Kitchen Remodeling: Paint or Replace My Cabinets?

(happy upbeat music) – Hello, Jake Spurgeon here
with Mosby Building Arts. Let’s talk a little
bit about the cabinetry in your kitchen. Maybe you’re looking for
an update to your space but you’re thinking about
what’s the different options for my cabinets? A lot of individuals
might be thinking about just painting the cabinetry. Well to figure out if
you’re a good candidate for just painting your
cabinetry, think about this. Do I like the existing
layout of my cabinets? Are the cabinets
themselves, like the hinges, the drawer boxes, the drawer
glides in great shape? If they are, that’s a good reason to just go ahead and paint
your cabinets professionally. Maybe, for example, you’re
looking for a different door style for your cabinetry. Well, painting the
cabinetry’s not gonna change the door style, it will
just change the color. So refacing your cabinets
is also an option. This is where you can do
a complete color change and a complete door style
change for your kitchen, along with perhaps new
countertops and appliances. Refacing, though, requires
your drawer glides and drawer boxes to also be in good shape, though you could also replace those items but that’s gonna increase the cost and get you closer and closer to a full cabinet replacement. That being the highest price point of your cabinetry updates. Hopefully this information
was very helpful for you, tune in next time. – Hi I’m Mark McClanahan. I’m the president of Mosby Building Arts. Thanks for watching our video. If you enjoyed it, go ahead and
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