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Hello everyone Welcome back. In today’s
video I wanted to share some new finds that came as a solution and better
option to some problems and challenges that I was experiencing in the kitchen
so hopefully you can get some ideas if you’re facing some of the similar
problems that I was facing and if you find today’s video helpful and you want
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let’s get started. First of all I wanted to share some changes that I made to my
under sink kitchen organization. In my previous kitchen organization video I
shared lazy susan idea however that wasn’t working so great with a lot of
bulky equipment being installed under the sink as you can see there so I came
up with this minimal solution that’s working well for now. On one side I have
dish soap and cleaning sprays in one basket and on the other side I’ve used a
horizontal cabinet organizer to add height and make use of the vertical
space. I have cleaning microfiber cloths on the top and my cleaning sort of caddy
brush holder gloves holder and then down at the bottom I have extra cleaning
brush and stuff. On the door I hung a basket using command hooks which has a
sink stopper, baking soda that I keep in a salt pepper shaker you know handy that
I showed you in my previous home hacks video and a small candle that I
sometimes use next to the sink when I’m having people over for dinner and stuff
and on the other side I keep the everyday microfiber cleaning cloth on a
command hook as well for easy access The plastic bags from the grocery stores
can really accumulate and they multiply so quickly and they not only create
clutter but also so bad for the environment it’s a problem and challenge
both. I decided to replace them with these eco-friendly reusable grocery bags
from Amazon. Links will be in the infobox below if you want to take a look and
read the reviews and I have other reusable bags too but they are big and
take up too much space and I often times just forget them in the trunk when I’m
making the grocery store trip. I love the fact that these are so compact and the
case is so easy to clip on to your grocery store cart or handbag and they
are similar size to what the grocery stores use and very easy to put in and
take out the carry case as well. These bags are light as a feather but
very strong durable and comfortable in your hand when carrying the groceries
into the house. The material is windbreaker type and
it’s machine washable. To make use of the vertical space
I have horizontal cabinet dividers and pan holders that are great for everyday
pots and pans however the lids were creating clutter so I was looking for a
solution that would free up some space in the cabinets by keeping them cleared
of cluttered lids and found this amazing pot lid organizer on Amazon. It comes
with screws but I decided to use a big command hook in the cabinet instead of
the door of course you can install it on the door also. I love the fact that now I
don’t have to pull every pan and lid out of the cabinet to get dual lid and they
are right there for me in plain sight I absolutely love this
one. You might have gathered from my previous
organization videos I’m trying to minimize the use of plastic. I mean with
the five year old it’s not possible for me to completely remove plastic but I’m
trying my best so with that in mind I replace the heavy-duty plastic ziplock
bags in the fridge with these reusable eco-friendly option. These are bpa and
lead-free they’re machine washable and they have a drawstring and they come in
different sizes. Again the links will be in the infobox below if you want to do
your own research and like to read about the reviews so despite their strength
these bags are still seed through which I really like and they are lightweight.
They do a great job of maintaining the right amount of moisture in the bag so
everything tends to last longer I think I’m very happy with this purchase Finally I want to share a couple
bonus tips really quick A lot of people ask me what do you keep
on your counter top. So, I keep my countertops as clear as possible. Kitchen
is the heart of the home and with my busy schedule and lifestyle I figured
the only way I can keep up with the cleaning is to have very less stuff on
the countertops which makes it very easy to maintain and clean. I do seasonal
corner scapes occasionally but that’s about it
and then decluttering and I say this in pretty much every organization video
that I have shared declutter from time to time that is the only way to stay
organized I know some people do extreme decluttering at one time but that’s not
a viable option for me as I know I would get so exhausted and lose interest
halfway so I try to do it in small batches several times a year that fail
my home stays clutter free and organized so those were all of the tips and ideas
that I had to share for today I really hope you got some ideas and inspiration
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I’ll see you guys next time bye for now

63 thoughts on “Kitchen Organization Tips | Sustainable Kitchen finds Amazon

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    Hope everyone has a wonderful week ahead. Thanks for watching.

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