I’m here to show you. What’s right Unfortunately, they are still not prepared to listen to what Gordon has to say I have to drink water Jesus Christ, are you gonna attack me for wanting a fucking drink some water – my god I don’t even know why we came back here. I’m going home. Now. You’re going home. This is such bullshit. Nobody is listening to me fucking they’re gonna go by Jessica this Unbelievable. These people are incredible I’ve had enough I come here to be abused my own restroom Attacks attacked why Because I’m insulted you verbally insulted me yesterday and I held my tongue out of class. I need to tell you the truth I didn’t make nasty things to you. Okay, really? I didn’t really want to told you about the tiger you feel citizen You don’t understand you’re judging me on you coming in here disrupting the entire service. I’ve been doing this stroke to you did disrupt us When you’re standing here what about You then everybody what are you talking about? Blaming everybody again. I do my best so our business doesn’t close cuz we can’t find qualified people Can you go get Miranda and that little Katie and Jessica bring them here? You can let me see how they work important to do that Unfortunately you convince yourself and your little Amy’s world that everything you cook touch send it’s perfect I do not Can I show you reviews hundreds of rules There’s no good reviews real customers, they have supported us physically You’re attacking my business in my life. This is all I do is live this life every day You’re not telling me the problems you are saying I’m delusional I have this I’m this I’m this Can we talk about what we came here to speak about Casey I am always problems that you’ve had that you cannot talk to your wife and the issues that you can’t take criticism I Think you’re too far gone. Okay, then let’s English. You think I’m too far gone. There’s no hope Yallah Yallah It’s Christmas Okay, I Can’t help people That can’t help themselves and cannot ever take one ounce of criticism And if you’re not willing to change I’m not gonna butt heads argue scream whatever you want to say But this is not normal And it’s not normal for a restaurant to go through that many staff is not normal for a kitchen That’s small to have 65 items on the menu, and it’s not normal for The level of animosity that you’ve built inside this restaurant and outside You have the right to run the business the way you want to run your business. I have the right to Do the right thing and the right thing for me is to get out of here. Good luck Wow, it’s good to Participate in this bullshit. Give me a break Can they take this we don’t need his help maybe he knows that it all must have come down And now he’s gone he walked away you’ll go on with his life Sammy and I will go on with my life Well, it’s finally happened after almost 100 Kitchen Nightmares I’ve met two owners who I could not help and it was because I didn’t want to it was because they are incapable of listening and In a short period of time they’ve managed to piss off the community and go through over a hundred employees in one year Samy and Amy continue to blame everyone else yet. Their biggest problem is themselves and I know Whatever changes I would have made they were never gonna stick to them and that’s why I’ve decided to do something. I’ve never done before It’s such a shame You

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  6. This useless gold digger needs to be investigated by the cops. Psychotic people like this need mental and psychiatric help. They don’t belong in society. I seriously appeal to law enforcement agencies to investigate this woman further. Strongly believe she has harmed previous employees and behavior like this caught on tape is absolutely crazy. This gold digger needs help. Again I appeal to the police to investigate this disgusting person

  7. All those deserts are bought. Disgusting people I have never seen people this disgusting. Complete lack of morals. Just shows the upbringing. Amy’s parents must so disgusted of what she’s become. If they’re late then they must be turning in their grave. I’ve never seen a more psycho person than this. Sammy is the way he is because he’s been married to such a psycho gold digger for 10 years. This woman is so toxic she can drive a man crazy

  8. These lunatics never deserved any of these staff. I sincerely apologize to all the previous employees who had to deal with these psychotic people. I appeal to you all to join forces and open cases against these people. I’m extremely sorry that you had to deal with these idiots honestly I hope you are we’re and are safe. May you all always be blessed and I hope things worked out really well for single one of the employees

  9. Theyy can't hold a candle to La parolaccia in Rome. Only it seems that here they are doing it for real, but I can't believe it.

  10. I'm not a violent person but watching the faces that Amy makes every time Chef Ramsay talked respectfully towards her at the end, kind makes me wanna punch her REAL HARD!!

  11. She Must be a GOLDIGGER WHO DAFUQ MARRIES A. FUKN 60yr OLD MAN THATS A MILLIONAIRE AND YOU IS A BROKE ASSS BYATCH WHO IS 30 AND LIKES TO SERVE SHIT FOOD LIKE who actually does, fr ive never seen somebody marry someone half their age

  12. She certainly has some mental issues. There is no other explanation to that kind of behavior. Speaking to her is like speaking to a wall.

  13. Is it just my imagination or does it seem like Amy has skipped her meds for a couple of months?

    BTW, for those who may wonder or care (or those like me, who have no life) here's what happened to those two psychos!

  14. The saddest part is that Amy is reading those comments and responding to some and hating other than try to get help, go to therapy and take care of their business

  15. I am shocked that they even had customers. When I would be sitting there and heard how he was shouting at the customer, I would have left immediately. That's crazy.

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